False Flag Berlin: Terrorist Psy-Op Hoax – FAKE! Part 2

YT comments:

I live in Berlin. EVERY train-station has cameras,the Kurfürsten-Damm/Breitscheidplatz is a tourist-area and there millions of cameras! I know emidietly that this is a bad,silly hoax. I´m laughing about all these stupid sheeps who´s crying about the “dead people” who never died. Greetings from Berlin,merry Christmas!

Exactly, No blood on the ground,that was the first thing i noticed. It´s just a giant truck,where 3-4 broken huts are aorund it. 9 deads,50 injureds?! LOL Ah and the Kurfürsten-Damm is 24/7 surrounded by the police,every (!) day. No witnesses?! This is abseloutly ridicilous! :´D The media (already called “Lügenpresse” (lying press) by the germans) today put an picture of “the driver” out. They blurred out the face but we have to look out for this guy xD https://killerbeesagt.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/einwurf-fahndungsfoto/#comments They piss us right into the face,this whole thing is a proof of might and they have succses so far… – Minderleister

surprise surprise they found the “photo ID” of the terrorist inside the truck, what a fucking joke. – Dustin D

This is just as fake as Sandy Hook. – But you can’t blame the Germans for not wanting a bunch a alian nare-do-wells running around raping and killing. – Blackaboe

Title: BERLIN TERROR PSYOP HOAX. TOTAL FAKE. 12/19/2016, part 2 (YT link) Uploaded by Infinite Plane Society.

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