Earth: Dec 19 – Is This Proof Of Cosmic Wave Hitting Our Planet?

This is what BP Earthwatch, the WSO guys and other YT channels are saying to watch out for between Dec. 24 and 26. Let us hope that this is like so many other Doom dates, and that nothing happens in the end. Video cuts off at the end.


YT description: A large wave of energy impacting the entire planet has UNINTENTIONALLY been detected by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. Currently ONGOING as of 12/19/2016 at 1:20am US central time)

link to see the event here:……

This is not a glitch, computer error, or fake — unless someone at the University decided to fake data for some reason.

This system usually only shows precipitation / water vapor , yet in some rare instances large energy returns can be seen when solar, spaceweather, and other energy events impact the planet.

Title: 12/19/2016 — Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects? (YT link) Uploaded by Dutchsinse.


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