Alaska Warming Up, Media In Damage Control Over Record Cold

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University of Fairbanks in Alaska gives a nice report showing that Alaska was green and forested during the last full glaciation 20,000 years ago, but in shorter time frames, grand solar minimums Alaska gets warmer and cools as the planet warmed in past warm periods. Media shifting gears to get our minds ready for colder times ahead. Infrastructure falling apart in the cold conditions.
The 1982 blizzard when it snowed for 36 hours…
Maunder Minimum Temperature reconstruction
The ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Has Put a Freeze on the Power Supply in Parts of the East Coast…
Why was interior Alaska green during the last ice age?…
Climate maps…
Sea Ice Page…
Current Global Temperatures…

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Title: Alaska Warms During Mini Ice Ages & Media in Damage Control from Extreme Cold (509) (YT link) Uploaded by Adapt 2030.


Deep Immersion: 01/07/18 with Dani McKenny

Advanced topis. Great discussion.


YT description: This is the first of what we hope will be many more discussions. We’ve decided to call these exchanges “Deep Immersions”: An open conversation and sharing of thoughts and ideas.

This episode features Emily Moyer, Jeff Gates, Ben Grose and dani arnold mckenny sitting back and throwing multiple topics on the table after a crazy week of WTF?

Title: Deep Immersion Jan 7 2018, episode 1 (YT link) Uploaded by Removing The Shackles.

Deep Immersion: 01/07/18 – with Dani McKenny (2018, 5 stars)

Run time: 1 hour, 58 minutes. This conversation is starting off very intense! First off, if you’ve never heard Tracy Twyman’s interviews, brace yourself. She gets deep into the occult and she does not hold back on her findings no matter how gruesome they are. Beyond that, here are some other points that are piquing my interest:

The Moon is a gateway or portal. – Oh, man, where do I start? I’ve done a lot of research into the Moon from a lot of angles, including historical, mythological, scientific and spiritual. David Icke has speculated that the Moon is part of the control mechanism for the Hologram Universe. Santos Bonacci thinks it is an exit for our souls after they leave our meat sacks (and Saturn is the entryway). Crrow777 has filmed the Lunar Wave, and speculates that the Moon may be an illusion to hide something else behind it. Clandestine Russian scientist Khatib Alexander, aka Hadybow, also suspected this. Personally, I think the Moon is artificial after having gone through hundreds of pages of material from Biblioteca Pleyades, most of it based on ‘official story’ scientific articles. What is hidden behind the Moon? Possibly a Black Cube like the one speculated to be found on Saturn (which Kubrick alluded to in his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Dani and her guests speak about Up being True North, and about a control room found on the Moon. I don’t know about the True North part (which makes sense on a Flat Earth), but I can tell you this much. Last year, I believe, I had a lucid dream where I was a student in high school or a junior college. When graduation came along, the other students left campus (or Earth) and went somewhere else. I stayed behind, with all the empty buildings around me. Something seemed odd about the hallways to me, and I kept thinking they were hollow. I went into an elevator, and it stopped unexpectedly. The back wall opened up and I walked into a control room with several technicians in it. This control room existed out of time and space, and the people in there were monitoring the students until they went off elsewhere after graduating. I understood that I was out in the field (Earth), immersed into the false reality to interact with the students. Is the control room I saw found on the Moon? I don’t know, but I’ve had countless lucid and normal dreams where I sense, figure out or have been told that I am a Watcher, Observer or Wanderer on this planet.

To help you understand a perpendicular universe, or perhaps to confuse you further, here is another way of looking at that. Pretend we live on a screen with only Up, Down and Across as your directions, like on a flat grid or analysis chart. The person watching us lives in 3D with added depth. We on the 2D world can’t understand that depth because it is out of our experience. We only know Up, Down and Across, while the Watcher knows Through / Depth. When the guests speak about a perpendicular universe next to ours, they are talking about 4D or 5D.

26:30 – A guest mentions a war in the heavens with lion gods. That one hits home with me! In my Ghostly Sightings Report for December 17th of last year (posted in my Articles section), I witnessed a holographic lion face while meditating and suffering through a toothache one night. I’ve also seen that a few months ago, Lisa Harrison changed her Youtube banner to a lion’s face, similar to what I witnessed. In the past, I have been pointed metaphysically to study ancient felines on Earth, and to blue people that live on the bottom of the ocean. What does this mean? Why is it important?

28:50 – San Diego, Ca, has been heavily bombarded with Chemtrails over the last few weeks. I am seeing a lot of near vertical plane climbs either in front of or behind the arc of the sun.

37:30 – Pocket universes are mentioned again. This idea of small dimensions that exist just out of our prescience pops up a lot in my fiction writing. I’ve studied this idea, I’ve analyzed it from esoteric means, and in a way, I have tried to create my own pocket universe through occult, Mystery School and shamanic practices. This is why I think I see so many light anomalies around me; I think I’ve created a space of energy for them to be seen. Also, this goes along with the quantum realm, where D-Wave computers and CERN are presented to us as being able to open dimensions so we can see or exploit what lies on the other side. When we hear about pulling resources from ‘the other side,’ these aren’t demons or material things, they are energies or vibrations different than those which already exist on our side. Everything revolves around magnetism and polarity. That being said, these energies could very well be extremely negative or demonic.

44:30 – The topic moves to speeding time. I may write up another Ghostly Sightings report soon, as I keep catching instances of the clock jumping on me, or of me watching a program that is an hour long, and an hour ten minutes go by once it is done. The time on my computer and my wall clock are the same, but this is incongruous to the time of the program.

