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A Brief Look At Israel, A Terrorist Nation Part 2

Part 2 of 2.


1890s Russia – Wealthy New Yorker Jacob Schiff and the Rothschilds conspired to have hundreds of Jews murdered in Russia. This caused many Jews to flee to the United States and also brought about the bloody Bolshevik Revolution and later the communist Soviet Union.

World War II – Zionist Jews helped Hitler come into power. Thousands of Jews were killed, causing many to flee to Israel.

Post World War II – After British soldiers liberated a portion of Palestine, the Zionists violently turned against them. Terrorist groups such as Irgun, led by Menachem Begin, carried out acts of terror against the British. Begin would later become Prime Minister of Israel and receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

July 22, 1946, Israel – At least 15 Irgun terrorists enter the King David Hotel with 225 kilograms of explosives. The hotel houses the headquarters for British forces and the Secretariat of Palestine. A gunfight ensues before the explosives are placed. When the explosives are detonated 91 people are killed, including 15 innocent Jews. Begin, the Nobel Peace Prize guy, is the mastermind behind the attack.

1950s Iraq – Israeli terrorists caused the deaths of many Iraqi Jews and put the blame on Iraqi Arabs. 119,000 of 125,000 Iraqi Jews fled to Israel.

1954 Egypt – In Operation Susannah, Israeli Mossad agents blow up a US facility and other targets in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. This was a large False Flag operation meant to start war between the US and Egypt. Thank God that the Mossad scumbags were caught and later confessed. This became known as the Lavon Affair after its mastermind, Pinhas Lavon, who was Israel’s Defense Minister at the time. Lavon resigned soon after. Israel claimed the event was an ‘anti-Semite hoax.’ For 51 years, the terrorist state of Israel denied involvement in this terrorist act, until 2005 when President Katsav held a ceremony honoring the surviving agents.

“[Our goal is] to break the West’s confidence in the existing [Egyptian] regime . . . The actions should cause arrests, demonstrations, and expressions of revenge. The Israeli origin should be totally covered while attention should be shifted to any other possible factor. The purpose is to prevent economic and military aid from the West to Egypt.” – alleged orders from Lavon to Mossad operatives

June 8, 1967, Israel – Unmarked Israeli jet fighters and torpedo boats attack the USS Liberty in open, international waters. Machine gunners fired on lifeboats to ensure there would be no survivors. 34 American servicemen are killed, 171 are injured. If this False Flag had been successful, it would have started a war between Egypt and the United States. US President Johnson and Defense Secretary McNamara order the official inquiry to conclude the attack was accidental, thus covering up Israeli’s involvement. This was not an accident because the Israelis attacked in UNMARKED vessels.

1980s Libya – US President Ronald Reagan bombs Libya, killing 30 people including the daughter of Libyan President Moammar Qaddhafi. Reagan attacked Libya as retaliation for the previous bombing of a German nightclub and to stop future terrorist attacks. A radio transmitter in Tripoli, Libya, gave US intelligence false information that led directly to the Qaddhafi bombing. Later, Mossad defector Victor Ostrovski discloses the Mossad planted the transmitter and broadcast false reports.

October 10, 2001 – Only a month after the 9/11 event, Israelis using Pakistani IDs attempt to blow up the Mexican Congress. They are caught with handguns, grenades, explosives and detonators. If successful, this attack would have been blamed on radical Muslims.

America’s only ally in the Middle East, Israel, has been responsible for more acts of terror, sabotage, and murder of American citizens than the Muslims ever were. By her duplicity, she has put Americans in more danger than they have ever known or will know. She has bombed hotels, American government buildings, deliberately allowed hundreds of US Marines to be killed in their barracks in Lebanon, assaulted a US intelligence gathering ship, the USS Liberty (for the purposes of blaming the Arabs and thus drawing America into her war against them), stole and then sold America’s most sensitive nuclear weapons technology to her enemies, (Russia and China) and by all indicators most certainly was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Whether it was the testimony given by the Israeli pilots who bombed and machine gunned the USS Liberty (killing 34 American sailors and wounding almost 200 more) or whether it was the Israeli intelligence officers who were arrested on 9/11 (while videotaping the destruction and cheering for a job well done) so much evidence exists which leaves no doubt as to who America’s real enemy is, and yet short of one individual’s conviction and prison sentence, Jonathon Pollard, nothing has been done with Israel with respect to justice or the interests of America’s security. By contrast, year after year she is rewarded with more and more money and even more in terms of immunity and insulation from public scrutiny. – Quote from Through The Eyes Of A Muslim


You might have noticed that I left out a few big ones. That’s because they are too far out from the scope of my short story. Among them are the JFK assassination; there are many angles for why this happened, but two of the most glaring are: JFK wanted to issue gold-backed currency, thereby eliminating the Rothschild Federal Reserve, and JFK also wanted to send inspectors into Israel to see if they were producing nuclear weapons there. Another one I skipped over is the monumental False Flag of 9/11, which gave the United States the excuse to go bulldoze the Middle East in the name of Israel. Also, during the entire Barry Soetoro presidency, we had a running tour of Crisis Actors going all over the United States falsifying mass shooter events in order to take guns away from Americans, and now that Trump is in charge we’re seeing illegal surveillance, online censorship and Fake News attacks on Free Speech and conservatives hitting an all-time high.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention what is happening in Venezuela, where the US is orchestrating a coup through covert attacks on that country’s electrical power grid, False Flag bombings in Colombia, and fake soldiers in Peru pretending to be from Venezuela saying how much they hate Maduro (who is a true bad guy, by the way), all done to facilitate Jewish control of Venezuela’s petroleum and the fourth largest gold mine in the world. How do I know the Jews are behind the coup? Because in October of 2018, the Rothschild Bank of England stole 500 million dollars’ worth of gold bullion from Venezuela, that’s why, and because Jewish investors had their petroleum rights in the oil producer PDVSA annulled after Venezuela figured out how badly they were getting screwed. (In early 2019, the Bank of England refused to give Maduro 1.2 billion dollars’ worth of funds. Undoubtedly, Maduro would have used this money to fund terrorism or migrant caravans against the West, and not to feed or medicate his destitute population, so I am glad he didn’t get his hands on it.)

