Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 8

Part 8 of 9.

Defenders And Offenders

Unfortunately, there are not enough defenders to eclipse the growing infamy of offenders. Following are the strongest supporters of Mexico’s rights as a sovereign nation, as well as a list of con men and women, in addition to a couple of idiots who should have done better by keeping their mouths shut.

Defender: Tijuana Mayor Juan Gastelum – This man came onto the scene with some hesitation, I would say. After the debacle at Playas, where I believe Gastelum has a residence, many of Tijuana’s wealthy citizens complained vociferously enough for the mayor to actually do his job. Once Gastelum was in the race, he made good, sound decisions in support of the people of Tijuana, in sharp contrast to the feeble all talk, no action stance of Baja Governor De La Vega. (Vega is now being investigated for corruption, after President Obrador’s inauguration.)

Gastelum moved the invasion horde from Playas to Zona Norte. When things went out of control after the human stampede in late November, it was Gastelum who opened up the entertainment complex in Matamoros. By moving the horde there, he is in effect dismantling the caravans and keeping them away from the border, and out of Fake News spotlight range. I believe Gastelum further castrated the caravan by telling municipal police to keep Mujica and his 15 women on hunger strike away from the Chaparral border crossing, and putting them under a bridge, on the street, where their presence has dramatically reduced impact. Also, Gastelum has ordered for the criminal remnant of the caravan still occupying the public streets around Juarez complex to be moved, by force if necessary, on the morning of Dec. 10. For over two weeks now, those roads have been closed to traffic, and the local elementary school has been closed.

“Human rights for right humans.” – Gastelum

The Tijuana mayor received tremendous liberal backlash for suggesting the unruly, illegal mob behave itself if it wanted the respect of the people of Tijuana. He further inflamed the left by wearing a red cap with the slogan ‘Make Tijuana Great Again.’ The cap was modeled after Trump’s MAGA hats, and was given to Gastelum by a little girl.

Defender Honorable Mention: Alex Backman of Conciencia Radio has been a strong voice against illegal migration since the start. I’ve seen him rally the crowd at several locations, including Cuahtemoc Roundabout in Plaza Rio and later at Juarez complex in Zona Norte.

Defender Honorable Mention: Paloma For Trump, from True Conservative Minutes YT channel, has also been outspoken in her criticism of the Honduran invasion. She is a dual citizen who frequently broadcasts reports from Tijuana, sometimes becoming the story herself. She has been harassed by socialist reporters and by migrants.

Defender Honorable Mention: There are several YT channels out there that have been covering the invasion ever since the first Hondurans set foot in Mexico. Among the most informative are Francisco Lopez and Efecto Noticia. I have to give credit to Vicente Serrano of Sin Censura news. He is a pro-Obrador socialist, but to his credit he has traveled from Chicago to Tijuana to assess the situation for himself. Also notable was Luke Rudowsky of We Are Change, who also went to Juarez complex, and who I have been following since the Occupy Movement.

Defender Honorable Mention: Guatemala allowed the first three caravans to seep through its territory. After that, President Morales is doing little, but he at least he is doing something by turning back invaders and asking the US to help him identify troublemakers.

Unknown Quantity: New President of Mexico Manuel Obrador. While Obrador vows to help the Mexican people out of poverty and into productiveness, he is also ready to sign the UN Pact for Migration, which will likely flood Mexico with even more unwanted caravans. Obrador talks a good game, including saying he will buck the institutionalized form of government that has kept Mexico suffering for the last 30 years. Those are big words, similar in rhetoric to what we heard from former socialist US president Obama.

Offender: Irineo Mujica is listed on Wikipedia as director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras. He is a dual US-Mexico citizen, born in Mexico and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Mujica is a long-time political activist. Glenn Beck has traced Pueblos Sin Fronteras to CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. CARA encompasses two legal groups: Catholic Legal Immigration Network and American Immigration Council. Both groups are funded by George Soros. (From articles by Az Central and Joe For America.)



