Peter Levenda: H P Lovecraft And The Lovecraft Code

Here is the full Fade To Black radio program at 3 hours. Author Levenda discusses his latest book, which is fiction wrapped around a non-fiction core and based on recent world events. It is an interesting listen for a Lovecraft fan, as it deals with the famous writer as a person, and also in how he took elements of truth and mixed them in with dark fantasy. Particularly interesting is how Lovecraft portrayed the Yazidi culture as a cult of devil worshipers, an idea that is still circulating even today. The Yazidi people, as mentioned during the show, are currently being genocided by the Religion Of Peace in Syria.


YT description: Author and researcher Peter Levenda joins the show to talk about his new book: The Lovecraft Code. We cover how HP Lovecraft, who was way ahead of his time…dealing with secret societies, lost history, the occult and ET…and how he influenced so many researchers by opening the door to alternative history.

In the new book, Levenda connects real-world events with fiction…and our conversation covers it all…from 911 to modern day Iraq and the ET connection.

Air date: October 18, 2016

Title: Ep. 542 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Peter Levenda : The Lovecraft Code : LIVE (YT link) Uploaded by Fade To Black.


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