Mind Unveiled: Pigs, Human Meat Markets And Cannibals

Not for wimps! My comments after the vid.


Descrip: Are Pigs an ancient tribe of humans who were transformed into swine via some past hidden technology? It may seem out there, but there are actually many similarities between pigs and humans. Science is actively researching the similarities between both genomes and has found they are almost exactly the same. https://www.science.org.au/curious/pe….

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You know, I have noticed the prevalence of cannibalism and excessive butchery while I’ve researched Tartaria, the New World and late medieval period historical artwork. The ideas MU brings forward remind me of the fanatical baby-killers and their degenerated mindset. Also see my post on Senomyx and aborted babies in ‘food additives’ of your favorite snacks and vaccines.

There is a connection between modern attitudes toward violence (blood lust, cannibalism, human sacrifice, vampyrism, etc., check out Netflix programming if you don’t believe me!) and this vid, but I can’t quite connect all the dots yet. Could it be deity that is breaking down society’s mental health this quickly? Is this a brutal manifestation of the two lower chakras at the end of the Cali Yuga? Is this how the wheat is separated from the chaff in Christian lore?

Another aspect of the vid deals with pigs mating with primates to create humans. This is interesting too, because in previous research I’ve found that humans are much closer to dolphins, which possibly came from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, than they are to Earth’s primates. So, if you go by the Sumerian account, or that of many major religions, other-world beings came to Earth and fashioned humans. If it was the Anunnaki, what did they create humans out of? In this scenario, the likely answer is dolphins, pigs and primates, in that order. That makes a lot more sense than red clay, doesn’t it?

Spacebusters: Atlantis Rising And Theory Of Everything

For those of you with imaginations, this is an incredibly fascinating video. Most of it is high speculation, but if you’ve been trying to put the pieces together, such a Great Resets, Mud Floods, Tartaria, etc., into a cyclical, repetitive pattern, a lot of this will make sense. There are so many different concepts explored here, including a low-water Earth, 9 original continents if you add Atlantis and Lemuria, Electric Universe Theory, giant trees, the truth about coal and oil, Pangaea… There is so much here, you just have to give this a watch. Some of this HAS to be right, and some of it, like the fossil evidence, did not happen trillions of years ago like Rockefeller / Scaligerian history revisionists would have us believe.



Descrip: Video by Spacebusters
BitChute – https://www.bitchute.com/channel/MKanl25dSUxl/
Discover – https://shamanic-garden.com/
Playlist – https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/8a61vvVjAeaS/

(His)Story is not what you think

Alan Butler: Advanced Measurement System Before Sumeria

But it’s not provable science, some of you will say. Yes it is. The problem is that many of you are just not ready to accept it. Before Sumer, Egypt and Minoa, the ancients knew how much the Earth weighed, how big the moon and sun are, and how far away from Earth they are.




Video by Ancient Secret Discoveries
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/Locker64
Discover – https://shamanic-garden.com/
Playlist – https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/8a61vvVjAeaS/

Researcher and author Alan Butler reveal the secrets of an extraordinary, integrated measuring system that might have been lost to the world forever. It was a system, far more advanced than anything used today, which forms the basis of both the Imperial and Metric measurement systems. These ancient scientists understood the dimensions, motions and relationships of the Earth, Moon and Sun—they measured the solar system and even understood how the speed of light was integrated into the movements of our planet. Their conclusions fly in the face of everything that we thought we knew about the origins of the modern world but the evidence is incontrovertible.

Michael Tsarion: 2nd Interview With SOMTV, May 2022

Part 2 is as good as Part 1. Tsarion is well on his way to being the next Icke or Maxwell, and he gets to the point a lot faster than most in his field. Link to Part 1:

Michael Tsarion: Interview With SOMTV, Dec 2021



Descrip: I’m strongly considering filing the necessary paperwork to legally make Michael Tsarion my uncle — if such a thing is possible. I frickin’ love this man and his mind. I’m so honored to have Michael back on the show today!

Yes indeed my friends — he is here once again and we are diving deep back into the madness of the day! Today’s discussion is very wide-ranging as Michael’s work is vast and extensive. Occult symbolism, psychology, astrology, humanity’s awakening, facing fears and accepting hard truths, UFOs, and so much more.

Get your pens and notebooks out for this one — much to unpack.


Illuminati Rex: Top 10 Illuminati Symbols

For the newbies out there.


Descrip: A picture is worth a thousand words. A symbol is worth a thousand pictures is how I look at it. Words meanings get changed, but symbols always mean the same thing. Sometimes we are taught that symbols mean something different but they in reality ALWAYS mean what they were meant to mean. Source: Illuminati Rex

Max Igan: Tartaria, Mud Flood And Today’s Great Reset

If you’re new to the subject of hidden history, you can start learning the truth here. Search this blog for Tartaria, Mud Flood, Orphan Trains, and see what The Powers That Be are trying so hard to keep under wraps.

