Planet X: WSO Dec 20 – Cosmic Wave Hoax, Antarctica And More

Great conversation here. There are some rumors tossed around that I cannot corroborate, regarding weird recent happenings in Antarctica. These include Buzz Aldrin purportedly touching an artifact down there, getting zapped by it and having to be transported out of there right away. Another tough one to track down is Aldrin supposedly tweeting something about ‘pure evil,’ with the tweet being taken down shortly after. Still another big rumor is that 10 nations are creating a new world government and using the tech from a melting Antarctica / ancient civilization / pyramid? to set up a new headquarters. What is interesting about that number is that it matches the 10 horns of the Beast from the Bible book of Revelation.


YT description: Today, Scott C’one and Steve Olson discuss recent revelations concerning the imagery we are seeing that shows a huge wave of energy approaching the earth. Is it really Nemesis/Wormwood?…


Steve Olson
PO box 5323
Boise, ID 83705

Title: WSO 2 Dec 20 – Is the Wave of Energy an Elaborate HOAX? (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.


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