This Is What Democracy Looks Like: Meet Cooper, New White House Intern

Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy, and safe, knowing this is the future leadership of the United States? I know I do! he’s promoting the vax, on top of everything else. Thank you, Biden administration!

(This video could be a joke, but I don’t know. I can’t fucking tell anymore.)

Update with some twitter comments!

Imagine being the most esteemed office in the world and you film this video. – The Chairman

If this is Build Back Better we are… YOU FINISH THE SENTENCE – David Webb

If that doesn’t tell the disconnect between the government and the people don’t know what will – daniel gray

And to think, This country’s young people once stormed the beaches of Normandy….. – Sam Talarico Jr.

This guy was an oil rig worker with a wife and 4 kids before he got the Covid vaccine. – Jon Nicosia

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