Viva Frei: Reuters Lying About WEF Police Badges

Basically, the World Economic Forum contracts a private security agency with armed officers to patrol while the DAVOS event is going on, and they have badges on their sleeves. In their fact check title, Reuters says that’s not a police force. In their fact check article, however, they play word games the deeper a reader gets. If that isn’t a police / security force, then what the hell is it?

By the way, I went on Youtube for a bit, but too many of my ‘trusted’ channels are saying the Texas shooting was a genuine event, so I didn’t stay there very long. The timing and the Gun Grab tactics were too coincidental for this to be a spontaneous, organic event, in my opinion. So, I’m back on Bitchute.

Canadian Prepper: George Soros, Food Riots And World War III

I’m heading into Youtube land for a bit, to listen to the few good channels that still exist over there.


Descrip: Hungary has declared a state of emergency, China and Russia hold joint military exercises with bombers near Japan- China threatens wholesale retaliation if US intervenes in Taiwans quest for independence, George Soros warns about WW3 and Nuclear armageddon, Germany to restart Coal plants, the Kremlin plots their next move as they await the influx of billions in weapons and aid to Kyiv, Famine and civil unrest in impacted countries is mere months away.

Maryam Henein: George Floyd Psy-Op, 2nd Interview

Previously, I uploaded an interview presented by RedPill78 with this same researcher. Here is another one by Transmedia World Wide. I’m sure Fake News will skew public perception the moment the trial begins, so at least I’ll have some grounding going into that. The stuff Henein brings to the table is very interesting. Link to previous post:

Maryam Henein: The Multi-Layered George Floyd Psy-Op


Descrip: Maryam Henein an investigative journalist and director of the award-winning documentary film, Vanishing of the Bees, that takes a piercing investigative look at the economic, political and ecological implications of the worldwide disappearance of the honeybee is at it again with the George Floyd case from an investigative look. As the case is ongoing, Maryam has been tracking and researching the George Floyd story from Day 1, unearthing buried information by scouring hundreds of articles, pulling court documents, covering the trial, conducting original interviews, and connecting the dots. The death of George Floyd created social destabilization and she can discuss in depth as well as events as COVID surrounding. Along with her interview, Maryam can show or talk about never before seen footage.

Maria Zeee: Vaxxed Nano-Creeps Move And Light Up

They have to move, right, because how else can they go through all the blood clots? First, they travel to the sex organs to make you impotent, and then they probably head for the brain where they start a 5G colony. The liberal hive-mind in more ways than one.

Descrip: No surprise here. It will not be long until people are glowing in the dark. People will be walking around glowing on and off like firefly’s. Nothing has shocked me in months. This does not either. Source: Maria Zeee on Truth Media

Alternative Media: Texas Shooting Pushing Gun Control

Maybe this is how it goes. A person becomes mentally unstable. Their psychiatrist pushes certain drugs on them, maybe puts them into a trance and opens them up to suggestion, and then the psychiatrist forwards the diagnosis over to the top crooks in the nation, the FBI, so they can track the person on social media and assign handlers. The handlers then review the case and pursue methods into putting a patsy at the right place at the right time, and other organizers get the film crew ready, including an expert shooter, crisis actors and any props they need to carry out their deception.

It just seems really convenient how these staged shootings happen on schedule. It used to be every 2 months, just like the jab, and just when people started to forget about the last one, the new staged shooting takes center stage on Fake News. Then it increased to once a month, and once every 2 to 3 weeks. Are we on a weekly schedule now? I guess we can expect another False Flag in, maybe Florida, right around the first week of June.

Descrip: Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest gun control false flag attack in Uvalde, Texas as we suddenly see an increase in mass shootings in Buffalo, California and Texas.

Of course the mainstream narrative in Buffalo was anti-white. The mainstream narrative in Texas is confused as it was a Hispanic trans man. The overall agenda is very clear though. To take the guns and leave the people of the United States defenseless as we’ve seen this agenda play out many times largely unsuccessfully.

However unsuccessful past false flag attacks were, red flag laws HAVE been passed throughout the US and has lead to vast Orwellian gun restrictions.

This is all part of the larger puzzle of global enslavement and transhumanism.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Josh Yoder: Many Vaxxed Pilots Have Myocarditis

I hope they sue the shit out of the airline industry. I don’t care if the entire industry collapses and we have to wait for new companies to emerge, because they are sweeping the truth under the rug now, and later they’ll try to say Big Gov forced them to do it. It is always about preserving their god, the almighty dollar, even if they know their pilots are dying.

Maryam Henein: The Multi-Layered George Floyd Psy-Op

This is an excellent, deep dive conversation. Henein doesn’t have all the answers, but she does have a tremendous amount of puzzle pieces laying out in front of her. Kudos to RedPill78 too, for being on top of the situation and knowing a lot of the details of the case, considering this psy-op is going on 2 years now.

Descrip: Maryam Henein joins us once again to discuss her in depth research into the multilayered psyop that was the death of George Floyd.

Liberal Hivemind: WSJ Vs Clinton, FBI Vs Terrorist Moms

Again, we are seeing factions of the New World Order sniping at each other. First it was Musk against Soros and Clinton, then Bezos against Biden, and now the Wall Street Journal publishes evidence against the Hildabeast. In other news, new info comes out showing the FBI is still the top criminal organization within the United States.