Dr. Bryan Ardis: Updated Protocol For Vaxxed, Unvaxxed People

Another fun interview with Dr. Ardis, to spite the evil out there in the world. He’s recommending Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium and Apple Pectin, with Zinc as a lesser supplement. Get your pen or pencil ready to write down the recommendations.

Link to Dr. Ardis’ website.



27 thoughts on “Dr. Bryan Ardis: Updated Protocol For Vaxxed, Unvaxxed People

      • Thanks ZuckerRat – is it the Nova brand? (I messed up my computer settings and can’t read the iHerb website.) Do you really drink all that water afterwards? I can’t drink much water. Maybe I need to use an alternative. Do you drink all that water?

      • Thank you for this site.

        I know this is off topic, so I’ll make it brief:

        The tag line, “Faith, Family snd Farming” is catchy, but you may not be aware that an ancient way of covertly signaling allegiance to satan is FFF or to use it in an acronym.

        F is the 6th letter of the alphabet.

        FFF = 666

        Most people don’t know this, but you can double check me in the FBI’s website. They have a list of satanic symbols they use to identify occult satanic messages. FFF is on there.

        Thank you again for your wonderful resources. I’m sure this is an oversight on your part.

      • “FBI’s website. They have a list of satanic symbols they use to identify occult satanic messages. FFF is on there.”
        Got a link? Not that I doubt you but I couldn’t find FFF anywhere on their site.

  1. Seen your interview on Dr.Gina…. Interested in the report you said you would send with all information about the COVID 19 shots and the truth. I have two grandsons age 4 and 6 and want to send information to my daughter.
    Thank you…. Thankful to have seen the interview.

  2. CHS hospital in Granbury Tx is now mandating vaccination by 1-6-22 or stay home until compliant. With OSHA putting it on hold can they still do this ?

  3. Dr Artis, I have a 2nd cousin who might be COVID injured! She is back in the hospital for the 7 time! She’s only 20 years old, took the shot for school, she’s studying to be OT and she was working in the nursing facility. She’s been diagnosed with sepsis, running fevers, critically low potassium. That’s what docs are currently saying. POTS,

    This is a post from Alexa’s gofundme page
    October 26, 2021
    by Marci Foutch, Organizer
    Alexa is less than 2 weeks away from 2 months in the hospital. That is just this latest admission. All of this started in late June and she cannot catch a break. As of late, the issues are tachycardia, continual high white blood cell counts, anemia and syncope. They say her lungs look good now so that is something I guess. She just had a PET scan yesterday to look for any problem areas that are being missed. We are waiting on the doctor to let us know those results. She has had extensive labs looking for rare disorders. Many of those labs are sent to larger facilities such as Mayo in Rochester. Please keep praying. Alexa is at the end of her rope.

    Any advise? I’ve sent them your videos and website! Thank you in advance!

  4. Hello – we live in New Zealand and ALL quinine ivetmectin hydrogen peroxide CLO2 hydroxychloraquin and antibody testing has been removed from our country and docs and vets will loose their license. It is so bad here under tyranny we unvaxxxd cannot enter any shop or service other than a grocery store. Can you please rescue is and send with quinine tablets or ivetmectin. It may get stopped at border but please name it Viagra or something. The world DOES NOT KNOW the evil tyranny we are under here. We do not have private media ONLY GOVT owned or managed.everything you hear about our so called amazing prime minister or country is lied lies lies. Our adress is 2 caulfield place, pukehangi, Rotorua 3015. Can you help us. We too are children of the most High God – our saviour Jesus Christ. We know that of we cannot get your help them we certainly continue to trust our heavenly father. We cannot even attend church because our church will be fined $10,000. No pastors allowed to be unwaxxd. So many home church starting. Pray for us to stay strong.

  5. My dad is 68 years old with severe heart damage. He has both a pace maker and defibrillator. Two days ago he started feeling very ill. As of now no fever but he is nauseous and can’t stop coughing. I noticed that his breathing seemed labored. I would like to get all of the ingredients to treat Covid to have on hand just in case. But, I cannot find the treatment plan. I remember hearing invermectin, and hydrocloroqyne ( please excuse the spellings). Could you please send me your Covid treatment plan. Not the protection for before.

      • Howdy, In the meantime, you can try Mullein tea or Thyme for coughing issues. Also at least a tsp of cayenne pepper in a small glass of milk. Stir well and drink it down quickly. Effects start in about 5 minutes. That is good for opening up the airways. I am not a doctor but am VERY interested in home remedies. My dad has a pacemaker too. He had emphysema and was coughing so hard it would turn him red in the face and have him doubled over. Mullein did the trick! Within 3 days, his cough was down to a tiny bit and by the end of the week, he only coughed once in a while. Hugs!

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  7. I am a diabetic- have done everything to get the numbers into the 100 range but still in the 200 range.
    I take insulin, eat veggies and some fruit, exercise
    Please help——What can I do?

  8. Thank you very much for this video. Many in my family went and received the jabs. I worry everyday about their health. So thank you again for posting this video. God bless

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