Japan: Moderna Vax Is Out, Ivermectin Treatment Is In

I wonder if Moderna had the same kind of BS contract Pfizer did?


From the article on BBC News, August 25, 2021:

Japan suspends 1.6 million Moderna doses over contamination fears

The health ministry said “foreign materials” were found in some doses of a batch of roughly 560,000 vials.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which sells and distributes the vaccine in Japan, said Moderna had put three batches on hold “out of an abundance of caution”.

It said an issue at a manufacturing contract site in Spain was the likely cause, but did not elaborate.

There are no details of what the “foreign objects” are, but Takeda described it as particulate matter, after which it said conducted an emergency examination.

Reports of contamination also came from seven other vaccination centres, according to the Japan Times newspaper, with 39 vials – or 390 doses – found to have been affected.

The health ministry has published the batch numbers so that people who had received their shot before the suspension could check if they have got a potentially contaminated shot, Japan Times added.

The country has already approved the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines for use – it only started using Moderna in May.


The following vid is from February, 2021.


From the Yomiuri website, August 19, 2021:

“Now is the time to use ivermectin,” said Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association.

“I am aware that there are many papers that ivermectin is effective in the prevention and treatment of corona, mainly in Central and South America and Asia. There is no effective therapeutic drug, although it is necessary to deal with patients who develop it one after another. The vaccine is not in time. At such an imminent time, there is a paper that ivermectin is effective for corona, so it is a natural response for clinicians to try using it. Doctor-led clinical practice That’s why many test papers came out. “

“A group of American clinicians (FLCCC) has announced that ivermectin is effective against corona in South America, Asia, etc., and a group of doctors such as the British Ivermectin Recommendation Group (BIRD) has compiled many papers. I was convinced that it was “effective” from the meta-analysis analyzed in the above, and recommended ivermectin to medical sites around the world. I also told the Japan Olympic Committee that ivermectin should be used effectively when holding the Tokyo Olympics. But the government didn’t do anything. “

 ”There are also problems with academic researchers and university professors. Doing nothing on their own,” Ivermectin is uncertain whether it works for corona, issued by international organizations such as the WHO and large Western health organizations. There are many people who take the view of “Ivermectin” as their own view. Instead of doing it independently, it works only by the opinions of others. It’s sad that there are critics, researchers, and scholars who just criticize without doing anything. I hope that Japanese academia will contribute more positively. “

7 thoughts on “Japan: Moderna Vax Is Out, Ivermectin Treatment Is In

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve put a clarification on the post to reflect your observation. I believe I noticed that myself when I first came across the video on YT, but I probably had several tabs open while verifying the main articles and forgot to add that in.

      Update, regarding Ivermectin: From your article – The FDA ramped up its warning via Twitter in August, saying, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously y’all. Stop it.”

      That’s not misleading at all, is it?

      • The truth of the matter is that both in Brazil and USA, physicians with solid back ground in virology and/or pneumology, such as dr. Paolo Zanoto, in Brazil (responsible for 3 vaccine developments), dr. Pierre Kory, dr. Peter McCullough and dr. Harvey Risch, to name a few, have been performing both early and advanced stage of Covid-19 very successfully. Additionally, if in one hand, there’s no conclusive studies on Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment, in the other hand NO studies were finished AT ALL for none of the vaccines, nor there were group studies contemplating people below 16 or 18 years (depending on the laboratory), pregnant/lactating women, with a VERY IMPORTANT distinction: all side effects for Ivermectin are known and mostly mild and mRNA vaccine side effects are UNKNOWN for SHORT, MID and LONG terms!! Same applies for non mRNA vaccines!!!

  1. The FDA are promoting the Gates/Fauci experimental injections. There is abundant information freely available to support this wonder medicine for many decades.

  2. With the great results they’re having in Japan why are American citizens not giving this wonder drug?? It’s all about money and the backs cost more then Ivermectin. It is a medical Wonder that burned a Pulitzer Prize


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