Mandela Effect: 50 Examples In Under 5 Minutes

Some new, some old. The crazy thing is several of these are reverting to the way I originally remember them! That is, the New Earth people are going to the Old Earth standards. Seriously, what a mind f#ck!

I agree with most of the reported changes. Here are the ones reported as new that are returning to the way I remember them:

7. No mention on how Marilyn Monroe was voluptuous before, and is now petite.

18. It was originally Folgers for me.

21. Phil Collins lyric was ‘oh lord.’ This was one of my favorite 80s songs!

23. LaZboy was correct for me.

30. Several sculptures and paintings showed a horned Moses in my timeline.

32. Addams Family for me. Trust me, I loved that show, and also The Munsters.

35. Originally spelled Hanes for me.

38. Pennzoil always had two Ns.

44. MacDonalds, are you serious? You people remember that?

48 Halley’s Comet had two Ls.

I agree with all the rest as ME changes, but to me, the ones I pointed out have reverted back to their original form.


YT description: 50 Mandela Effect Examples – 50 New Mandela Effect Examples

Many people believe that the Mandela Effect is making small changes in their realities. Here are a few examples of reported changes by various people.

Part 1:

Title: 50 Mandela Effect Examples – 50 New Mandela Effect Examples – in Under 5 minutes! (YT link) Uploaded by Top3.

Full list:

1 The Village people
2 Wizard of Oz the scarecrow
3 Gordons
4 Cheez-its
5 In I love lucky
6 Tony the tiger
7 Marilyn Monroe
8 Seth Mcfarlen
9 jfk mandela effect
10 Staples logo
11 Oreos double stuff
12 Gene Wilder died
13 Oxy Clean
14 eye sockets
15 Johnny quest
16 Mickey mouse
17 Sally Field
18 Foldgers
19 Daylight Savings
20 Thanksgiving
21 Phil Collins
22 Elliot’s pizza
23 Lay-Z-Boy
24 Depends
25 Ghandi
26 Coke Zero
27 Dr. Doolittle
28 O’Reily’s auto parts
29 Vlassic
30 Moses
31 Mike N Ikes
32 The adams family
33 Eddy’s Ice-cream
34 Chevron Logo
35 Haines
36 Wizard of Oz Quote
37 Herbal Essence
38 Penzoil
39 CliffNotes
40 Pixi Stix
41 Reddi whip
42 Vick’s Vaporub
43 floating ribs
44 MacDonald’s
45 Jaws
46 Australia
47 Menthos
48 Haley’s Comet
49. The Pursuit of happiness
50. Fidel Castro

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