Ronnie McMullen: Is US Optimism Starting To Border On Dangerous?

From the article on The Last Great Stand: According to another survey taken earlier this year, only six percent of Americans polled said they have “a great deal of confidence” in the mainstream media, and with good reason. Because the mainstream media has failed so horribly to live up to even the most basic of journalistic standards, and because they media has failed to give the American people honest and unbiased reporting, far too many Americans greatly overestimate what any president can do to alter our economic trajectory, particularly after decades of the abysmal monetary policy this country has been engaged in.

So, is “Trumphoria” safe? Not if people have willingly let down their guard and stopped preparing for the tough times ahead. In the following video, I am joined by one of my favorite guests, Ronnie McMullen, and we debate some of the pros and cons of what has unfolded thus far with Trump‘s transition to the White House. We discuss a somewhat alarming trend that has developed recently, where President-Elect Trump has continued to surround himself with globalist war hawks, a concern I’ve gone into great detail about in the past.


Title: Is Americans’ Unfettered Optimism Starting to Border on Dangerous? (YT link) Uploaded by Vast Right Wing Conspirator.


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