Mandela Effect: India – Sri Lanka Land Bridge, More Asia Anomalies

YT description: The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a label which has been given to unexplained extraordinary events which have been happening worldwide. It is undeniable that these changes and events are occurring as reported.

On a daily basis we record portions of our earth as it is so we have documented evidence as we watch new islands form and new land bridges be installed.

The creator of our world is the one behind the Mandela Effect. This is not a guess or a theory… it is a fact. We hope to be able to prove this to you. The truth really is, sometimes, stranger than fiction.…

To request video coverage of your local area, or any area of interest to you…

Title: Mandela Effect Earth Changes 19-12-2016 Srilanka-India land bridge prediction was correct (YT link) Uploaded by Mandela Effect.

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