Mandela Effect: Residual Evidence For Coldwell / Caldwell Banker

What is this, wave 4 or 5 now? In my original reality, I worked in parking lots and garages for many years. I was a lot attendant, supervisor, manager, etc., and I worked at or near locations that had accounts with Coldwell Banker offices. For me, this is a reverse ME, because I always remember it as Coldwell. According to the voting poll, 262 say it was Caldwell, and 65 remember it the way I do.

The residual evidence in the video says it all, peeps.


YT description: I always remember Caldwell banker as the name of the Real Estate company. Apparently it has always been Coldwell in this reality.

Title: The Mandela Effect (Caldwell Banker Has Always Been Coldwell Banker In This Reality) Please Vote #83 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.

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