Article: Have A Merry, Pagan Christmas! Part 3

Odds And Ends

Here is some random stuff that didn’t fit into earlier sections, as it pertains to theories that were too difficult to verify, that I thought reached too far, or that encompassed multiple sections.

Another explanation for the tradition of the Yule Log: As the log is burned in the chimney, and the embers die out, people believed that an evergreen tree would appear magically with gifts. The dying embers represent the dying of Nimrod, and the tree is Nimrod resurrected as Tammuz.

The traditional Christmas tree must be an evergreen tree. To some Christians, red Holly berries represent the blood of Christ, and the sharp Holly leaves represent Jesus’ Crown of Thorns.

Santa Claus is the resurrected god Tammuz. The red on Santa Claus’ suit signifies fire, which parallels the fire of the sun god Nimrod. The green of the Christmas tree signifies Tammuz sprouting back to life. Before I forget, let me also mention this. The red, coned elf hat of Santa Claus is very similar to the Phrygian hat worn by the sun god Mithras.

One researcher claims the name Nicholas comes from Nimrod. The name St. Nick may be an ancient reference to Lucifer.

In one of my research videos, I saw an image of the evolution of sun gods. Here is the gist of it, with one deity evolving into a later deity:

Nimrod – Baal – Osiris – Odin – St. Nicholas – Sinterklaas – Santa Claus

List of gods with December 25th birthdays, with approximate eras:

Jesus, Israel – 0 CE

Adonis, Phoenicia – 200 BCE

Hermes, Rome – 200 BCE

Tammuz, Babylon – 400 BCE

Dionysus, Greece – 500 BCE

Buddha, Nepal – 563 BCE

Heracles, Greece – 800 BCE

Zarathurstra (Zoroaster), Asia – 800 BCE

Mithra, Persia – 1200 BCE

Horus, Egypt – 3000 BCE

Krishna, India – 3200 BCE


Catholicism and Christianity, as well as other similarly corrupted Abrahamic religions, are adamant that their god singled their people out and the entire religion sprung out of nothing, in divine magic. Sorry, but that is clearly not the case for anyone with an open mind that takes the time to study it. Just look at this example of Christianity’s biggest day of the year, the supposed birth of Jesus on Christ’s Mass, that coincidentally fell on the same date as the birth dates of every other important sun god.

The truth is that modern Christmas is an amalgamation of so many mythologies, cultures, rituals, beliefs and ideas that came before it. Christians and Catholics say they have the inside scoop on God, and that everyone else is a Pagan. That’s exactly what the Church of Rome wanted them to say, and the stubborn propaganda has stuck around for nearly two thousand years, ever since emperors and popes such as Constantine implemented the ‘new’ religion upon the masses.

I say Pagan is as Pagan does. If you celebrate Christmas, good for you, but don’t try to weasel your way out of all these traditions with clear Pagan origins, by saying they sprung up out of nowhere thanks to Yahweh or Jesus. You are unwittingly doing Pagan things and revering Pagan gods, but you tell yourself you are doing something new and different because the traditions have been re-labeled. All Abrahamic religions can be traced to so-called Pagan dogmas, primarily from Persia and India, so Christianity, Islam and Judaism are simply collections or re-brandings of what already existed. Tree worship, or animism, for example, as seen in revering the modern Christmas tree, goes back to the beginning of recorded history when people thought spirits inhabited nature in trees, rocks and water.

It’s okay to have family reunions and buy gifts for loved ones during Christmas. Why not do it, as long as you don’t overextend your finances to impress others? At the same time, I think it is important to remember where these traditions came from, and that is the dying and resurrection of the sun or a sun god during the Winter Solstice. The practice of celebrating a new year goes all the way back to the beginning, when people saw the days getting shorter and things dying in the cold and snow. These people waited and hoped for the winter season to be over, and they marked the signs in the heavens so they could begin to look forward to natural renewal of the world around them. That’s the true spirit of Christmas; looking ahead for the resurrected sun to bring life back into our world, and to bring all of us out of darkness.


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You can read a complete version of this article in my dark fiction e-zine Verum Et Inventa issue No. 2. Until June 15th, 2020, you can also download a free PDF version of this article from the Freebie page on my website at Raymond Towers Dot Com.

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