Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 9

Part 9 of 9.


I am writing this on the morning of Monday, December 10, 2018. The story continues to develop. On Friday, Tijuana authorities gave the remnants of the caravan, staunchly refusing to leave the public streets of Zona Norte, 72 hours to go to the Barretal center in Matamoros. Over the weekend, invaders in Barretal have been trickling back to Juarez complex, claiming they were mistreated or they didn’t like the curfews or whatnot. So, these people would rather shit and piss in the street than go to a refugee center with utilities, food, water, toilets and surrounding walls to protect them from angry locals. The elementary school in Zona Norte has been closed for over two weeks, the streets and complex are still full of trash and the stubborn stragglers have already been attacked three times, including having eggs and bottles of urine thrown at them. Father Solalinde has arrived to help, but he wants to help the illegal invaders more than the residents of Tijuana.

There is a humanitarian crisis in the Central American nations; I won’t argue against that, as I’ve been following their news channels for months now. In Nicaragua, for example, president Ortega has sent police and right wing mobs into villages to assassinate those critical of his policies, and masked men have even entered churches to attack clergy and reporters. I agree that something has to be done, but I don’t think sending millions of dollars of US taxpayer money into Central America is the solution. Unlike the United Nations, I believe the problem should be dealt with at the country of origin, and not at the country where the invaders end up.

This movement started as a way for leftists to get back at President Trump. Trump is not blameless, as he and other republican warhawks kept hinting at military intervention in Venezuela for months. Venezuela’s Maduro decided to get the ball rolling through his connections in Honduras, and Honduras is so corrupt that president Hernandez’ brother was just arrested for drug and weapons smuggling. The caravans are formed and move into Chiapas, Mexico, where corrupt interim governor Velasquez is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of pesos from the people, while not paying doctors or teachers, and not doing a thing to stop genocides taking place in rural towns. Do you see how everything about the caravan movement is corrupted?

George Soros and his NGOs saw a chance to co-opt the movement, and they jumped on it. Fake News presents the public with the ‘good side’ of a foreign invasion. Critics are denounced as racists and zenophobes. United Nations’ puppets wave their flags of multi-culturalism and diversity, as they always do. An estimated 120 to 190 countries are expected to sign the UN Global Compact for Migration.

There is no real conclusion to this story. It is ongoing, and will continue to be ongoing, until people realize who is behind it and they stop supporting the bad guys. Look at all these socialists rallying to dismantle national sovereignty and turn over the controls of power to the United Nations. Open borders for the world, because flooding Mexico and the US with foreigners is more important than Mexico taking care of five states who suffered through severe rains and flooding after Category 5 Hurricane Willa in late October.

The UN, the IMF and the WHO are the New World Order. Human lives don’t matter in this equation unless they move the socialist agenda forward. It also doesn’t matter if drug and human traffickers, gang members and terrorists infiltrate and abuse the hordes. Threats to US national security like multi-millionaire George Soros flip through their stacks of cash will complete impunity for their actions, and national leaders become puppets for the United Nations at the cost of their people’s welfare.

All of the caravan leaders should be tried for human rights abuses, because they deceived the poor people of Central America into believing in a fantasy of the US greeting them with open arms. Great, Rich America is expected to give these young Latino men, and comparatively far fewer women and children, citizenship, employment, benefits and spouses. The disappointment has set into the minds of many of these people already, but Mexico’s president Obrador is set to sign the UN Pact today or tomorrow, guaranteeing that we will see more caravans heading not only to the US, but to other First World countries as well. The socialist idea of stealing from the rich to give to the poor might sound great as a Robin Hood fairy tale, but in real practice, it is going to destroy world stability and make it that much easier for the UN / New World Order takeover.


(Post title followed by Youtube channel.)

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