You ever wonder why we can’t have peace in the world, and why countries keep pushing and shoving until war breaks out and countless lives are lost? Could it have something to do with the Zionists that have been running the show ever since the Battle of Waterloo, when the Rothschilds first took over the Bank of England? Historically, the Jesuits have counseled countries into alliances and wars, and the Jesuits answer not to the god of the Bible, but to the Pope. And who does Pope Francis, a Jesuit General, answer to? Well, as of late he’s been promoting multiculturalism and open borders, just like the Soros-funded Marxist Socialists have. Coincidence? I think not. I wonder if there is a video online showing the Pope kissing the hands of a Rothschild and a Rockefeller? You know, I think there is. Funny, isn’t it, how everybody kisses the Pope’s hand, and how that means he’s at god-level compared to us regular humans. Yet there he is, kissing the hand of the Enlightened Ones, the Illuminati.

I don’t know about you, but if we really want the world to become a better place, I think it’s time we stopped giving Zionist Israel a free pass to commit terrorism.


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A Brief Look At Israel, A Terrorist Nation Part 1

Part 1 of 2. A free PDF version of this article will be posted soon on the Freebie page of my author website Raymond Towers Dot Com.


A Brief Look At Israel,

A Terrorist Nation

By Raymond Towers

“I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” – the biggest ‘anti-Semite’ of all, Jesus, Revelation 2:9, NIV

“Soviet Communism will succeed in its attempt to conquer the world in direct proportion to the support which America gives Zionism.” – Benjamin Freedman, 1947

“I am, of course, a Zionist, and have been ever since the Balfour Declaration.” – Winston Churchill, 1956


Examples Of Terrorism





One of my favorite science fiction writers is Philip K. Dick, who is best known for writing novels that led to movies such as Total Recall and my all-time favorite sci-fi flick Blade Runner. In many ways, I feel that Dick was quirky and under-appreciated as a writer, and enigmatic as a man, but he was also well ahead of his time by writing about devices such as video phones and attack drones, and the advent of artificial intelligence as far back as the 1950s. As a person with metaphysical leanings, the VALIS (Vast Artificial Living Intelligence System) books especially fascinated me, where Dick contemplates humans contacted psychically by alien intelligences from space. In the 1970s, Dick, and also clairvoyant Dolores Cannon in the 1980s, already had gleanings into the Hologram Universe and Quantum / Mandela Effect that are highly evident in our world today. I will get more into Dick and his writing at a later date.

As a writing exercise, I thought to obtain as much of Dick’s writing as I could, read through it at a slow pace, and see what it might inspire me to write about. I have recently read Dick’s The Man In The High Castle, and I also watched the Amazon Prime series by the same name, finding them both very entertaining and thought provoking. With these examples in mind, I started a new sci-fi short story. Dick’s concept was based on a future where Germany and Japan were victorious in World War II, and the United States was defeated and occupied. My story premise is somewhat similar. It is set in the near future of the United States and Mexico, where Zionist Israel has taken over the Five Eyes Police / Surveillance States of the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

In many ways, we are already there. Several countries shun or even reprimand criticism of Holy Israel and independent scrutiny of the Jewish Holocaust. Fake News, Hollywood and many other mainstream venues are largely owned and run by Jews. The Rothschild banking family runs the US Federal Reserve, and through proxies every central bank in every nation on this planet, with the two glaring exceptions of Iran and North Korea. Social media giants such as Facebook and Google / Youtube are also either owned by Jews or Marxist Socialists, and rely on sources such as the Jewish Anti-Defamation League to decide what is genuine news and what is not. Every serious candidate for the presidency of the United States has to court the favor of the richest Jews in this country while campaigning, and sitting president Adon Trump even converted to Judaism shortly before he took office. Does anyone remember how our ‘patriotic’ US Congress gave Prime Minister Netanyahu 23 standing ovations while in session? * If that doesn’t tell you who runs this country… Move along, citizen, nothing to see here.

For the purposes of my short story, by studying the terrorism that Israel has done in the past, and I mean verifiable terrorism, I thought I could extrapolate what they might do in the future. It is for that reason that I have jotted down the worst and most blatant cases, and organized them into the following article.

* Ben Norton of Mondoweiss calculated this disgusting example of treason by the US Congress towards a foreign dignitary, in his article Over one quarter of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress consisted of applause and standing ovations. Netanyahu stood before Congress for 40.5 minutes. The leeches in Congress interrupted his speech 39 times with applause, including 23 standing ovations, amounting to 27% of Netanyahu’s address time. In another article, Gatekeeper Jon Stewart called the ovations the ‘longest blowjob a Jewish man has ever received.’

Examples Of Terrorism

I didn’t want to go back too far, but all right, here we go. In the Christian Bible, Jesus didn’t like the rich and powerful Jews of his time very much. He called them murderers, vipers, liars and children of the Devil. Jewish apologists will say that the Romans crucified Jesus because ‘they feared that his followers wanted him to become king.’ (Religions Of The World: Judaism – Atkinson) You can believe that version of history if you’d like, or you can go with the Bible version, in which Jewish chief priests and elders, with High Priest Caiaphas at their head, plotted through, dare I say it, a CONSPIRACY, to have Jesus arrested and murdered. (Matthew 26:3,4)

The point I’m trying to make is that in the Old World Order, under Rome, high-ranking Jews did whatever it took to maintain their grip on power. Similarly, in today’s New World Order society, with the support of the Western Five Eyes Surveillance States, modern Zionist Jews are willing to do anything, up to and including fomenting World Wars, to keep their world domination agenda moving forward. The uninformed sheeple, including many trusting Christians, will say that Israel becoming a nation again in 1967 was a heaven-sent miracle of god, but no, that’s not the truth. Israel became a nation because of political deception, as attested to in the Balfour Declaration. It went something like this:

In the early 1900s, Lord Rothschild had the notion for his Zionist Jews to take over the Middle East (later known as the Greater Israel Project). That’s why he founded the League Of Nations, and its successor the United Nations. At the time, there weren’t that many Jews living in Palestine, but there were many Jews living all over the world. How would Lord Rothschild get them all together so they could have a larger political voice and bigger clout? This became a multi-step and multi-year plan. The first part required the establishment of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. That was taken care of on November 2nd, 1917, when Arthur Balfour, a British foreign secretary, sent a letter to Rothschild. Granted, the agreement is vague, or better said veiled, in that Britain would allow Rothschild to establish Israel, and in exchange, Rothschild and other Zionists would influence the United States into entering World War I.

