Switching Over To New Site – Verum Et Inventa II

Greetings, happy holidays, no cosmic wave evidence so all is good. I’ve tried to reformat this site 3 or 4 times over the last year, but it isn’t easy with over 8700 posts in the bucket. At the outset, I didn’t plan on having that many, but I do tend to overindulge in my research. The only way I figure I can set things up the way I want them, proper like,  is to start fresh at the starting line, especially with all the broken links I keep coming across due to censorship and Mandela Effects. This is a good time to do it with the New Year coming up! I suggest that all of you with stagnant situations look to make some big POSITIVE changes as well. Like so many Truthers are saying, be the change you want to see in the world!

I will be focusing on current news, but I will also be moving some of the posts from this site over to the new one depending on what I’m working on. Because the posts are all over the place, I will be trying to categorize them better and collect them in bunches. Don’t be surprised if some of the stuff here starts disappearing. It isn’t Mandela Effect! It’s just me sorting through things a little at a time. Just over the last couple of days, I’ve accumulated 16 videos I want to post and comment on, plus I have a slew of new metaphysical articles I’ve been working on ready to post.

The site is bare bones right now, but I would very much appreciate it if you, friends, followers and even respectful critics, would head on over and set your bookmarks and click the follow button. I’ve got the floor plan laid out, and tomorrow I’m bringing in the booze and cranking up the stereo to give the place a proper christening.

New blog site, with a very original name:

Verum Et Inventa II

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