Mexico’s President Obrador, Another NWO Scumbag Part 3

To recap; the trial starts in early November, Judge Cogan limits witness testimony about bribes on the 20th, Kushner gets the most prestigious award Mexico can offer to him on the 27th, given to him directly by Pena Nieto, and Pena Nieto leaves office four days later. We don’t find out about Pena Nieto’s notorious bribe until almost two months after that.

Or, in scenario number two, is it possible for AMLO, the Mayor of Mexico City at the time, to not know his future secretary of security is taking bribes from the cartels? Is it a coincidence that Obrador wants to forgive the cartels and legalize all drugs? That’s just rumor, but it doesn’t matter. There is plenty of other damning evidence about Obrador that we can use to hang him.

Also while he was President-elect, Obrador made another negative ripple when he thought it wise to cancel the massive project for a new international airport on the dry lake bed of Texcoco. This was a $13 billion dollar undertaking. The foundations for the airport were already set. Is Obrador really going to leave the project unfinished? Yes, he is, because according to him the people have voted against it by referendum, and Mexico stands to save $5 billion dollars. Actually, only 1 of every 90 registered voters responded. Good thing Obrador had a back-up plan. His grand scheme was to incorporate a public, commercial airport into the existing military base at Santa Lucia. You’ll have military jets coming and going beside big airlines; what could possibly go wrong there? (Wall Street Journal and Associated Press, October 2018)

Article links:

Even worse, nobody bothered with a feasibility study at the time. Apparently, Obrador’s two additional runways for his ‘international’ airport, are blocked by… Wait for it… A range of mountains. Also, the wind is going in the wrong direction on those two additional proposed runways, preventing smooth take-offs. It took them seven months to figure this out.

The biggest problem is the ring of mountains that surrounds Mexico City, limiting the routes for take-off and landing, and making it a logistical nightmare to operate two separate airports (that’s public and military, folks), according to critics.

“Some people say, ‘There are other cities with more than one airport.’ That’s true, but they don’t have Mexico City’s orography,” said Mexican pilot Angel Jimenez, a 58-year-old veteran with 22,000 hours of flying experience.

“We’re surrounded by a system of mountains shaped like an inverted horseshoe. The only flight pattern for ascents and descents is via the north. There will be a huge amount of air traffic,” he told AFP. – ABS-CBN News, May 2019

Article link:

Santa Lucía Airport could threaten water supply, study shows – The International Airport that Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans to build at the Santa Lucía Air Base in the State of Mexico will require 211,800 cubic feet of water (1.58 million gallons) to operate each day, only to meet the consumption of passengers. – El Universal, May 2019

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Judge gives two final injunctions against St. Lucia airport – A federal judge of the State of Mexico granted two definitive suspensions, one that prevents the cancellation of the construction of the new airport in Texcoco and the other against the Federal Revenue Law, particularly for fiscal years 2015 to 2018.

The Eighth District Judge based in the State of Mexico issued the resolutions, the details of the scope can not yet be known because the engroses of their rulings have not been published. What it does make clear is that the suspensions prevent the cancellation of the work in Texcoco and against the application of the mentioned statute.

Some of the injunctions presented, are against the use and increase in the airport use tax because this tax was used to finance Texcoco’s project, and now, with the Santa Lucía airport project, they are seeking not to be charged and the resources not to be used for works at Military Air Base number 1, in Santa Lucía, State of Mexico. – The Yucatan Times, June 2019

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To recap this one; the in-construction international airport is a huge deal. Obrador cancels it and suggests adding two runways to an airport at a military base. As it turns out, two more runways can’t be built easily because mountains are in the way and there isn’t enough water for the expected traffic. A judge rules the Texcoco project can’t be canceled, and money raised at Texcoco can’t be used for the military base at St. Lucia. That is two huge blunders, illegal immigration and the airport mess that Obrador has caused and he isn’t even inaugurated yet. Next debacle, please…

Venezuela’s Maduro booed bad at Mexican President AMLO’s inauguration – Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro got booed, big time, at the inauguration of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s first leftist president in decades. The booing happened from both the left and right, as attending members of Mexico’s farthest left and farthest right parties stood up, pointed, chanted ‘dictator!’ and whipped out a banner telling Maduro he wasn’t welcome in Mexico. – American Thinker, December 2018, and I did watch this live!