Part 2 of the plan was insanely insidious. The influential Illuminati family, the Astors, manipulated several lucrative and clandestine deals through their puppet group Institute for Pacific Relations, including the opium trade with Red China, laying the groundwork for the attack on Pearl Harbor, and most importantly for this article, laying the groundwork that led to the rise of Hitler in Germany. What did Hitler do, but cause tens of thousands of Jews to flee Europe and head to Israel? And what did the United Nations do shortly after World War II? On November 19th, 1947, the UN partitioned Palestine into three parts: one for the Jews, one for the Palestinians, and the last part for Jerusalem to become an international zone. How interesting that Adon Trump, a longtime shill for Israel, in 2018 declared Jerusalem as the site for a new US embassy, instead of the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. The international cities are Washington DC, London and the Vatican, and if the Zionists have their way, it will soon include Jerusalem.

In case you missed the dots, ZIONISTS MANIPULATED TWO WORLD WARS TO FURTHER AN ISRAEL-CENTRIC AGENDA. Read the Balfour Declaration, listen to Benjamin Freedman’s revealing speech found on Youtube, and dig into the truth about the Jewish Holocaust and how the ‘magic’ number of six million persecuted Jews was proclaimed well ahead of Nazi Germany in Zionist-supportive newspapers dating back to the early 1900s. That’s how Israel was first recognized as a nation, not by god, unless that ‘god’ happens to have the surname of Rothschild. How many people died in those World Wars, so that the Rothschilds could create the terrorist nation of Israel? How many more have died since then as other nations, primarily among them the United States, take it upon themselves to fight Israel’s incessant wars in the Middle East?

Yeah, yeah, I’m picking on the Jews because I’m an anti-Semite and all that. Not all of them are bad, right? Wait, what is the official state religion of Israel? That would be Zionism. Oh, and do they have a street called Rothschild Boulevard. Well, yes, they do. And they haven’t really been terrorizing the rest of the world like I’m saying, have they? Let’s take a look…

Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 9

Part 9 of 9.


I am writing this on the morning of Monday, December 10, 2018. The story continues to develop. On Friday, Tijuana authorities gave the remnants of the caravan, staunchly refusing to leave the public streets of Zona Norte, 72 hours to go to the Barretal center in Matamoros. Over the weekend, invaders in Barretal have been trickling back to Juarez complex, claiming they were mistreated or they didn’t like the curfews or whatnot. So, these people would rather shit and piss in the street than go to a refugee center with utilities, food, water, toilets and surrounding walls to protect them from angry locals. The elementary school in Zona Norte has been closed for over two weeks, the streets and complex are still full of trash and the stubborn stragglers have already been attacked three times, including having eggs and bottles of urine thrown at them. Father Solalinde has arrived to help, but he wants to help the illegal invaders more than the residents of Tijuana.

There is a humanitarian crisis in the Central American nations; I won’t argue against that, as I’ve been following their news channels for months now. In Nicaragua, for example, president Ortega has sent police and right wing mobs into villages to assassinate those critical of his policies, and masked men have even entered churches to attack clergy and reporters. I agree that something has to be done, but I don’t think sending millions of dollars of US taxpayer money into Central America is the solution. Unlike the United Nations, I believe the problem should be dealt with at the country of origin, and not at the country where the invaders end up.

This movement started as a way for leftists to get back at President Trump. Trump is not blameless, as he and other republican warhawks kept hinting at military intervention in Venezuela for months. Venezuela’s Maduro decided to get the ball rolling through his connections in Honduras, and Honduras is so corrupt that president Hernandez’ brother was just arrested for drug and weapons smuggling. The caravans are formed and move into Chiapas, Mexico, where corrupt interim governor Velasquez is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of pesos from the people, while not paying doctors or teachers, and not doing a thing to stop genocides taking place in rural towns. Do you see how everything about the caravan movement is corrupted?

George Soros and his NGOs saw a chance to co-opt the movement, and they jumped on it. Fake News presents the public with the ‘good side’ of a foreign invasion. Critics are denounced as racists and zenophobes. United Nations’ puppets wave their flags of multi-culturalism and diversity, as they always do. An estimated 120 to 190 countries are expected to sign the UN Global Compact for Migration.

There is no real conclusion to this story. It is ongoing, and will continue to be ongoing, until people realize who is behind it and they stop supporting the bad guys. Look at all these socialists rallying to dismantle national sovereignty and turn over the controls of power to the United Nations. Open borders for the world, because flooding Mexico and the US with foreigners is more important than Mexico taking care of five states who suffered through severe rains and flooding after Category 5 Hurricane Willa in late October.

The UN, the IMF and the WHO are the New World Order. Human lives don’t matter in this equation unless they move the socialist agenda forward. It also doesn’t matter if drug and human traffickers, gang members and terrorists infiltrate and abuse the hordes. Threats to US national security like multi-millionaire George Soros flip through their stacks of cash will complete impunity for their actions, and national leaders become puppets for the United Nations at the cost of their people’s welfare.

All of the caravan leaders should be tried for human rights abuses, because they deceived the poor people of Central America into believing in a fantasy of the US greeting them with open arms. Great, Rich America is expected to give these young Latino men, and comparatively far fewer women and children, citizenship, employment, benefits and spouses. The disappointment has set into the minds of many of these people already, but Mexico’s president Obrador is set to sign the UN Pact today or tomorrow, guaranteeing that we will see more caravans heading not only to the US, but to other First World countries as well. The socialist idea of stealing from the rich to give to the poor might sound great as a Robin Hood fairy tale, but in real practice, it is going to destroy world stability and make it that much easier for the UN / New World Order takeover.


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Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 8

Part 8 of 9.

Defenders And Offenders

Unfortunately, there are not enough defenders to eclipse the growing infamy of offenders. Following are the strongest supporters of Mexico’s rights as a sovereign nation, as well as a list of con men and women, in addition to a couple of idiots who should have done better by keeping their mouths shut.

Defender: Tijuana Mayor Juan Gastelum – This man came onto the scene with some hesitation, I would say. After the debacle at Playas, where I believe Gastelum has a residence, many of Tijuana’s wealthy citizens complained vociferously enough for the mayor to actually do his job. Once Gastelum was in the race, he made good, sound decisions in support of the people of Tijuana, in sharp contrast to the feeble all talk, no action stance of Baja Governor De La Vega. (Vega is now being investigated for corruption, after President Obrador’s inauguration.)

