Ron Lelito: Thelema And The Yazidi ‘Devil Worshipers’

This is my first time listening to anything Thelema, by the way. I was trying to find more info on Yazidi religion and came across this lecture by an O.T.O. member, so here it is. Basically, the idea is that both the Thelemists and the Yazidi are not really ‘devil worshipers,’ but at the same time, they are. According to Lelito, this is deliberate obfuscation, misdirection and the idea of keeping the religions mysterious.

From the Yazidi point of view, it makes some sense. After watching a documentary on Yazidi culture a few days ago, I found that the religion and social structure of these tribal people don’t have a lot of real substance to them. I got the sense that big holes were missing from the video, but could not decide if it was done accidentally or deliberately.

Anyway, this is an opinion from the ‘dark side,’ as it were, as information is coming out through Wikileaks that Podesta and his Pizza Gate crew were into Thelema. Search this blog for my previous post on Yazidi culture. For you amateur historians out there, I have another very interesting video tying Yazidi culture in with the Tamil of ancient India. I’ll be posting that one in a few minutes.


YT description: This is a lecture by Azi Rasa on Thelema and the Yezidi “Devil Worshippers”, given at Blazing Star Oasis O.T.O. in the Valley of Oakland, CA on 8/27/2016, e.v.

Title: Thelema and the Yezidi “Devil Worshippers” (YT link) Uploaded by Blazing Star O.T.O.


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