Ancient Japan: Tour Of Old Mountain Village At Hida No Sato

From a writer’s standpoint, this is an incredible location for a story setting. Here is an entire village with occupations and social structure built into the structures and commentary. All of your supporting roles are done, basically, so you can concentrate on your major characters and plot. (That would be your carpenters, your weavers and your social castes.)

About a month ago, I finished up a fantasy novel based on Medieval China. I was hoping to use this location in my story, and I did in fact use a couple of others. Search this blog for the keywords Old China to see some of the other videos I used in my research. I did not get to use this village setting, but I am planning a sequel to my novel, so I’m sure it will come in handy sooner or later. I have a couple of other videos, one on Ganden Monastery in Tibet and another on the Kahneri Caves in India, which I will post later and am also planning on using in the same series.


Hida no Sato, the Hida folk village, is an essential place to visit when you are in Takayama. More than 30 traditional buildings including thatched and shingled houses, shrines, sheds, and others are scattered around the hill. All could be entered and explored as you like. An elegant swan welcomes everyone at Goami Pond which is really attractive every season. – description from English Friendly Japan

Title: Old Mountain Village Life in Japan! (YT link) Uploaded by The Japan Channel D Com.


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