Rockefellers Control CERN, CERN Controls You

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No. No one person invented the internet, nor did any one organisation qua organisation.

The origin of the internet was the DARPANET. DARPA was the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency. Scientists and engineers working on these projects were widely spread geographically, and were in various types of organisation. Some were in obvious places like White Sands, Lockheed or Lawrence-Livermore labs; others were at MIT, Berkely, various other universities, defence contractors and government departments.

One thing they had in common was computers – fairly rare in the wide world, but they all had them. Another thing they had in common was slow communication with workers in other places. The third thing in common was they were all pretty smart. They established a network between the DARPA sites for rapid interchange of information and real time discussions. Almost all the things that are hidden Behind the Scenes on the internet came from DARPANET; the most obvious being the File Transfer Protocol or FTP.

The only fundamental change since then has been the development of the World-Wide-Web. This is a pretty name, but the invention was HyperText Mark-up Language, or HTML. This was due to Tim Berners-Lee, a British physicist; he happened to be working at CERN at the time but HTML had nothing to do with his work there which was on elementary particles. CERN did not invent the internet or the World-Wide-Web. The internet had been operating for some years before HTML was developed, and when it was the credit goes entirely to Tim Berners-Lee.

Descrip: In this article, we talk about the connection of the Rockefeller family dynasty to CERN. CERN is preparing for a major announcement, that they have discovered something inside the collisions happening at the large hadron collider (LHC)

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