Mandela Effect: British Queen’s Final Xmas- Biggest ME Of 2016?

I can’t believe it has been an entire year since that reptile bitch made that statement, which apparently she did not make in this reality. Oh, that’s a spoiler, as AT didn’t want to give it away in his title.

Here is what I remember… I saw a post on GLP saying that Queen what’s her face said Christmas 2015 would be our last Christmas. AT shows that Your News Wire article. I saw that article. I thought, no way, that can’t be true. I did go into Youtube and searched for the supposed video evidence, for about 5 minutes I guess. When I did not locate a video, I assumed the story was a hoax and moved on to something else. I never saw the actual video, only the News Wire story.


YT description: Abnormal Truth – Did I just discover the biggest Mandela Effect of the year?…

Title: Abnormal Truth – Did I just discover the biggest Mandela Effect of the year? (YT link) Uploaded by Abnormal Truth.

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3 comments on “Mandela Effect: British Queen’s Final Xmas- Biggest ME Of 2016?

  1. both the pope and the queen were reported to have said this in their respective christmas addresses. i never found the pope’s, but i did find and listen to the queen’s – on a video claiming she said either ‘last’ or ‘final’ christmas. but she DIDN’T actually say either in that recording.

    a hoax/mind-fuckery for the easily suggestible i thought at the time.

  2. I remember when this first blew up last year looking for quite a while for some kind of actual evidence she really said this and could not find any. The ‘story’ was that she went off script at the taping and said this in front of witnesses that were present. They then had to start over supposedly because the crazy bitch said this. What got out was what the people present said that she said. The actual recording of it, if it ever existed, was
    of course never released to the public. I viewed the entire dreadful thing ( I don’t know how the British public can’t see that evil cow for what she is) and there was no hint of any threat about the following year in the version released. I don’t think we will ever know whether there was ever any truth to the rumor or not. That said I’m pretty sure her royal douchebagness would just as soon eat any of her subjects as look at them. Ah well there is always next Christmas………………

  3. Greetings raymond – I was not aware of the brit queen’s xmas speech about that she knew to much and this being our last xmas – why did’nt she (the queen whom i will refer to as she) explain why this will be the last xmas – why say something that is so mind blowing without any sort of evidence to prove her statement – does not make sense – she should have at least gave us a hint as to what we will be up against or at least tell us how to prepare for a catastrophe and or terrorist invasion of any kind may it be from asian terrorist (like the weirdos that blew up the two buildings in NYC) or aliens who are already living hear beneath the surface in the anarctic which is very well protected by the military – lastly, everyone should arm themselves and never give up to any kind terror whether it be aliens or those insane terrorists.

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