Gastelum moved the invasion horde from Playas to Zona Norte. When things went out of control after the human stampede in late November, it was Gastelum who opened up the entertainment complex in Matamoros. By moving the horde there, he is in effect dismantling the caravans and keeping them away from the border, and out of Fake News spotlight range. I believe Gastelum further castrated the caravan by telling municipal police to keep Mujica and his 15 women on hunger strike away from the Chaparral border crossing, and putting them under a bridge, on the street, where their presence has dramatically reduced impact. Also, Gastelum has ordered for the criminal remnant of the caravan still occupying the public streets around Juarez complex to be moved, by force if necessary, on the morning of Dec. 10. For over two weeks now, those roads have been closed to traffic, and the local elementary school has been closed.

“Human rights for right humans.” – Gastelum

The Tijuana mayor received tremendous liberal backlash for suggesting the unruly, illegal mob behave itself if it wanted the respect of the people of Tijuana. He further inflamed the left by wearing a red cap with the slogan ‘Make Tijuana Great Again.’ The cap was modeled after Trump’s MAGA hats, and was given to Gastelum by a little girl.

Defender Honorable Mention: Alex Backman of Conciencia Radio has been a strong voice against illegal migration since the start. I’ve seen him rally the crowd at several locations, including Cuahtemoc Roundabout in Plaza Rio and later at Juarez complex in Zona Norte.

Defender Honorable Mention: Paloma For Trump, from True Conservative Minutes YT channel, has also been outspoken in her criticism of the Honduran invasion. She is a dual citizen who frequently broadcasts reports from Tijuana, sometimes becoming the story herself. She has been harassed by socialist reporters and by migrants.

Defender Honorable Mention: There are several YT channels out there that have been covering the invasion ever since the first Hondurans set foot in Mexico. Among the most informative are Francisco Lopez and Efecto Noticia. I have to give credit to Vicente Serrano of Sin Censura news. He is a pro-Obrador socialist, but to his credit he has traveled from Chicago to Tijuana to assess the situation for himself. Also notable was Luke Rudowsky of We Are Change, who also went to Juarez complex, and who I have been following since the Occupy Movement.

Defender Honorable Mention: Guatemala allowed the first three caravans to seep through its territory. After that, President Morales is doing little, but he at least he is doing something by turning back invaders and asking the US to help him identify troublemakers.

Unknown Quantity: New President of Mexico Manuel Obrador. While Obrador vows to help the Mexican people out of poverty and into productiveness, he is also ready to sign the UN Pact for Migration, which will likely flood Mexico with even more unwanted caravans. Obrador talks a good game, including saying he will buck the institutionalized form of government that has kept Mexico suffering for the last 30 years. Those are big words, similar in rhetoric to what we heard from former socialist US president Obama.

Offender: Irineo Mujica is listed on Wikipedia as director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras. He is a dual US-Mexico citizen, born in Mexico and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Mujica is a long-time political activist. Glenn Beck has traced Pueblos Sin Fronteras to CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. CARA encompasses two legal groups: Catholic Legal Immigration Network and American Immigration Council. Both groups are funded by George Soros. (From articles by Az Central and Joe For America.)

Mujica has been adamant in demanding excessive benefits for the caravans, and recently scolded Tijuana municipal police for preventing him from putting 15 women on hunger strike in a location chosen for good media coverage. He also angered Tijuana residents when he stated that the drug cartels were causing the city’s crime and violence, and not criminals and gang members within the caravans, and that Tijuana is a place no one wants to come to. Uniradio Informa reports that Mujica was detained in Suchiate, Hidalgo, Chiapas on October 19, 2018, for resisting arrest and vandalism. He opposed (or attacked) migratory officials, federal and municipal police while trying to mobilize the caravan. In early December, Mujica tried to distance himself from the criminals in the caravan, saying he is not responsible for their actions. At the same time, he is constantly looking for ways to sensationalize the plight of the caravan, to draw attention away from their crimes, and to antagonize authorities.

Offender: Pitaya Queen, also known as Ana K from Chihuahua, has a real name of Roberto Jakay Flotte Jr. He is a transgender from Presidio, Texas, with US citizenship. This person has a PhD doctorate in Anthropology, Native American Program, from Harvard University. Pitaya is accused of being a drug addict and pimp, and of trafficking humans across the US border for prostitution.

In May of 2018, Pitaya took 35 gays into the Caritas shelter in Tijuana. The shelter mysteriously caught fire during the time he was there. Pitaya tweeted that the fire was caused by transphobes. He asked his fans to contact US border authorities, passing on the message that he and the other gays should be taken into the US right away because their lives were at risk. His tweets are written in very good English, drawing sympathy from his followers, when his intentions all along are to traffic gays for prostitution. One of his wards was named Roxanne, a gay who later died of HIV due to lack of treatment.

While at a drug rehabilitation center in Tijuana, he was caught using drugs and making attempts to smuggle gays across the border.

Pitaya and a group of 80 LGBT entered Mexico as part of the first caravan. When the caravan lost some of its steam in Mexico City, he and his gays broke away and traveled by train to Mexicali, Baja California, where all 80 of them stayed in hotel rooms. The group arrived in Tijuana in November 11, staying at a luxury house in Playas that reportedly cost ten thousand pesos ($500 dollars) to rent, but I couldn’t verify if that was a weekly or monthly rate. While in Playas, Pitaya and his boyfriend Cesar Mejia were recorded arguing with affluent residents, mostly women, who did not want queers in their neighborhood. This was a very controversial moment in the caravan’s march. While in Tijuana, Pitaya was spotted buying coffee at Starbucks and ordering large amounts of beer at night clubs, which did not jive with his claims of poverty and oppression for his gay entourage.

Due to the negative publicity, Pitaya took 47 gays and traveled to Nogales, Sonora, again renting expensive hotel rooms. (Municipal president Irastorza gives a number of 60 in Pitaya’s group.) This defender of human and gay rights refuses to be interviewed by an independent journalist who tracks him down. His group, from Honduras and Nicaragua, harasses the journalist out on the street.

Pitaya is accused of using minors for prostitution. The minors were aged 14 and 15, from Guatemala and El Salvador. The minors had sexually transmitted diseases from having slept with the transgenders. The minors were deceived into believing they would have no problem getting into Miami, Florida, where they would begin better lives.