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Hurricane Willa made landfall on Mexico’s eastern shore on October 24th, 2018. Four states were badly affected: Sinaloa, Nayarit, Durango, and Michoacan. Total amount of damage was estimated at $537 million dollars. People had their homes and vehicles swept away by flooding, ten thousand were left homeless in Nayarit alone, power was gone, food and water ran out. (Hurricane Willa, Wikipedia)

Mexicans looked to their President-elect for assistance. What does Obrador decide, but to invite invaders from Central America into the country and offer them 1 million work permits. Those destitute Mexicans don’t need help, not at all, but those Hondurans and Salvadorans sure do! Let’s bring them all in!

MEXICO CITY – The next governor, Olga Sánchez Cordero, said that Mexico has the capacity to provide temporary work for up to one million Central American migrants, despite the fact that until now a much smaller amount has entered the country.

By participating in a forum organized by the Business Council of Latin America (CEAL), Sánchez Cordero said that work visas will also be given to “our friends from the Northern Triangle.”

“We calculate that Mexico can take care of one million people to work,” explained the now senator of Morena. – Reporte Nivel Uno, November 2018

Article link (translated):

So far, it looks like Mexico elected a new President of Central America, doesn’t it? Ever since the beginning, US President Trump was saying that members of the notorious gang MS-13 were infiltrating the caravans, along with verified members of ISIS and other militant terrorist groups, such as people from Cuba. A lot of Deniers protested against this, saying oh, those poor Central Americans, they just want to work and lead productive lives. We need to hug them! This is all bullshit from people who are either pushing the socialist / communist / Zionist agenda, who are too naive to see what’s right in front of their eyes, or who are masked radicals that enjoy stirring up anarchy like many in the George Soros-funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements.

What is the Truth? Mexican President Obrador, Secretary of Interior Olga Sanchez and Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City, are all liars and traitors to the nation of Mexico. I’ll skip leaving so many links, as it is time consuming and there is a lot of stuff I’m forgetting by taking the time to find sources to back up what I’m writing.

UNCONFIRMED: Texas Militias In Border War With Mexican Cartels

This is coming from 2 sources, allegedly. Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and Michael Jaco in the video below. I’ve been researching this while listening and found a couple of relevant videos, which I’m posting below.

Jaco’s video was streamed live on Oct. 23. I think there certainly could be shooting going on because the militias only started arriving a few days ago, but I have no independent report to confirm that. I also think, if this is true, Fake News will not mention it because it would embarrass the most popular president in history.

Real Anthony Aguero also streamed live on the 23rd. He interviews a militia spokesman who confirms the situation is dire and that an invasion is imminent. There is no mention of any shooting in this report. – Link to Aguero’s YT vid.

On Oct. 20, Steve Turley reported that hundreds of militias were traveling to southern Texas to protect the border. Turley moves on to other border issues after mentioning the militias. – Link to Turley’s YT vid.

David Whitehead: Cult Of The Medics Part 1

Excellent video discussing various topic related to cultism and the power of Big Pharma. Includes info on the Knights Hospitalers, which later became the Knights of Malta, the Committee of 300, the Club of Rome and the symbolism and obedience techniques behind masking, isolation and cognitive dissonance.

Descrip: Documentary series about the occult history of the medical industrial complex, created by David Whitehead

Mexico’s President Obrador, Another NWO Scumbag Part 2

All of the above: Barack-Soetoro, the Hillary and Pope Francis are on board for the dismantling of democratic nations in favor of United Nations rulership. Especially evil is Francis, as he is using his position as head of the Catholic Church to push Zionist – UN agenda. The Catholic Church, and especially the militant Jesuit branch, would never try to manipulate governments, would they? That’s never happened before in history, has it?

