Unites States: Obama’s DHS Guilty Of Faking Russian Hacks

From the accompanying article on The Last Great Stand: Not only did Julian Assange hint at the fact that the DNC emails were obtained from someone inside DNC during several prior interviews, but Craig Murray, a former British ambassador has also revealed as much in a recent interview included below. Murray claims to have personally flown to the United States, and says he was handed both the DNC emails, and the Podesta emails from the DNC insider.

Further demonstrating how out of control both this “fake news” situation and the far-left have gone with it, is the fact that thus far there is zero definitive proof that the Russians hacked anything. At this point there is only speculation, however as you’ll soon learn, there is PLENTY of proof that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security waged 10 separate cyber-attacks on Georgia’s election system. You may recall that race was closer than many predicted it would be, but what was DHS trying to hack in for?

Title: Shocking News: Obama’s DHS Guilty Of Faking Russian Hacks (YT link) Uploaded by Vast Right Wing Conspirator.


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