Offender: Lady Frijoles earned national infamy in Mexico, when she uttered the following words to a reporter from DW News:

“The food they give us here… Fatal… Only refried beans as if they were feeding pigs.” – Miriam Selaya

Miriam Selaya (also Mirian Yamileth) spoke those fateful words during an interview, when she was staying in the Juarez sports complex. The video clip went viral throughout Mexico, with dozens, if not hundreds of reaction videos, parodies, memes and even music making her the laughingstock of an entire country. DW News caught up with her a second time, where Miriam gave a tearful apology.

However, when Miriam mentioned she was on social media and What’s App, amateur sleuths went searching and found her publicly posted pictures. This set off a new round of indignation from Mexicans, as Miriam’s account showed did not show a humble woman in poverty. Instead, Miriam was seen posing in tight, revealing and sexy clothing, with her nails painted, wearing jewelry, high heels and sporting a Louis Vitton handbag. Miriam’s house looks nice, and she’s also posed behind the wheel of a late model car.

When Miriam started getting harassed and bullied online, she was moved to another shelter. Later, she began getting death threats from angry critics. For a time, it was feared she might have been kidnapped. Miriam turned up in Texas, where apparently she was given expedited asylum thanks to the harassment. This woman and her dumb comments have made her the caravan’s metaphorical dartboard or mascot.

Offender: Ivan Rieveling, also known as Comandante Cobra and the Mexican Rambo. This personality started popping up in my feed right around the time of the Tijuana protest on November 18. Rieveling, who is a big, strapping and bald man in his forties, wearing military fatigues, walked up to Conciencia Radio’s Alex Backman to give his viewpoint on the migrant caravan. People started going up to him to pose for pictures. After doing some research into this character, I have found that he is a very shady character with a notorious criminal background.

This rat’s full name is Ivan Mariano Martin Del Campo Rieveling. According to the DEA, he has been arrested and / or deported six different times in California, for crimes ranging from possession of marijuana to carrying a concealed, stolen weapon, to giving false statements to a 2008 arrest for assault, robbery and rape. He has also been arrested in the US for making threats.

The criminal behavior continues in Mexico. Rieveling claims to be National Coordinator for the Diplomatic Corps of International Human Rights. This organization only exists in this man’s head. The newspaper Zeta had to state he never worked for them, the UN said he has no affiliation with them, and even the Knights Templar have kicked him out. Rieveling has threatened Tijuana reporters for revealing his past crimes in California, and recently he threatened former president Pena Nieto and Tijuana mayor Gastelum. Dozens of Mexican reporters, editors and cameraman have denounced him publicly.

As if that wasn’t enough, the rumor is that he runs a personal security business where he sells weapons to criminals or shady people, and he openly claims to have many friends in the drug cartels. This guy isn’t just a rat, but a super rat.

Offenders Dishonorable Mention: Many. Yes, there are many who deserve to be placed into this caravan’s Hall Of Shame.

We have one caravan leader who usually wore a red hat and silver aviator sunglasses to hide his identity. He went by the name Netty a few times. He was the person telling members of the caravan to place women and children up front during the march, and later during the stampede toward the US border that took place in late November.

Dozens of Hondurans and other Central Americans get the Big Loser Award as well. These exigent people were making demands on Mexicans for junk food such as pizzas and hamburgers, new and not used clothing, transportation to the US border and a cushy place to lounge while they wait for their asylum petitions to process. These were the people smoking weed at Playas, the Juarez sports complex and later the Barretal concert complex. They refused food from aid workers, even throwing the food at the workers, and left a trail of trash everywhere they went. I’m not even counting the criminals that were leeching off the caravan here.

Sonia Diaz, also known as Cristina Estrada Torres, was the woman arrested when Tijuana officials tried to move members of the caravan from Juarez complex to Barretal. It took three female police officers to transport this aggressive woman into a police vehicle, and even then Diaz managed to bite an officer’s forearm. Before this incident, I had already seen this woman sniping at independent reporters whenever they tried to record her face. Diaz was accused of being a human trafficker, or coyote, but this hasn’t been verified. In video taken by a concerned citizen, I observed Diaz standing in a huddle of young men, late at night near Juarez complex. It looked like a football huddle almost, or a plot. Diaz is not part of any social organization or church group, so what is she doing in Tijuana, other than stirring the pot against reporters and police officials?

Father Alejandro Solalinde continues to extol the many positive virtues of the horde, despite having taken two bags of firearms away from them and knowing their faults. They are desperate, poor, hungry people, he claims, yet he barely denounced the Maras gang members and other criminals within the movement. Recently, Solalinde has arrived in Tijuana, at Juarez complex, where police officials are expected to move the most stubborn invaders out of the public street and into the Barretal shelter at Matamoros.

Sergio Tamei of Angels Without Borders arrived late on the scene in December. He irked me when he suggested that Mayor Gastelum inflated the number of migrants staying in Juarez complex, so Gastelum could ask for greater amounts of funds from federal resources. I’ve been following the caravan’s numbers ever since they stormed past the Guatemalan border, and then this jerk steps in and tells news reporters the numbers are wrong? Sure, the numbers could be rigged, but that would mean the workers are Juarez complex have been lying for the last half of November. According to their statistics, the number of people in Juarez complex went from 4,000 to a grand total of 6,062 during that time, with aerial drone shots showing how crowded the complex was. About the only thing Tamei said that I agreed with, is that he denounced the way caravan leaders were putting women and children up front of their march and stampede.

Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 7

This is a multi-part article. Download a free PDF copy of this article on my Freebie page at Raymond Towers Dot Com. Part 7 of 9.


December 1, 2018 – Caravan leader Irineo Mujica scolds Mexican federal police. The police are preventing Mujica from taking 15 women to a public place near the US border at Chaparral. These women are part of the ongoing hunger strike. Mujica wanted them to be visible for Fake News media to report on them. Instead, the women are told to set up under a bridge, on a public thoroughfare. Mujica continually misdirects the conversation by demanding to know how many deaths occur in Tijuana due to drug cartel violence.

December 2, 2018 – In a video release, Tijuana mayor Gastelum announces migrants are being moved from Juarez sports complex and into a larger center. This is the concert and entertainment venue El Barretal, located east of the border in Matamoros Colony. Gastelum also presents a flyer being circulated by caravan leaders. The flyer shows people breaking through a barbed wire fence. It reads:

We must march to the border on Saturday, the first of December. On the day of the inauguration of new Mexican president Manuel Lopez Obrador. – 11 AM from the Benito Juarez sports complex – Open the border or we will shut it down! – Our last action has placed us closer to victory – Mexicans and Americans fight alongside us

Gastelum states he has asked federal police to do everything they can to prevent another disruption at the US border.