Link to Igan’s Crowhouse website.



Descrip: Max speaks about “Tartaria” and more …

Mike Harris: The Hidden History Of The Khazarian Mafia (Full)

Previously I had posted Part 1 of this interview. Thanks to FF for providing a link to the full version. Here is a link to Part 1, which I am keeping posted because I have jotted down some relevant notes on it.

Mike Harris: The Hidden History Of The Khazarian Mafia



Descrip: Sarah Westall interviews Mike Harris who gives an excellent breakdown of who the Khazars are, how the Khazarian Mafia has usurped and deceived the world and how they are the most evil group of people on the planet. The Fake Jews – The Ashkenazis – Are responsible for most of the worlds atrocities, wars, and resets over that past 1000 years or so.

Cynthia Hodges: Jews, U.S. Education And The New World Order

More truth about the Tribe of Judas. If you can’t see this for what it is, we have already lost this war. I’ve got another vid from Hodges posted:

Cynthia Hodges: Why The Tribe Hates The Founding Fathers



Descrip: Jews Have Hijacked Education System to Further NWO Agenda ✡

Sencha MacRae: Ancient Sumer On My Mind, Pt 1 And 2

Engrossing perspective on Sumer and the civilizations well before and right after it. The Untold Tales website no longer exists, and MacRae’s channel on YT has zero content on it, so I was unable to seek out more detailed info on the many topics discussed.


Descrip: Sencha MacRae from Untold Tales https://www.untoldtales.net talks about ancient Sumer, which most people don’t know much about but is so important to our world today, and some recent archeological findings. December 19, 2019, January 12, 2020


Conor MacDari: Irish Wisdom Preserved, 1923, Audiobook

Full title: Irish Wisdom Preserved In Bible And Pyramids. If you’ve got 7 hours to spare, this is a great listen. Also, you can download the book from Archive.org, linked here.



I listened to this over the space of 3 days. There is so much information packed into this volume… I can’t say that I agree with all of it, but even if part of this is true, it helps to explain a couple of provable oddities that some people take great pains to cover up. Some notes to self below the vid, because I’ll look into this further at a later date.

1. At one time, blonde and red-headed people were spread all over the world, many in positions of power, as attested to by tombs in places like Egypt, China and New Zealand that are swept under the rug. Lovelock Cave too?

2. At one time, druids were spread all over the world, counseling people in positions of power and spreading esoteric knowledge of the natural world.

3. St. Patrick driving the serpents out of Ireland is code for the materialists / imperialists eliminating the spiritual druidic factions.

4. The Aztec peoples were waiting for the arrival of Quetzalcoatl when Cortez arrived. This was supposed to be a tall, bearded white man, with parallels to Mayan Kukulcan and Incan Viracocha, not to mention John Smith, the Great Pahana of the southwest natives. The Meso-American deities were all possessors of great knowledge. This has to be related to the Dagon fish-being from Canaan and China, who also showed up as a great teacher in a boat or water vessel of some kind.

5. When the Hyksos pharaohs were overthrown in Egypt, where did they flee to but Ireland? I’ll have to check my old notes, but this may have been when Akhenaten / Moses and his sun god got the boot.

Some of MacDari’s conclusions sound plausible, but they don’t fit in with other ideas I’ve put together, painstakingly, in the past. CuCulain as Kukulcan sounds like it might fit, but I’ve also heard Hindu Kali for California, and Shivava (Shiva’s Land, I think) for Chihuahua, Mexico, plus at least two researchers have placed Hindu deities in Central America or Peru. There are other examples I could give along this line.

I was asking myself this: why was it so easy for the Pope to send Jesuits out to counsel kings of so many countries, and why did the kings readily accept them? Roman Catholicism was the vehicle that allowed for the power grab to happen. There had to be a legal precedent to this counseling service, because The Powers That Be always hide their shenanigans in legal double-speak. If the Jesuits were founded in i534, that means Tartaria was probably left weak and powerless in the mid-15th century, enabling the Conquistadors to set out and conquer the Americas at the end of that century and the start of the 16th. It makes sense then, that druids were part of the Tartarian era, and guided humanity along until they were taken out of the picture.

I’m researching Sumer at the moment, and when I finish that I’ll probably move on to Scythia or Phoenicia. After that, I wanted to get into the Hyksos leaving Egypt, and this may tie in with the Ireland connection. Somewhere in there I want a closer look at Tartaria, too. The biggest take from this is that our ancient history may not have happened thousands of years ago, but maybe as recently as 500 or so, and Ireland could have been the last surviving off-shoot of Atlantis.