Mandela Effect: New Islands Emerging, WITH PEOPLE ON THEM! Pt 1

Just when you think Tom Cruise losing his sunglasses was crazy, and here’s this. Two words that fit, peeps, are Hologram Universe. You see, we’re in this strange cloud now, that astronomers say is huge and cosmic, and they didn’t really know what would happen when it went around the Earth. Why don’t you have a look at the theories of Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes? These are tiny seeds or spores from space that supposedly led to the evolution of carbon-based life forms on Earth. One type caused iron sulfide, or rust, and the other type caused single-celled organisms to eat that rust. According to Evolution Theory, those microbes eventually evolved into us. How about if those -aryotes came from a cloud like the one we’re floating in right now? That could be how the Hologram Universe gets its updated data packets for reprogramming. How about that?

Part 2 is coming up in a few minutes, but I am very interested to see what’s on it!

Oh, and the two Youtube channels that LE mentioned are Mandela Effect and Nobleness Dee. I have posted from both before, but I’ll be checking on them in a few minutes too.


YT description: Good day everyone. Hope all is well on your end! Today’s video is one of my most important videos up-to-date. I’ll be showing how I think new land, islands, are appearing all over the world. Our creator is on our side!

Check out these two channels for more information on topics related to this video:

Daryl from the Mandela Effect:…

NoblenessDee @…

Title: Mandela Effect: URGENT NEW LAND!!! Part One (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.

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