Mujica has been adamant in demanding excessive benefits for the caravans, and recently scolded Tijuana municipal police for preventing him from putting 15 women on hunger strike in a location chosen for good media coverage. He also angered Tijuana residents when he stated that the drug cartels were causing the city’s crime and violence, and not criminals and gang members within the caravans, and that Tijuana is a place no one wants to come to. Uniradio Informa reports that Mujica was detained in Suchiate, Hidalgo, Chiapas on October 19, 2018, for resisting arrest and vandalism. He opposed (or attacked) migratory officials, federal and municipal police while trying to mobilize the caravan. In early December, Mujica tried to distance himself from the criminals in the caravan, saying he is not responsible for their actions. At the same time, he is constantly looking for ways to sensationalize the plight of the caravan, to draw attention away from their crimes, and to antagonize authorities.

Offender: Pitaya Queen, also known as Ana K from Chihuahua, has a real name of Roberto Jakay Flotte Jr. He is a transgender from Presidio, Texas, with US citizenship. This person has a PhD doctorate in Anthropology, Native American Program, from Harvard University. Pitaya is accused of being a drug addict and pimp, and of trafficking humans across the US border for prostitution.

In May of 2018, Pitaya took 35 gays into the Caritas shelter in Tijuana. The shelter mysteriously caught fire during the time he was there. Pitaya tweeted that the fire was caused by transphobes. He asked his fans to contact US border authorities, passing on the message that he and the other gays should be taken into the US right away because their lives were at risk. His tweets are written in very good English, drawing sympathy from his followers, when his intentions all along are to traffic gays for prostitution. One of his wards was named Roxanne, a gay who later died of HIV due to lack of treatment.

While at a drug rehabilitation center in Tijuana, he was caught using drugs and making attempts to smuggle gays across the border.

Pitaya and a group of 80 LGBT entered Mexico as part of the first caravan. When the caravan lost some of its steam in Mexico City, he and his gays broke away and traveled by train to Mexicali, Baja California, where all 80 of them stayed in hotel rooms. The group arrived in Tijuana in November 11, staying at a luxury house in Playas that reportedly cost ten thousand pesos ($500 dollars) to rent, but I couldn’t verify if that was a weekly or monthly rate. While in Playas, Pitaya and his boyfriend Cesar Mejia were recorded arguing with affluent residents, mostly women, who did not want queers in their neighborhood. This was a very controversial moment in the caravan’s march. While in Tijuana, Pitaya was spotted buying coffee at Starbucks and ordering large amounts of beer at night clubs, which did not jive with his claims of poverty and oppression for his gay entourage.

Due to the negative publicity, Pitaya took 47 gays and traveled to Nogales, Sonora, again renting expensive hotel rooms. (Municipal president Irastorza gives a number of 60 in Pitaya’s group.) This defender of human and gay rights refuses to be interviewed by an independent journalist who tracks him down. His group, from Honduras and Nicaragua, harasses the journalist out on the street.

Pitaya is accused of using minors for prostitution. The minors were aged 14 and 15, from Guatemala and El Salvador. The minors had sexually transmitted diseases from having slept with the transgenders. The minors were deceived into believing they would have no problem getting into Miami, Florida, where they would begin better lives.

Offender: Lady Frijoles earned national infamy in Mexico, when she uttered the following words to a reporter from DW News:

“The food they give us here… Fatal… Only refried beans as if they were feeding pigs.” – Miriam Selaya

Miriam Selaya (also Mirian Yamileth) spoke those fateful words during an interview, when she was staying in the Juarez sports complex. The video clip went viral throughout Mexico, with dozens, if not hundreds of reaction videos, parodies, memes and even music making her the laughingstock of an entire country. DW News caught up with her a second time, where Miriam gave a tearful apology.

However, when Miriam mentioned she was on social media and What’s App, amateur sleuths went searching and found her publicly posted pictures. This set off a new round of indignation from Mexicans, as Miriam’s account showed did not show a humble woman in poverty. Instead, Miriam was seen posing in tight, revealing and sexy clothing, with her nails painted, wearing jewelry, high heels and sporting a Louis Vitton handbag. Miriam’s house looks nice, and she’s also posed behind the wheel of a late model car.

When Miriam started getting harassed and bullied online, she was moved to another shelter. Later, she began getting death threats from angry critics. For a time, it was feared she might have been kidnapped. Miriam turned up in Texas, where apparently she was given expedited asylum thanks to the harassment. This woman and her dumb comments have made her the caravan’s metaphorical dartboard or mascot.