I listened to many of Obrador’s campaign speeches. He was always pro-Mexico and anti-neo-liberalism. He never said he was going to promote any sort of migration into or across Mexico. He was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a liar like all the rest of them, and his wolf-skin didn’t begin to show until after he took power. Or maybe not…

Obrador was set to take power in December of 2018. However, the first of the recent caravans from Honduras started up in mid-October. The caravans initially began hitting the news streams in early November, when the belligerent mobs attacked Mexican customs officials and tried to storm the border gate between Mexico and Guatemala. President Pena Nieto still had a month to go before he officially left his post. He responded to the aggression by sending 500 more guards to reinforce Mexico’s southern border and to repel further aggression. Enter President-elect Obrador, who stepped in ahead of time and ordered the 500 guards to stand aside and let the invaders through. That was a harbinger of many more bad things to come. (See my article Honduran Hordes: Human Rights Or Human Trafficking for an extensive look at how the invasions initially got rolling. Verum Et Inventa, Issue 3)

The good thing is that many independent reporters went to the Mexican border or followed along with their cameras, including young people armed only with their smart tracking devices. Thanks to this, the mainstream news media, Fake News Mexico-style, could not fully control the narrative and claim the invaders were poor indigenous types who were starving in their violent countries and were only looking for work, with so, so many women and children among them. Mexican news outlets went full into damage control mode, immediately calling Truther reporters zenophobes and racists. News outlets doubled down on their news stories showing young mothers with ill children who would get the best medical treatment in the United States, despite that a good 70 to 80% of the invaders were young males of military age, the same as the Arab and African male invaders in civilized Europe. No matter how neutral independent reporters were on the subject of forced migration, trolls tormented them and got many Youtube channels restricted, demonetized and censored. Free speech was affected soon after, with reporters censored from using words such as barbarians, invaders, hordes and mobs, all of which were accurate and fully applied to the crisis. When invaders into Mexico stared coming in from Africa, independent news couldn’t even call them ‘blacks’ anymore, but inter-continentals, in the same way Islamic rapists of Anglo women in Europe could no longer be called African or Middle Eastern men, just plain criminals with no racial distinction.

Before I go on with Obrador, I’d like to point out an odd incident that took place in winter of 2018, to show you how governments really work.

The former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, took a $100 million bribe from Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the infamous crime lord known as El Chapo, according to a witness at Mr. Guzman’s trial. – New York Times, January 2019

Article link:

Article link:

Pena Nieto didn’t like that negative exposure very much, so he did something about it. I can’t prove this, but I think he made some phone calls to important people, maybe as high as the White House. Remember the above allegations concerning El Chapo’s people bribing top Mexican officials. Here’s the timeline:

November 2018 – Pena Nieto is still sitting President of Mexico until Dec. 1st

November 5, 2018 – El Chapo’s trial begins in Brooklyn, New York, while El Chapo is in jail in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (United States of America v. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, Wikipedia)

November 20, 2018 – (Judge) Cogan also stated there were numerous other “bribes” and seems to concentrate on one particular bribe he wants off limits as being “potentially inflammatory.” (Borderland Beat, November 2018)

Article link:

So, think of how embarrassing it would be for a sitting president of any country to be accused of receiving a huge bribe from the leader of an infamous drug cartel. That would be pretty bad, right? How do I know Pena Nieto tried to cover this up? Well, look at what happened only 7 days later, 4 days before PN leaves office:

Outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will present Kushner with the Order of the Aztec on Thursday at the Group of 20 summit in Argentina, the Reforma newspaper reported. – New York Post, November 2018

Article link:

Kushner received the “Aztec Eagle” for his work developing the trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, which was negotiated to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. – CBS News, November 2018

Article link:

The Aztec Eagle is the highest honor a foreigner can receive from Mexico. Did any of you even know that Vice President Kushner was involved in negotiating NAFTA’s replacement deal? Is it a coincidence that Pena Nieto gives this man the highest award he possibly can, only 4 days before he leaves office, when he could have given the award at any moment in time earlier?

