FUCK ISLAM: Top Ten Examples Of European Cultural Enrichment

For the year 2016.


Ugh Germany no one cares about the war anymore. Get off your knees, stop feeling guilty, thoroughly uncuck yourself and sort it out for goodness sake! – Adam G

You should read the BBC headline about the attack. It goes like this : “Truck Kills 12 people in Berlin”. Yes…it’s not the Islamist’s fault. It’s the Truck’s fault. Maybe the truck was hacked by Putin. The Islamist just happened to be on the driving seat. – Tom

Islamic truck of tolerance – nostalgia for infi

Trucks must be outlawed. – Colonel Radec

18 wheels of friendship. – Rodney Terry

Title: The Enrichment of Europe: A BEST OF (TOP 10) 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks.


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