Antarctica: Theories On Why The Continent Is Splitting Apart

We’ve got the news in the first half of this video, and the speculation in the rest. The producer did a pretty good job in covering all that is out there. Especially notable is an image of the tweet that Buzz Aldrin allegedly sent out, that I had not seen before. The rumor is that something zapped his ass after he touched an artifact.

There is an angle that I’d like for you to consider, which I just started looking into last night. In the latest round of Mandela Effects, several researchers are tracking land being added and being taken away from our world based on Google maps evidence. That made my mind spin! You will hear some quotes from Edgar Cayce on this video that sound roughly like the same concept.

Search this blog for Mandela Effect to learn more, focusing on posts having to do with islands or land masses. I have several new ME / land mass videos I will be posting, hopefully later today.


YT description: There are some strange events happening in Antarctica.

Images taken by scientists from NASA’s Icebridge mission shows a rift in Larsen C, an ice shelf off the Antarctic Peninsula.

The rift is 75 miles long, 300 feet wide and one third mile deep.

The crack is expected to spread across the entire ice shelf causing a massive separation. .

Title: Antarctic Continent is Splitting in Half- Strange Events Detected Worldwide (YT link) Uploaded by Skywatch Media News.


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