Syria: Ambassador Claims ‘Foreign Officers Are Genetically Modified’

Here’s the deal, as far as I can tell. Syria, rightfully, is in control of its city Aleppo. Apparently, there is a group of Special Ops operatives from several countries that are trying to sneak out of the city by mixing in with the regular ISIS Moderate Obamas. Syria’s military knows who these insurgents are and are working diligently to capture them, intending on showing the captured men to the world. This is bad enough and will expose how the Western Axis of Evil is underhandedly trying to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian President Al Assad. However, the Syrian ambassador who is holding this press conference makes a quick mention that these operatives are ‘genetically modified.’ I don’t know exactly what that means, except something like the Kurt Russel sci-fi movie Soldier.

Now, I don’t know of the GMO claim is true, but don’t pass this official statement off just yet. The 14 officers, according to one of my trusted YT channels, is confirming that the men have been captured! I’ll have that post up in about 10 minutes.


YT description: The Ambassador of Syria just came out after the UN Resolution was passed and says the names of foreign officers inside Aleppo and then says they are “GENTECIALLY MODIFIED.” He says they are going to capture them and “show them to you.” … Get ready! The NWO would never sit by while such a thing occurred. Let’s pray that if genetically modified soldiers are being used, the truth will come out.

Title: Breaking! Syrian Ambassador: “Foreign Officers Are Genetically Modified” (YT link) Uploaded by JK Bugout.


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