United States: 9 Points Of Forgery On Kenyan’s Birth Certificate

On the one side, you have a cover-up of Pizza Gate, Snowflake protests and instigation of World War III with Russia, thanks to the Jewish banksters who did pretty much the same thing with the Bolshevik Revolution. On the other side, you have the Truth.

This is an excerpt. Here is the full documentary. I will be watching that tonight.


YT description: Proof Obama’s birth certificate is fake? This incredible video shown in the live press conference explains in-depth how Obama’s birth certificate was allegedly proven to be fake through full analysis from well-established and highly qualified independent investigators.

Watch the comparison analysis between the two documents that appears to prove Barack Obama’s birth certificate was forged based on a source birth certificate from Hawaii. The conclusion seems to be that the document was duplicated and edited slightly to try to make it appear original, but the perpretators didn’t change enough and were caught.

This investigation and evidence is incredible. This may lead to Barack Obama’s impeachment before he is able to bow out gracefully. Sheriff Arpaio is brave.

Title: FULL video proof that Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Document comparison, analysis (YT link) Uploaded by My My Fix.


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