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These articles were written by myself, under my pen name of Raymond Towers. Most of the articles below were developed after fairly extensive research that I’ve done for my various fiction novels. Categories with over ten articles will be found on separate pages.


Bible Fiction: A Free Thinker Is Satan’s Slave!

Project Blue Beam? Bad Omens At The Vatican

Religious Symbols: The Ankh, The Cross And The Cube


Media Nonsense: The ‘Knockout Game’ trend is a myth.


Articles: Defining Bigfoot by Raymond Towers

Humans Evolved From Dolphins, And Not Primates: A Comparison

Music: David Bowie – Blackstar (Demonic Video Analyzed)

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 1 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 2 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 3 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

Prophecy: Beware Of Planet X by Raymond Towers (Channeled Warning)