Gnostic: Sean McMahon – Gnostic Themes In Modern Music

So-so interview. Basically, this is personal perspective from a young musician. Usually, I listen to shows like this for the research and how specific scriptures and themes affect people’s lives. I did not get much of that here. The title of ‘modern music’ is a misnomer, as guest McMahon’s music experience is very local and limited.


YT description: Become a patron of Aeon Byte: The Gnostic ethos is becoming more expressed in various artistic mediums by a new generation that sees the world ruled by archontic powers. Although not as prevalent as in movies, Gnostic themes is gaining a niche in popular music, the latest incarnation of the Mystery Schools. We explore the echos of an ancient heresy in modern music, from classic rock to alternative rock, as well as a rising musician from the New York scene who is directly influenced by the Gnostic Gospels. Our guest also relates the challenges and techniques of using esoteric themes in modern art. An essential episode for artists using Gnosis to express their Daemon.

Astral Guest– Sean McMahon, founder of Workman Song.

Title: Gnostic Themes In Modern Music: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.


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