News media gives us a look at the Juarez sports complex, after over 6,000 invaders have been transported out to the new refugee center in Matamoros. We see industrial amounts of garbage left behind, including mountains of clothing, trash and large stacks of small mattresses.

December 3, 2018 – Video documents Mexican federal police stopping a caravan of 150 people in southern Mexico. After heated debate, the invaders are placed onto buses. An official states they will not be allowed to enter Mexico improperly, unregulated or illegally. From the video, it is stated that these migrants will be deported.

December 4. 2018 – A video alleges that Mexican cartels are searching for a caravan leader, after the leader has apparently insulted the cartels. A cash reward is suggested. I cannot verify this information any further.

December 4, 2018 – A short video shows a meeting of illegal migrants. They debate whether or not they will continue with the caravan or not. A leader states they are doing it for the children, who cannot speak for themselves. The refugee center in Juarez complex is compared to a concentration camp, yet again.

December 5, 2018 – Focusing on the UN’s Global Pact For Migration, from a conservative viewpoint. Under this Pact, the UN will choose how many people will be migrated or how many goods will be moved. National laws must take second place to UN mandates. In addition to mass migrations, the UN may choose to suggest other purposes to host nations. Universities will be used to push UN agenda when it comes to refugee issues. Host nations will incur the costs of financing migrations.

The UN will promote good relations for peaceful coexistence. These are social projects to minimize invasions and their impacts, including censorship. Not only will host nations have to labor the costs of force migration, but money and resources will be given to nations of origin. Resettlement projects will last several years. The UN will dictate host nations and migrant numbers.

December 5, 2018 – During the transportation of migrants from Juarez sports complex to Matamoros, apparently 3,000 invaders have gone missing. We see an image of the American flag hung upside down at Juarez complex. From the complex, we have the official count of invaders: 3,877 men, 1,127 women 542 boys and 516 girls, for a total of 6,062. These are the numbers for INSIDE the sports complex, and not for the migrants who were camped outside on the streets.

Only 2,122 people made it to the new refugee center, with approximately 744 left on the streets surrounding the complex. Halfway houses and churches took in another 144.

An estimated 600 invaders were returned to their countries, including 178 deported and 409 that asked to be retuned, according to the secretary general of Baja California.

Mexican officials are downplaying how many migrants have disappeared, calling it a clerical error.

The invaders have complained that the new refugee center is too far from the border, again hinting that they are not in Tijuana to officially apply for asylum, but to enter the US illegally.

Sergio Tamai, director of Angels Without Borders, states that Tijuana officials deliberately inflated the numbers so they could ask for greater federal funds. According to Tamai, the city requested a hundred million pesos to deal with the crisis. Tijuana mayor Juan Gastelum has stated it is costing his city 550,000 pesos per day to maintain the migrants at Juarez complex.

Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 6

Part 6 of 9.

Late November

November 20, 2018 – In Tijuana, a member of the Catholic clergy speaks to the horde over how some of them might end up in Canada. He encourages the single men to think about creating new families there, inferring that they will marry Canadian women. Caravan members are shown holding up a Canadian flag. I wonder where they got it?

A list of names and ages of caravan members show them all to be of military age, with most of them in their twenties.

Caravan leader Netty tells reporters he feels cheated after having arrived in Tijuana. At the start, he was told that when they arrived at the US border, officials from several countries would be there to meet with them. The countries include Canada, France, Spain and the US. The countries would offer citizenship and employment. Netty fears for his life after, admittedly having deceived the people who trusted and followed him. He refused to reveal who first gave him these ideas of easy citizenship and jobs, calling it a rumor.

Human rights activist Father Alejandro Solalinde accuses Pueblos Sin Fronteras of human trafficking. He accuses caravan leaders of deliberately providing a front for the smuggling of undocumented migrants, and of placing women and children at the front of their marches for increased media exposure. He states that he personally helped to register people from the third caravan, and that he disarmed many of them when he found out they were carrying firearms. Solalinde helped move 23 busloads into Mexico City. In a later interview, he stated he filled up ‘two bags’ with firearms.

Pueblos Sin Fronteras refused to allow Solalinde to finish processing the migrants. PSF told migrants to avoid or boycott Solalinde. The Father could not figure out who was financing the migration movement.

DEA officials arrest the brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez in Miami, Florida, on charges of drug trafficking, weapons smuggling and organized crime. Juan Antonio Hernandez was wanted or implicated in 2016. The Honduran government never investigated the charges. This may explain how corrupt president Hernandez did very little to stop the caravans from initially leaving his country.

Fake News TeleSUR gives us the headline: March Threatened. It shows protests at the Benito Juarez sports complex in Zona Norte, Tijuana, calling protesters racists and zenophobes. The misleading reporter claims that a small number of agents provocatuers are among the crowd, fomenting violence, when it is really the angry people of Tijuana. The reporter says these same protesters were at Playas, which is true, and that they are against Tijuana police, which is not true. Further, the reporter tells us that it was people from Tijuana who threw rocks at police vehicles, when it was really the invaders.

The reporter goes on to state that dual citizens and Trump supporters are among the crowd inciting trouble, that Tijuanans are throwing rocks at police, and that protesters are hiding their faces (only one person had their face masked during that part of the video). At least three times in a four minute clip, the reporter called Mexicans zenophobes and racists.

This protest took place on Sunday, the 18th, I believe, when the protesters marched from the Cuahtemoc roundabout in Plaza Rio, and a few miles northeast into Zona Norte. I followed this march live on two different independent news channels, including Conciencia Radio. Fake News, by the way, claimed the protest included anywhere from 25 to 200 members. In truth, the numbers were more like 1,500 or 2,000. Now I cannot say I watched every second of the march, as I was going back and forth between the two and both had technical difficulties at times, but I can say what I did and did not observe. It is true that Tijuanans were angry, and they did push against police barriers and shout at the police. This was because the people were angry at having their concerns and complaints ignored, and not because they were fomenting violence. I did not see any rocks thrown, and I saw several protesters trying to keep the peace among themselves. I saw ONE Trump supporter. That was Paloma For Trump, who wore a red charro hat and a red dress, from the Youtube channel True Conservative Minutes. I observed a handful of people with their faces covered, and maybe these men were trying to start up violence. However, the protesters were quick to isolate them and push them away from the bulk of the crowd. TeleSUR’s false reports on this and other events are as fake as the Fake News we get from CNN.