This is speculation on my part, but I think somebody influenced Judge Cogan to prevent the testimony about Pena Nieto taking a huge bribe becoming known, until after PN was out of office. Note that El Chapo was extradited to Brooklyn on January 19th. The news about the bribe came out on January 15th, only four days prior, despite that the trial had gone on for two and a half months already. This way, Pena Nieto could grab what he could, dump his wife Angelica Rivera and go hide out in Spain where he wasn’t in the Mexican public eye anymore. Note that many news sources didn’t even have a good reason for why Kushner got that award in the first place, such as the New York Post article I linked above. Many people in Mexican news were equally dumbfounded.

Or maybe there is another reason the testimony was hushed up:

One of the most important cooperating witnesses in the prosecution of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman appeared poised to implicate Mexico’s president-elect in corruption on Tuesday while recounting payoffs to high-level politicians — until he was stopped by the judge…

After an extended back-and-forth about bribes that the witness said he paid Mexico’s former top cop, Genaro Garcia Luna, on behalf of his brother, Sinaloa cartel boss Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, Purpura asked about a man named Regino, whom Zambada Garcia identified as a deputy to then-Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

And what if any relationship did Regino have to Lopez Obrador?” Purpura asked, before Judge Brian Cogan sustained an objection from federal prosecutors, preventing him from giving an answer. Instead, the defense lawyer pressed the witness over exactly how much money Regino had received at their meeting in 2005.

I’m not sure, but it was a few million dollars,” Zambada Garcia replied. “It was paid to him because it was said he was going to be the next secretary of security, and if so it would be for our protection.” – Los Angeles Times, November 20, 2018

Article link:

Mexico: Migrant Caravan Pushes Through Blockade In Tapachula

The backstory: Small caravans of Central Americans continue to enter into Mexico. The Mexican government has been successful in managing them and keeping them herded in the city of Tapachula, in southern Chiapas and near the Guatemalan border. The migrants are basically being kept there indefinitely, and now they’ve massed up enough numbers to become a bigger movement. The estimate of people is between 4 and 5,000.

Last night, the director of Towns Without Borders, Irineo Mujica, arrived in Tapachula to start growing momentum into getting the migrants out of Tapachula and heading towards Mexico City. Mujica stated that the migrants only want work permits and they will remain in Mexico, but we have seen this man lie in the past. Given a choice, the migrants will invade into the United States. Mujica blamed both Biden and Mexico’s Obrador for not doing enough for the migrants.

This morning, an estimated 2,000 migrants pushed past a weak barrier of Mexican police and national guard on the road out of Tapachula. Their new slogan is Peace And Liberty, but again, we’ve seen tactics like this before. It could have been a lot worse, as there were rumors that the migrants carried sticks and rocks, as they have in the past, and I did see maybe ten percent of the caravan made up of women and small children. This just happened a couple of hours ago, at approx. 9 AM Pacific Time.

Follow Oscar El Blue’s channel on Youtube for live streams and previous videos. Also, for a comprehensive look at how these caravans are formed and manipulated, search this blog for my series of posts titled Honduran Hordes Of 2018.

Oscar El Blue’s channel on YT.

YT comments:

Thank you Oscar for streaming. They’re not seeking amnesty, they’re seeking tax payer funded handouts from the USA. – Mr. Barlow

Sorry Oscar, don’t think much of your National Guard. I would have had a line of trucks blocking the way an slowing the flow. – Nancy Corbett

They need to use the same force to fix their own countries. Lol – Suzy Gate

This is outrageous ! They had plenty of time to set up actual barricades ! They could have set up some type of wall or immovable barricade. If they really wanted to stop them they would have. – PDMC333


Not only is it Biden but everyone who is allowing this. All of YOU who are sitting home doing nothing. Complaining on social media won’t stop this. Send emails to the representAtives. call them or organize and go to the border to stop them – Mary Golden

Mexico’s President Obrador, Another NWO Scumbag Part 1

This article first appeared in the August 2019 issue of my e-zine Verum Et Inventa. I will be posting it in its entirety over the next few days. You can get a copy of this article in two different ways. It is part of my e-zine Verum Et Inventa, issue no. 7. You can download this e-zine free from Smashwords at this link:

You can also download a free PDF version of this article from my author website at Raymond Towers Dot Com. The link to my Freebies page is here:

