Project Blue Beam

*** The posts on this page are being updated and moved over to the Articles / Blue Beam page. ***

Below are the titles of all posts related to Project Blue Beam, which I have recently double-checked to make sure the links are still active. (Some of the videos have since been removed from Youtube, especially videos focusing on a possible Anti-Christ figure, Miranda Maitreya, who is being called the World Avatar, the World Teacher, and the Feminine Christ.). After the post titles are a list of anomalies. All you have to do is copy and paste a title into the search engine and look it up for yourself.

Post titles, in order chronologically posted:

Project Blue Beam – 9 Spirals in the sky, and counting!

Project Blue Beam? – Illuminati Transgender Jesus (possible Anti-Christ / Baphomet prototype)

Project Blue Beam: Lucifer In The Sky With Diamonds

Project Blue Beam: Star-Like Image In The Sky (Anti-Christ figure 1)

Project Blue Beam: Maitreya at Bilderberg and in Africa (Anti-Christ figure 1)

Project Blue Beam: Angel Sighting, Los Angeles, Feb 2014

Project Blue Beam: The Great Deception (circle, clouds, Death Star, yes, Death Star)

Project Blue Beam: The NASA Connection Revealed

Project Blue Beam: City In The Mist And The LCD Sun (the sky you see is fake!)

Project Blue Beam: The Sun Spinning, Out Of Place And Going Dark (sun out place, dark, clouds)

Project Blue Beam? Holographic Fireballs Fading At Night

Project Blue Beam: Black Horse Seen Flying Over Saudi Arabia

Project Blue Beam: Massive Sky Anomaly Seen Across West US, 7/14/14

Project Blue Beam: Multiple Sky Anomalies, New Zealand, 2011

Project Blue Beam: The Many Miracles Of The Maitreya / Anti-Christ

Debunking Benjamin Creme And The Maitreya by Verse By Verse

Project Blue Beam: Israeli Air Force Scum Simulate Alien Attack

Project Blue Beam: Dr. Carol Rosin On Space-Based Weaponry

Anonymous: The Illusion Of Project Blue Beam, 2015

New World Order: Obscura Digital – Blue Beam, Saturn, Transhumans

3rd Phase: Multiple Images Of Light Beam In Florida – Blue Beam? 8/16

Project Blue Beam: Flying Humanoid Caught On Camera, CA Aug 2015

Project Blue Beam: Humanoid Shape In Sky, Spartanburg, SC, Aug 2015

Project Blue Beam? Disclosure? ‘Sign Of God’ Seen Over Costa Rica 9/15

Project Blue Beam? Second Mysterious City Appears In China Sky

Project Blue Beam: Mysterious Crosses Appearing In Ukraine, MH17

Peter Kling: What Is The Blue Beam Project? (Midlands Radio)

List of anomalies:

9 spirals seen in various parts of the world

angel, multicolored, Los Angeles, 2014

Buddha in Vietnam

city in river, China

circles, blue with bright centers, plus red anomalies, New Zealand, 2011

circle, multicolored, location unknown

clouds, multicolored, location unknown

Death Star and Star Wars ship, some sort of promotion, location unknown

fireballs, flaring but stationary

horse, black color, some movement, Saudi Arabia

humanoid, Monterrey, California, August 2015

humanoid, Spartanburg, South Carolina, August 2015

Jesus on the cross in Russia

meteor, stationary, fades out, 2014

sun, not visible in infrared (LCD post), spinning on monitor, out of place, going dark

Star-like image, multicolored, location unknown

Virgin Mary in Africa

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