Chemtrails: Madison Star Moon Is Not Going To Take It Anymore!

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YT description: This is an Amazing video from an Amazing Woman who does Amazing work.
Chemtrails is possibly the greatest attack on humanity in history. The human population has turned a blind eye on it for too long.
Only a tiny amount of people are doing their darndest to wake people up.
MadisonStar Moon is one of the leaders in this field and her work should be supported.

Madisonstar Moon video

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2 comments on “Chemtrails: Madison Star Moon Is Not Going To Take It Anymore!

  1. an unpleasant synchronicity for me; i had noted the skies were completely trail free on christmas day and boxing day in my part of the uk. then yesterday they were back in full force. i saw at least five jets in around 20 mins. one of them appeared to have a black trail that projected out in front for maybe 2 or 3 hundred feet from the nose almost as if it was attached, it maintained that forward distance as the jet crossed my field of vision and the back trail was clearly layered; black on top with the usual white beneath.

    i’d heard of these black trails, but this is a first sighting for me.
    the start of this clip shows the phenomenon, although the front trail i saw appeared somehow to be more directly related to the jet, whereas those in the clip seem somehow to be longer and don’t quite give the same forward ‘growth’ i observed.

  2. It’s a sign things are darker then ever in history. Trump will either save or doom us for good. He is a huge ? mark.

    If things go well maybe the USA will be non-compatible with the One World Beast system when it’s fully in place.

    “We’re sorry but the United States Of America is not compatible with your program. Please try again or remove the diskette”

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