Offender: Ivan Rieveling, also known as Comandante Cobra and the Mexican Rambo. This personality started popping up in my feed right around the time of the Tijuana protest on November 18. Rieveling, who is a big, strapping and bald man in his forties, wearing military fatigues, walked up to Conciencia Radio’s Alex Backman to give his viewpoint on the migrant caravan. People started going up to him to pose for pictures. After doing some research into this character, I have found that he is a very shady character with a notorious criminal background.

This rat’s full name is Ivan Mariano Martin Del Campo Rieveling. According to the DEA, he has been arrested and / or deported six different times in California, for crimes ranging from possession of marijuana to carrying a concealed, stolen weapon, to giving false statements to a 2008 arrest for assault, robbery and rape. He has also been arrested in the US for making threats.

The criminal behavior continues in Mexico. Rieveling claims to be National Coordinator for the Diplomatic Corps of International Human Rights. This organization only exists in this man’s head. The newspaper Zeta had to state he never worked for them, the UN said he has no affiliation with them, and even the Knights Templar have kicked him out. Rieveling has threatened Tijuana reporters for revealing his past crimes in California, and recently he threatened former president Pena Nieto and Tijuana mayor Gastelum. Dozens of Mexican reporters, editors and cameraman have denounced him publicly.

As if that wasn’t enough, the rumor is that he runs a personal security business where he sells weapons to criminals or shady people, and he openly claims to have many friends in the drug cartels. This guy isn’t just a rat, but a super rat.

Offenders Dishonorable Mention: Many. Yes, there are many who deserve to be placed into this caravan’s Hall Of Shame.

We have one caravan leader who usually wore a red hat and silver aviator sunglasses to hide his identity. He went by the name Netty a few times. He was the person telling members of the caravan to place women and children up front during the march, and later during the stampede toward the US border that took place in late November.

Dozens of Hondurans and other Central Americans get the Big Loser Award as well. These exigent people were making demands on Mexicans for junk food such as pizzas and hamburgers, new and not used clothing, transportation to the US border and a cushy place to lounge while they wait for their asylum petitions to process. These were the people smoking weed at Playas, the Juarez sports complex and later the Barretal concert complex. They refused food from aid workers, even throwing the food at the workers, and left a trail of trash everywhere they went. I’m not even counting the criminals that were leeching off the caravan here.

Sonia Diaz, also known as Cristina Estrada Torres, was the woman arrested when Tijuana officials tried to move members of the caravan from Juarez complex to Barretal. It took three female police officers to transport this aggressive woman into a police vehicle, and even then Diaz managed to bite an officer’s forearm. Before this incident, I had already seen this woman sniping at independent reporters whenever they tried to record her face. Diaz was accused of being a human trafficker, or coyote, but this hasn’t been verified. In video taken by a concerned citizen, I observed Diaz standing in a huddle of young men, late at night near Juarez complex. It looked like a football huddle almost, or a plot. Diaz is not part of any social organization or church group, so what is she doing in Tijuana, other than stirring the pot against reporters and police officials?

Father Alejandro Solalinde continues to extol the many positive virtues of the horde, despite having taken two bags of firearms away from them and knowing their faults. They are desperate, poor, hungry people, he claims, yet he barely denounced the Maras gang members and other criminals within the movement. Recently, Solalinde has arrived in Tijuana, at Juarez complex, where police officials are expected to move the most stubborn invaders out of the public street and into the Barretal shelter at Matamoros.

Sergio Tamei of Angels Without Borders arrived late on the scene in December. He irked me when he suggested that Mayor Gastelum inflated the number of migrants staying in Juarez complex, so Gastelum could ask for greater amounts of funds from federal resources. I’ve been following the caravan’s numbers ever since they stormed past the Guatemalan border, and then this jerk steps in and tells news reporters the numbers are wrong? Sure, the numbers could be rigged, but that would mean the workers are Juarez complex have been lying for the last half of November. According to their statistics, the number of people in Juarez complex went from 4,000 to a grand total of 6,062 during that time, with aerial drone shots showing how crowded the complex was. About the only thing Tamei said that I agreed with, is that he denounced the way caravan leaders were putting women and children up front of their march and stampede.


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