United States: D.C. High School Bands Refuse To Play For Trump

Do you know what I would do, if I was Trump? I would ask the US Marine Corps band to play for me on Inauguration day.

Read that last paragraph, sheep. Crybabies are standing up for America.


From the propaganda article on the Pizza Gate cover-up rag New York Post: DC Marching Bands Want No Part In Trump’s Inauguration

For the first time in 20 years, no Washington, DC, marching band will perform in the presidential inauguration.

The bands that have performed at the last five inaugural parades — plus all other local groups — have not applied to participate in President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, NBC 4 Washington reports.

“I think everybody knows why and no one wants to say and lose their job,” Howard University band director John Newson, whose band marched for President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony in 2009, told the local news affiliate.

Newson, of course, was referring to political beliefs — a suggestion that the locals aren’t interested in celebrating Trump becoming president of the United States.

But that’s not the excuse being provided to the press.

The principal of Dunbar High School said the band is rebuilding, which is why, despite performing in 2009, it didn’t apply to perform in the next one.

The principal of Eastern High School wouldn’t say why they won’t be marching.

A rep for the DC public schools told NBC 4 she didn’t know a single band that had applied for what used to be considered a prestigious gig.

“Sounds like the kids decided their values didn’t permit them to celebrate Trump’s values. I applaud their willingness to stand up for America,” said Howard Dean, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.


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