Running on campaign promises of upsetting the status quo and starting Mexico on a great ‘Fourth Transformation,’ Socialist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won the hearts and votes of Mexicans who were fed up with poverty and organized crime. Fifty-three percent of the country voted for him because of his many revolutionary promises, including bringing Mexico up to the level of a first world nation by invigorating the economy, creating a world-class tourist attraction in the southern third of Mexico through the Train Maya project, and lessening the impact of the drug cartels by legalizing all drugs, among other radical changes. After eight months of being in office, how has Mexico’s first socialist president done? Did he live up to the hype, or was he just another politician, a liar who said anything to get in power, and once he achieved the presidency, did he loosen the screws on special interest groups, including the United Nations, the crypto-communists and the organized drug cartels that have hindered Mexico for at least the last four presidencies preceding him?


Mexico’s President Obrador;

Another NWO Scumbag

By Raymond Towers


In spring of 2018, several candidates were in the running to become the next president of Mexico. Most of these candidates were ‘more of the same,’ either affiliated with or directly related to corrupt officials from previous presidencies. Mexico has rarely had presidents from the left side of the political aisle, and has rarely had left-leaning political parties at all to promote such candidates. Enter one Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with the acronym AMLO, who was then being touted as a breath of fresh air in a stale, stalled Third World nation full of drug cartels and violence.

Many Mexicans fell for the usual leftist rhetoric, similar to what Republican Donald Trump campaigned for in the United States when he said, if elected, how he would ‘clear out the swamp in DC.’ Obrador promised a 4th Transformation of Mexico, with ambitious and large-scale projects, the ascension of Mexico into a world power, and prosperity that Mexicans hadn’t seen in the last four presidential terms. Obrador also made several odd campaign promises, such as expressing an interest to legalize all recreational drugs. I repeat, ALL illegal drugs, in a joint venture with fellow socialist countries such as Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela. Obrador also said he would forgive ALL drug cartels for wrongdoing, as long as they didn’t attack and sequester innocent civilians. People still saw this man as a ray of hope over a deep, deep quagmire, and in July of 2018, he was elected President of Mexico.

While this article focuses on AMLO, I will also add commentary on related issues to emphasize key points, or just to inform readers who aren’t as knowledgeable about what is going on in Mexico or in other countries, when it comes to Zionist / Marxist-socialist infiltration. You might think the Zionists and Marxists are on opposing sides, but they’re not. That’s how they play the game, by egging two unwitting sides against each other, the same way Rome played ‘divide and conquer’ with its enemies.

To begin with, US President Obama-Soetoro and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were all for the United Nations Global Pact For Migration.

The initiative had the enthusiastic backing of Barack Obama, and was embraced by (UN Secretary General) Guterres as one of his major challenges for 2018. – The Guardian, December 2017

Article link:

In a private, paid speech to a Brazilian bank on May 16, 2013, Clinton said: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” – Breitbart, October 2016

Article link:

If elected, the former secretary of state (Clinton) has promised to build on President Obama’s executive actions and introduce comprehensive immigration reform during her first 100 days in office.”

Clinton’s website has explained that by “comprehensive immigration reform,” Clinton means full citizenship for illegal immigrants, which would give them welfare access, voting privileges, and the ability to bring over their family members through chain migration. – Breitbart, May 2016

Article link:

Good thing President Trump pulled out of the Global Pact when he took over. See the Guardian article up above for more info on that. What I want you to take a close look at is this last italicized paragraph, where the Hillary creature promoted full citizenship, health care through welfare, the right to vote and aiding invaders into bringing their entire families once they crossed into the United States. This is exactly what President Obrador is doing in Mexico right now.

I follow international news closely, paying close attention to whatever is trending politically such as the NWO overthrow of Ukraine where the Clinton Foundation and Creepy Joe Biden helped put the Nazi Poroshenko in the presidency, the soft invasion of Europe by Islam thanks to the opportunistic Zionists, and the shooting of protesters and college students by President Maduro in Venezuela in 2014 and 2017, not to mention what is happening in that battered country this year. That’s how I first became aware of the invasion from Central America a few years ago.

