Mandela Effect: North Pole Ice Cap Gone, New Geography Changes

Interesting observations. Since ME blew up in Fall of 2015, I have seen 3 or 4 different versions of ‘official’ maps. As far as my memory goes, I agree with 80% of the changes being reported, including multiple changes to places like the North Pole, Australia, India and New Zealand. I am not a world traveler, however, so my opinion is based on how the maps have been changing in digital media, in books I own and in artifacts I am finding here locally.

The biggest changes I see in this video are the string of islands nearly connecting Japan to Alaska, the size of Japan, the missing North Pole and the long finger of land stretching out of Antarctica.


Title: Mandela Effect: Ice cap + land under gone. Australia 95 miles from New Guinea and closing. (YT link) Uploaded by Mandela Effect.

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