Carl Calleman: Kundalini And The Maya Calendar

Here’s the thing, people. Before the Golden Age of Greece, there was Sumeria and India. We don’t know a whole lot about Sumeria, but because the beliefs in India have been preserved to the present day, we can use them to draw speculative conclusions.

Atlantis was supposed to be a worldwide culture, right. The Maya themselves say they came from a land ‘across the water.’ We’ve got researcher Danny Wilten who has tentatively connected Atlantis with both the Egyptian and Maya pyramids. Recently, I’ve come across an Indian researcher who has found parallels between India’s Tamil culture and the Maya.

Here is where my theory comes in; if the Golden Age of Greece was a time when people were super spiritual, and if ancient India was super spiritual in the ancient past, which it was, I think that Tamil culture has a strong chance of being a pre-Flood or pre-Ice Age civilization, circa 11,500 BCE. In fact, that same Indian researcher saw hints that some Sumerian mythology came from Tamil as well. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, search this blog for Tamil, and for more on the Maya, see my previous post:

Carl Calleman: Ancient Civilizations And Quantum Evolution

Graham Hancock was most likely right:

Flooded Kingdom’s From The Ice Age: India’s Tamil Civilization


YT description: The human mind is not created by our brains, but emerges as a result of resonance with a Global Mind. This Global Mind in turn is created through waves of creation emanating from the center of the universe. These nine waves, which were the underlying basis of the ancient Mayan calendar system are sequentially activated in such a way that an evolution of the human mind results. Critical for our own time is the activation in 2011 of the ninth and highest frequency wave, which holds the potential of fostering a state of unity consciousness and Kundalini experiences. Ancient peoples looked upon serpents (sometimes plumed serpents) as symbols of these creation waves as well as of Kundalini experiences and the Mayan calendar can serve to explain how these phenomena manifest in both the microcosmos and macrocosmos.

Title: Kundalini And The Mayan Calenda | Carl Calleman (YT link) Uploaded by The Emerging Sciences Foundation.


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