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A Brief Look At Israel, A Terrorist Nation

Israel, the nation of god, or so they tell us. Israel, whose agendas and motivations can never be questioned. Ever since the creation of this unruly nation, the world has seen a dramatic increase in terrorism and violence, yet we are not allowed to point that out. World leaders, including many U.S. Presidents and countless U.S. politicians, will openly state that they have put the interests of Israel above those of the American people. Let us take a brief but informative look at this Zionist Holy Land, this land of god, and see if Israel is really as holy as we’ve been told it is, including its involvement in two World Wars, and its repeated attempts to kill Americans for the purposes of involving the United States in even more bloodshed.


Have A Merry, Pagan Christmas!

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in Western culture. Have you ever wondered where many of our traditions came from, such as hanging stockings over the chimney and mistletoe on doorways? How about Santa Claus? Where did the idea for the jolly old man first originate? This is a journey that you will not want to believe, despite the historical evidence I will show you. The origins of Christmas were steeped in pagan ritual, sometimes comical, at other times absurd, and in some instances, even scary and dangerous. December 25th was celebrated in ancient cultures well before the advent of Christ, and in many ways those ancient practices are still observed in our modern age today. This is the Truth, and it will unsettle many of you. Rating: HIGH controversy.


Honduran Hordes Of Late 2018: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking?

This article details the first migrant caravan that traveled from Honduras to the southern border of the United States during the last three months of 2018. Exposed are the political motivations that led to the inception of the first caravan on October 12 from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the plight and risks of the migrants as they crossed the Guatemalan border and entered Mexico, and the journey north to the Promised Land of America. Learn about left-centric media exploitation of the perilous journey for political gain, contrasting this with reports from independent sources who were out there on the road recording and interviewing migrants, and read details about the organizers and how they manipulated the travelers for their own ends.

Mexico’s President Obrador, Another NWO Scumbag

Running on campaign promises of upsetting the status quo and starting Mexico on a great ‘Fourth Transformation,’ Socialist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won the hearts and votes of Mexicans who were fed up with poverty and organized crime. Fifty-three percent of the country voted for him because of his many revolutionary promises, including bringing Mexico up to the level of a first world nation by invigorating the economy, creating a world-class tourist attraction in the southern third of Mexico through the Train Maya project, and lessening the impact of the drug cartels by legalizing all drugs, among other radical changes. After eight months of being in office, how has Mexico’s first socialist president done? Did he live up to the hype, or was he just another politician, a liar who said anything to get in power, and once he achieved the presidency, did he loosen the screws on special interest groups, including the United Nations, the crypto-communists and the organized drug cartels that have hindered Mexico for at least the last four presidencies preceding him?

Mithras, Precursor Of Jesus

Christian apologists will have us believe that the lore surrounding Jesus, and even Jesus himself, appeared divinely and mysteriously to benefit humankind. The Truth, however, is quite different. There are many questions that not even the founders of Christianity could answer. In a previous article, I discussed how everything in Christmas lore had pagan origins. This time, I will introduce you to Mithras, a sun god who traveled from India to Rome, and who, at the scheming of Rome, was re-invented into the Jesus that we know today. From his birth to his death, and everything in between, Mithras was the precursor to Jesus.