Dr. Ryan Cole: Summary Of What Vax Does To Brain And Organs

Vid and an article I found while looking for Dr. Cole’s credentials.



From the article on Alpha News, August 8, 2021:

Mayo-trained pathologist faces criticism after suggesting vaccine maker suppressed COVID treatment

The average COVID-19 death age [is] 78.6. The average age of death in North America every year [is] 78.6,” observes a Mayo-trained physician.

Dr. Ryan Cole is a Mayo-trained physician who has seen over 350,000 patients in his career. He also serves as the CEO of Cole Diagnostics, which has processed over 100,000 coronavirus tests. He recently said that there is an effective treatment for coronavirus that’s been overlooked, and that basic preventative measures can stop the virus from ever taking hold of a patient.

“If there’s a treatment for a disease, the federal government cannot approve a vaccine,” the doctor explained at an event last month hosted by the Idaho Freedom Foundation with the state’s lieutenant governor.

“The NIH [National Institute of Health], who is involved in approving medications, they co-hold the patent on the vaccine with Moderna. If the fox isn’t guarding the hen house there, I don’t know who is,” Cole said.

“They don’t want a therapy to work, because then they can’t vend their vaccine,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the doctor claimed there is an effective treatment for COVID-19 that has been widely studied and that he has used personally with great success: ivermectin.

More than four billion people have taken ivermectin since it was first released, according to Cole. The doctor reports that only a handful of those patients have died from taking the medicine, and those individuals suffered from nearly unheard of genetic disorders.

Florida and Texas hospitals have seen a 70-90% decrease in coronavirus-related deaths since they started treating with ivermectin, the doctor told his audience.

He also advocated for vitamin D as a preventative measure, adding that over 70% of the world is vitamin D deficient.

“Normal D levels decrease your COVID symptom severity or risk for hospitalization by 90%. That’s the world data now, there have been a lot of placebo controlled trials that show this all around the world — it is scientific fact,” Cole said.

1 thought on “Dr. Ryan Cole: Summary Of What Vax Does To Brain And Organs

  1. I’m so thankful you have created this video, to share with others. I’ve believed this since it came out, and it’s hard to warn people of the dangers of this fake vaccine,, without a resourceful website, or Dr.
    Please keep making video’s on any new updates or findings of side effects from this fake horrifying vaccine.
    God Bless You!

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