Open Eyes Round Table: 12/07 – Mandela Effect, What We Know

This is an entry level talk between two overbearing guys and a woman who hardly gets a word in. Basically, several examples are covered which have been around for a while. The guys goof around some and keep things light-hearted. We don’t really learn much, but if you’re new to this topic, this might be a good way to break in. The hosts mention how hard ME believers are being hit right now by shills, but I’d like to point out the same thing is happening with the Planet X people, the Chemtrails people, Flat Earthers and the Pizza Gate crowd, whose channels are all being shut down or censored by Jew Tube.


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Title: Mandela Effect – What We Know – Mandela Effect Examples – Open Eyes 12-07-16 (YT link) Uploaded by Open Eyes Network.

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