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These articles were written by myself, under my pen name of Raymond Towers. Most of the articles below were developed after fairly extensive research that I’ve done for my various fiction novels. Categories with over ten articles will be found on separate pages.


A Summary Of The Ramayana by Raymond Towers

Ancient History: King Tut And Life-Giving Meteorites

Bible Fiction: A Free Thinker Is Satan’s Slave!

Bible Fiction: My Name Is Legion by Raymond Towers

Demonic Ritual At Gotthard Base Tunnel Analyzed

El / Yahweh / Allah – God Of Blood Sacrifice by Raymond Towers

Notes On Historical Canaan by Raymond Towers

Project Blue Beam? Bad Omens At The Vatican

Religious Symbols: The Ankh, The Cross And The Cube

Similarities Between Semitic Religions by Raymond Towers


Renquist’s Wisdom, Before And After, Book 1 by Raymond Towers

The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Interpreted By Raymond Towers Part 1

The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes Interpreted By Raymond Towers Part 2


Media Nonsense: The ‘Knockout Game’ trend is a myth.


The Black Knight Space Anomaly: This is a satellite of unknown origin that was first officially pictured in 1957, when a Dr. Corralos of Venezuela was out taking pictures of Russia’s satellite Sputnik II. The Black Knight was also said to have followed or shadowed Sputnik I, and there is much speculation as to its true origin and purpose.

An Analysis Of The Black Knight Space Anomaly by Raymond Towers

The Black Knight Space Anomaly: Official NASA Pictures

Before The Moon Existed: This is a series of articles based on extensive research into what professional astronomers and scientists have been saying about the Moon in recent times. The source material for most of these articles came from Biblioteca Pleyades, and it was probably 500 or so pages in total that I downloaded, studied and compared. Also included are high speculation and what was reported about the Moon from various ancient mythologies.

BTM Article 1 – What Is Known

BTM Article 2 – Historical Observations

BTM Article 3 – Russian Observations (Khatib Alexander, Haddybow)

BTM Article 4, BTM Article 5, BTM Article 6

BTM Article 7, BTM Article 8, BTM Article 9


Articles: Defining Bigfoot by Raymond Towers

Article: My Reply To Mandela Effect Deniers by Raymond Towers

Humans Evolved From Dolphins, And Not Primates: A Comparison

Music: David Bowie – Blackstar (Demonic Video Analyzed)

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 1 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 2 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

New World Order: Apocalypse Rant 3 – Fiction By Raymond Towers

Occult: 2017 Economist Magazine Cover Analyzed by R Towers

Prophecy: Beware Of Planet X by Raymond Towers (Channeled Warning)