Mexico: Illegal Invaders March Through Mex. City To U.N. 11.08.18

Summary: I’ve been following this Mexican conservative reporter for a few weeks now. Usually he reports in Spanish. If you speak Spanish, follow this guy. He gives a rundown of what is happening with the illegal invasion from Central America, including a lot of stuff mainstream Fake News isn’t telling you.

Among the revelations: Hondurans are beating, robbing and raping Mexicans. The invaders are taking phones away from people recording their faces. They are carjacking Mexicans and forcing rides. The invaders are marching through Mexico City to reach the U.N. headquarters in Polanco, demanding asylum. Town Without Borders and Reptile Soros are behind the caravans. Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela are also planning to send caravans. Olga Cordero of the Mexican Dept. of the Interior announced she will give 1 million work visas to the invaders.

I haven’t verified this yet: Russia plans to build 10 armament factories in Mexico, with one in Mexicali, right next to the U.S. border. In 2009, thousands of tanks with red star symbols were spotted near the Guatemalan border. U.S. Border Patrol Capt. Higgins is using paintball and pepper spray against rock throwers. Members of leftist President Elect Obrador’s cabinet will allow the caravans to continue. Mexican Fake News is demonizing Adon Trump.


Alex Backman reports o. The pressing issues south-of-the-border with regard to the illegal invasion of Mexico and the US by SIAs and OTMs who illegally stormed through the Mexico-Guatemala border and have established their camp in Mexico City with help of the incoming leftist socialist regime. At least 2,000 immigrants marches and paralyzed Mexico’s capital on their intent to reach the UN office in the exclusive are of Polanco in the northwest of the city.


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