A Tijuana poll result indicated 70% of locals were against the invasion.

A police spokesman stated that the refugee camp at Juarez sports complex may get out of control quickly. Over 4,000 invaders were located there at the time. All he asks is that the invaders respect the rules given to them.

Police responded to a call that migrants were smoking marijuana at the sports complex, behind a children’s play area. Police arrived and gave chase to four young men. Two were arrested. The crowd came in to defend the other two, who escaped. One cop was hurt after being hit on the head with a rock. The young men later claim they were innocent, and that the police roughed them up for no reason. Somebody else was smoking marijuana, they said, right where they were standing. Police said they witnessed the men smoking before they gave chase.

On the 25th of November, migrants planned a march to show their appreciation of what Tijuana and Mexico had done to help them. Secretary of Governance Prida assured the public this march would be peaceful. Children were shown painting banners and signs to that effect. However, the march very quickly turned into a mass stampede of humans trying to breach the US border. Fake News minimized the number of trespassers at 500, saying they only tried to run across the border at one place. In truth, I was watching the march on several independent news channels, as well as on live feeds by the major news stations. Most honest estimates give the true number of stampeding invaders at over 2000 attacking four different sections of the border fence, including at the border crossing, across the Rio Tijuana, on the train tracks east of the border and elsewhere. After being attacked by rocks and bottles, US Border Patrol responded by firing rubber bullets and tear gas into Mexico.

Later, Prida announced that Mexican federal authorities will ensure protesters will stay near refugee centers, as they have been roaming the streets in Zona Norte ever since they arrived. Several crowd agitators were targeted for arrest. The National Migration Institute (INM) will immediately deport any persons trying to cross the US border illegally, or breaking Mexico’s laws.

Mexican police were largely unarmed during the march and stampede, to prevent the shooting or killing of a migrant, as it would have set off a wail of protests from across the liberal world. Liberal socialists will maintain that there is no such thing as an illegal migrant, and that the migrants were doing nothing wrong by storming the US border in such mass numbers that the border was shut down for some five hours.

November 26, 2018 – A Mexican political analyst speculates that the CIA may have infiltrated the migrant caravan. He gives various angles for this, including that this is part of a Marshal Plan from Trump, a plan the CIA wants to disrupt, and also that the CIA has uncovered the identities of many invaders who may have criminal backgrounds.

“Our feet are sore. We have no strength left.” – migrant

Fake News Tele-SUR makes more blatantly false claims. This time, they say the huge mess at the border started off as a peaceful march, where the invaders were simply showing their appreciation for the way Tijuana embraced them. In frustration for the slow speed asylum cases were moving in, these innocent people tried to rush across the border, where strong-armed US defenses used rubber bullets and tear gas on them. Notice there is no mention of how the caravan leaders agitated the stampede. Also not mentioned is the fact that caravan leaders deliberately put women and children at the front of the invasion. Fake News was quick to capitalize, however, on a picture of a woman pulling her two twin daughters, both barefoot and in diapers, when the woman was attacked by tear gas. Also conveniently missing is the fact that only 10% of the invaders have actually applied for asylum.

The INM announced it would deport as many as 500 lawbreakers.

“All we want is an opportunity.” – An invader claims.

Three separate times, the invaders state they do not want to be here (in Tijuana). This sounds to be the new ‘coached’ line to say to news media, as everyone is repeating it. Really? They traveled the entire length of Mexico to a place they don’t want to be in?

The TeleSUR reporter compares the Juarez sports complex to a concentration camp. I’ve heard three people so far make that same statement. Do these people even know what a concentration camp is? Have they ever been to a homeless shelter? Of course, it’s all socialist propaganda.

Baja governor Enrique De La Vega makes a plea to then president Pena Nieto, for the caravan to comply with Mexican law. Vega has been largely out of sight and impotent during the entire crisis.

At the sports complex, a municipal police commander tells invaders not to put their women and children at the front of their movement, while a caravan leader stands at his side and denies this is happening.

US Border Patrol confirms that women and children were being used as human shields. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott states on CNN Fake News that border agents did not use tear gas and rubber bullets until after projectiles struck them. The attackers were throwing projectiles while standing behind the human shields. 69 invaders were arrested at the US border. Border Agent Hector Garcia also states agents and vehicles were attacked with rocks first. Meanwhile, Fake News claims the invaders are not invading, and they’re not doing anything wrong.

In another report, the US Border Patrol arrested 42 lawbreakers. Mexican federal police arrested 39.

President Trump threatens to shut the border permanently.

During the last week of November, migrants at the Juarez sports complex begin a hunger strike. This is a last ditch effort after the stampede was repelled at the US border. The number of migrants at the complex is estimated at over 6,000.

Reporter Luke Rudowsky of We Are Change reports on the dismal conditions at and near the Juarez sports complex in Zona Norte, Tijuana. People are reported as coughing and vomiting, spitting and urinating on public streets. Fake News reports no criminals are found in the caravan. Rudowsky reports that migrants assaulted an aid worker just a few days before.

Mexico has offered housing, employment and health care to the migrants. Only 1,700 of them have officially taken asylum in Mexico. Many migrants may not know what asylum means?

Several compilations of video clips are circulating now on social media. They show illegal ingrates complaining about not having free buses provided for their march, complaining about having to eat beans and tortillas, and about refugee centers who want the migrants to clean up after themselves and sweep their trash. How rude! Also shown are the incredible amounts of food, water, clothing and trash migrants are leaving behind. Footage from places such as Jesus Martinez ‘Palillo’ stadium are shown, in Mexico City, including how several trash trucks were brought in to collect refuse.

Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking? Part 5

Part 5 of 9.

Mid November

More caravans are forming to the south of Mexico. One caravan is stuck in Oaxaca, where the state refused to provide them with transportation.

A mob of 2,000 is stuck in Veracruz, also waiting for transportation. A sports facility / stadium there was overrun with migrants. The government provided food, water, clothing and medical aid. A female professor from Veracruz was robbed at knifepoint. Invaders are still taking people’s cell phones away and erasing caravan videos, forcing drivers to give them rides, or pulling drivers out and stealing their cars.

Conciencia Radio reports that Russia will invest heavily in Mexico. Russia will take over six large factories, including one right across from the US border, in Mexicali. They will produce Mig jet fighters, tanks and armored vehicles. In return, Russia has promised to give 10% of its production to Mexico.

