False Flag Ankara: Body Switch – Crisis Actor And Darker Dead Man

Yeah, the standing man looks like a pretty boy Israeli Mossad agent, or possibly a wannabe Israeli actor, while the man on the floor looks like Kramer’s little brother. I guess some of the sheep are bitching about why two bodies would be used in such a ploy. That’s easy. Dead men tell no tales. You set up the production and pull it off, then you have a body fresh from the morgue for closure. That’s right, sheep, The Powers That Be are not above using dead bodies as props. Go take a look at Malaysian Flight MH-17, where witnesses described, not fresh bodies, but naked, discolored and already bloated corpses after the crash. The plane was shot down by pro-Western interests, sheep, because liberals love to blame Russia.


Title: Turkish Double Switch (YT link) Uploaded by Russian Vids.

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