Mandela Effect: New 5th Roomie In UK Comedy The Young Ones

Kind of like the 6th guy now in the YMCA music group, huh? Link to the article on Business Insider, where apparently most of the crew that filmed the show don’t remember the 5th roommate. Also, check the YT comments on the link below, as a lot of people say they were devotees of the show, but swear they never saw this new guy either.

I talked to people who have seen this show – were fans – and no one remembers, a 5th house guest – including me, who grew up with this show and seen it many times – so if you are from the UK or down under – this is pretty freaky, if a 5th character just shows up in a show you remember as a child #Mandela effect – Esoteric Detective

I watched this show all the time…..and there was NEVER a 5th “cousin it” looking dude lurking in the shadows….EVER! This is so damned creepy! Frick!!! Like SERIOUSLY creepy!!! – my deja voo 1

Title: CRAZY! The Mandela Effect in TV Show The Young Ones? | Fifth Roommate | #MandelaEffect (YT link) Uploaded by Esoteric Detective.

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