Captain Clay Higgins of the US Border Patrol informs us that Fake News reports say invaders are throwing small rocks at his agents. Higgins shows rocks the size of his fists, the true size of the projectiles, and he gives us a look at how heavily barred border patrol vehicles have been modified. He shows us the non-lethal weapons agents are equipped with, such as paint-ball guns, and tells us that if large rocks are thrown, agents will respond with lethal force.

Edgar Ramirez of Homeland Security states that under current international law, migrants cannot choose what country will help them. The UN must choose for them. This dispels the idea that Hondurans can walk north and demand entry into the US.

Incoming Immigration Director of Mexico, Guillen, may prioritize the human rights of the migrants over ‘other’ concerns. These other concerns could be Mexican laws on borders, and legal and illegal migration.

November 14, 2018 – Honduran young men throw rocks at Tijuana police and their vehicles, in Playas De Tijuana. Video shows the Hondurans were the aggressors. Fake News TeleSUR later blames Tijuana protesters.

The middle of November was a turning point for public sentiment in Mexico, when it came to the migrant caravan. Before this time, a lot of Mexicans were critical of the Honduran mob, but these people were largely silent in public because Fake News kept downplaying the horde’s violence and referring to critics as being hateful, racists and zenophobes. Buses filled with hundreds of invaders did not drive to a refugee center where food, water and shelter were waiting for them. Instead they dumped their loads of unwanted people out in the open, in Playas De Tijuana, an area of mostly wealthy residents that can be compared to Coronado or La Jolla in San Diego.

Just a few days prior, the first wave of 80 LGBT invaders rented an expensive house in Playas, led by the infamous Pritaya Queen, whom you will read more about in the Offenders section. Residents who were already against the caravan were furious to have a bunch of unruly queers at their doorsteps, where they and their children could see them. Now, you can say that some Mexicans have been and still are homophobes, but in my opinion, people are entitled to form their own thoughts and views, and not to have to conform to the Political Correctness NPC group-think that is dividing many Western countries today. (See the NPC Non-Player Character meme for more on liberal group-think.) At any rate, the wealthy residents were irate to have queers in their neighborhood. Many videos circulated showing Pritaya Queen arguing with conservative older women, flaunting herself by shaking her head and waving her arms, and speaking to the women in a condescending tone.

Tijuanans were already angry with the 80 members of the first wave, and now they had hundreds more invaders dropped off at Playas. Tijuanans had already seen invaders throwing away food, water and clothing donations, leaving massive amounts of trash behind ever since they left Guatemala, demanding transportation, and stating it was their human right and God’s will that they be welcomed into the United States. The situation that night at Playas was a powder keg that was about to go off.

It did go off. Angry protesters from many areas of Tijuana went to Playas to voice their dissent at the arrival of hundreds of migrants. This included the wealthy residents of Playas, as well as hundreds of lower income workers such as truck drivers and whatnot. Arguments got heated, with municipal police protecting the migrants and pushing away the protesters. Hondurans were flippant and aggressive, as ever since their departure from their country, no large group of opposition had ever stood against them. This attitude of self-righteousness angered the Mexican crowd even more. Mexicans were challenging Hondurans to go out on the beach for fistfights. A small group of MS-13 gang members jumped several young men protesting, by attacking them from behind. The Maras then threw up gang signs and called out their gang name. When the crowd reacted, police stood against the Mexicans.

I tend to look at things from historical perspectives. When the Mulsim hordes invaded Europe, and they still are doing this, we had Third World tribal savages coming into First World domesticated societies, or wolves being introduced into herds of sheep. For the most part, Europeans have been slowly becoming docile ever since Hellenic Greece, the age of the philosophers, well over two thousand years ago. African and Arabian countries are still made up of clans and tribes with warlords today. Compare that to Hondurans illegally coming into Mexico. Only five hundred years ago, Aztecs were cutting hearts out of sacrificial victims. Indigenous peoples were completely tribal then. In Central America, we have seen bloody and recent civil wars, with dead bodies lying in the street where children can see them, and gangs like the Maras that attack each other with machetes. Only four countries, all Latin countries, account for 25% of the murders in the entire world: Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. In this case, wolves are being put into the same cage with other wolves. The face of Mexico, despite the claims from Fake News, became a face of anger at being invaded, and not of intolerance and racism as the liberal left would have us believe.

A Honduran tough thought it was a good idea to threaten Tijuana gang members. In public, he said more Hondurans were coming in other caravans. What are 30 pendejos, or idiots, going to do when 30,000 Hondurans arrive? After saying this, the tough also thought it was a good idea to walk in the neighborhood of those he’d just insulted. He was caught and beaten severely, and a video of his unconscious form was posted onto social media. That is the sort of hornet’s nest that was stirred up, encompassing all of Tijuana society from the upper class in Playas to the lower class in Zona Norte. Seventy to eighty percent of Tijuanans turned against the caravan.

Caravan leader Irineo Mujica of Towns (or Peoples) Without Borders, said migrants weren’t bringing any problems into Tijuana. All the problems and violence were coming from the drug cartels. He said nothing about the wake of crime and violence that has followed the caravans ever since they entered Mexico.

In a very biased, anti-left video interview, Venezuelan journalist Gustavo Azucar Alcala made several noteworthy comments. Nobody doubted that Venezuela funded the first caravan. US Vice President Pence had documents to prove the financial support. Part of the reason the caravans were formed was to draw attention away from the exodus of millions of Venezuelans out of their country, and to deflect international attention away from president Maduro. Venezuela has no money for health care or education, or other social issues, but it does have money for propaganda against the US, including sending money to Cuba and purchasing weapons from Russia.

Maduro is tied in with drug cartels. A large amount of Colombia’s drugs enter Venezuela through the rebel groups ELN and FARC. They are flown or shipped into Honduras, before they are moved through Mexico.

Alcala tells us thousands of children die in Venezuela due to poor health care. Over 6,000 doctors have left the country due to low wages. 6 to 8,000 Venezuelan refugees enter Colombia every day.

In Tabasco, Mexico, a woman with mental concerns is dragged by migrants onto a hill and sexually assaulted. In Zapotecas, women who had come to donate food had the migrants throw the food at them.

After the debacle at Playas De Tijuana, the Honduran horde is rounded up onto buses and taken to the Benito Juarez sports complex in Zona Norte, Tijuana.