The migrant caravans from the Northern Triangle of Central America are nothing new. We had migrant caravans in 2014 and 2015, when US President Obama-Soetoro was pushing for more rights and privileges for brown people entering the US illegally. The problem was that the controlled socialist media outlets in both the US and Mexico were downplaying the invasions and ignoring the people and organizations behind the scenes financing them, not the least of which was the Catholic Church, which has turned blatantly globalist and non-Catholic ever since the election of Jesuit General Bergoglio, a.k.a. Pope Francis. Also, the political atmosphere was against independent reporters going to where the invading caravans were to obtain firsthand reports.

Article link:

Catholic Church Was Paid $79 MILLION By Obama Administration In 2014 To Force Migrant Invasion Of Illegal ImmigrantsNow you know why Pope Francis pushes so very hard for “all the world” to take in these illegal Muslim migrants. He’s getting paid millions to do it. Someone once said that when something doesn’t make sense, there’s a buck in it. In this case, there were 79 million of them. According to their financial statement for 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops received over $79 million in government grants to provide benefits to refugees. – Now The End Begins, November 2015

Article link:

That was US taxpayer money, people. And look how much the greedy Pope is giving out of his gold-filled pockets:

Pope Francis has donated 500,000 dollars to assist migrants in Mexico. The funds, from the Peter’s Pence collections, will be distributed among 27 projects promoted by sixteen Mexican dioceses and religious congregations, which requested assistance in continuing to provide food, lodging, and basic necessities to the migrants,” the report declares. – Breitbart, April 2019

Article link:

Tru News: Trump’s Social Media Company Is Owned By China

If you are a Trump or Q Tard, once you get over the butt-hurt you should give this video a good, long look. The Trump segment takes up the first 18 minutes. I’ll give you the basics. Trump’s new social media company merged with a Chinese company based in Wuhan. The company is fronted by a non-Chinese, and will provide funding to get the honeypot going. You can whine all you want about this being a partnership, with Chinese nationals no less, but you know, and I know, that whoever ponies up the cash is the real owner. If you take that in context with the bigger picture Tru News shows you, regarding Ivanka, Kushner and their little daughter, that’s plenty of dots to confirm the title of this post.

Remember how Trump was bailed out by Soros, how he said he would jail the Hillary, how he allowed the censorship to get out hand, how he had all those laptops (Seth Rich, the Hillary, Weiner, Hunter Biden, etc.) and he did absolutely nothing with them. Remember how Trump let America burn while Kushner Made Israel Great Again. Trump played 4D chess all right, but he played it against American patriots. The sooner you Q people can get past this, the sooner we can start bailing the water out of this sinking ship.

Update: I had time to listen to the segment again. The name of the company is Digital World Acquisition Corp. The CEO is named Patrick Orlando. Orlando is also CEO of Yunhong International, which has offices in Wuhan, China. I was not able to find a listing of their board of directors, but here are a few links for confirmation. What are the chances, sheep?

Who is Wuhan-Linked Patrick Orlando, the Man Taking Donald Trump’s Media Company Public?

The moneyman behind Trump’s media company runs a firm in Wuhan

Yunhong Intl on

I was watching a pretty good interview on scientology after the initial news segment, but the Internet kept cutting off at about 30 minutes in. Maybe I’ll come back to this video later, but for now I’d better post and get it out there.

Descrip: Today on TruNews, Former President Donald Trump announced earlier this week that he is launching a social media platform titled Truth Social. Mr. Trump said the new Trump Media and Technology Group has big plans to create news, streaming, and technology businesses to compete with CNN and other news organizations. Rick Wiles examines the Wuhan money dump into Donald Trump’s new social media platform.

Rick also interviews Aaron Smith-Levin, the VP of The Aftermath Foundation which exists to help those who want to leave Scientology.

Kerry and Doc update the audience with the latest in COVID news.

Rick Wiles, Kerry Kinsey, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 10/22/21.

Dr. Robert Malone: Recent Tweets On Fauci, Daszak, Gain Of Function

Remember when Fauci said no gain of function?