Speaking of being able to jump out of time and jumping back in, I went through something very interesting during a car crash, where I found myself in a Langoliers situation (like in Stephen King’s story), where I was on a highway with crashed cars and trucks, but no people and no moving objects. I was there for several seconds or several minutes; it was difficult to tell because I was the only being moving there. Anyway, Freeman Fly once stated that he was in a resort with nobody in it, as if the people had to ‘catch up’ to the time when they were there. He said he was looking around in shock, as it was impossible for the resort to be empty, and then suddenly it was full of people like it should have been all along. That sounds a lot like what I went through. Michel Desmarquet described something similar in his alien abduction book Thiaoouba Prophecy, but I think that account was too sensationalized to be credible.

47:20 – The conversation focuses on magnetism and hot spots. There are numerous electromagnetic anomalies on the Moon that are called Lunar Marias. Some of these are so powerful they will prevent dust from falling on them. The dust, or regolith, on the Marias has different dating than the dust from other locations. I speculate that perhaps the Moon is sending frequencies to Earth through the Marias, affecting Moon tides, women’s menstrual cycles, growth in general in a whole slew of other things here on Earth. There is no doubt that the Moon is sending some kind of frequency / vibration to us. Mr. MBB333 and others have recorded a cooler temperature in direct moonlight, when compared to the night’s shadows.

1:10:30 – Rainbows are portals. We know from the lore that leprechauns hoard their pot of gold at the ends of rainbows. If the rainbow is not seen, neither is the gold. That sounds like a pocket dimension. It makes one wonder why that idea first came about.

We get further insight when a speaker brings up MK Ultra programming. The Wizard Of Oz and ‘over the rainbow’ meme are used as triggers to access multiple personalities. It can be argued that the split personality exists in ‘another dimension’ that needs trigger words or signs to be drawn out into our reality. The additional personalities are quantum. They don’t stop existing just because the individual is not actively using them. They go ‘somewhere else,’ similar to Quantum Theory’s spooky action at a distance.

Also, in Norse mythology, Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, is used by the gods to access the Nine Worlds, including Midgard / Earth.

1:16:00 – Ben makes a MAJOR POINT. His idea is that Chemtrails are preventing souls from entering our Hologram Universe. If you go back to every major religion, you come across stories of the gods, fallen angels, etc. coming to Earth from space, heaven or another dimension. This can go at least two ways. One, the particles in the sky will prevent ‘the gods’ from being able to manifest in our reality. Two, the particles will stop souls from entering our atmosphere, which will later incarnate into the next generation of Star Children or Crystals the New Agers talk about. We already have Big Pharma using vaccines to mentally destabilize children by giving them autism and other mental disorders, but The Powers That Be are failing because too many people are finding out the dangers of vaccines. If TPTB can’t destroy the minds of babies, the next step is to keep advanced souls from reaching fetuses before they can be born.

1:40:40 – The dome of the Earth is a plug, and things can be inserted into it. Here is another concept that I can take in a lot of different directions. Look up Operation Fishbowl, where the United States nuked space, supposedly looking for a way to destroy Russia. I’ll have to dig out my old notes, showing how the U.S. bombed the Moon with while pretending to look for water, because we really need water on the Moon (Update: Project A119 and Project LCROSS), and how they tried to ignite Saturn into a second sun in the Lucifer Project. From a historical and mythological perspective, I have compiled a list of nine ancient cultures that recorded a time before the Moon was in the sky, including Babylon, Greece, Sumeria and Tibet. If we have been to the Moon, as the liars at NASA tell us, there is no doubt to anyone with an open mind that the Moon is artificial.

1:44:10 – The Moon is used to access higher levels / planets, because the elevator to those levels has been broken. We do have speculation from various sources, including psychics and researchers like David Icke and Hadybow, who think the Moon is a ship or base, where beings from other planets stop before coming to Earth. The idea of building a space elevator is in the news now, thanks to people like Elon Musk. We could be talking about a physical elevator, or conversely, an astral or spiritual one. Regarding the different levels, all ancient cultures say there are seven: Sol, Luna, Earth, and the four planets that can be seen with the naked eye, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This coincides with the Hindu concept of the seven Chakras. Also, what if The Powers That Be broke those elevators deliberately? That would go along with this feeling I have that too many people are currently on Earth because the pipes are clogged or the exits are shut, and no souls are able to get out. It is possible that we have a being like the Gnostic Demiurge standing in our way.

Rock: Looner – Had None (Ft. Zoe Poledouris)

I’ve listened to a few of this babe’s tracks now. Sometimes I can tell when she needs a little more polish to make it to the Big Time. This track, however, is perfect.

This song and video has something…I watched in once, and now I go back and listen it again and again….LOONER – Elena Khlibko


YT description: Indie rock duo sing song about seemingly having it all. While suspiciously following and appearing to an unsuspecting fellow in Portland, Oregon.

Title: LOONER (Featuring Zoë Poledouris) – Had None (YT link) Uploaded by loonertheband.

American Pravda: Twitter Keeps Your Tweets, Even Dick Pics Part 3

If you’re on Twitter, just get off it. Enough is enough. No one should be putting their faith in a bunch of millennial techies who’ve never kissed a girl. – crankylifter

There’s a simple fix here…..stop fukn using the damn sjw snowflake apps. – Hard Truth

Twitter is a shithole – kingdpsht1

I’m sure Twitter will respond with the same, “this is not our company, this is only a few rogue employees” nonsense. I’d love to see Twitter stock sink and @jack become homeless. Creeps. – Conservative News


YT description: Project Veritas has released undercover footage of Twitter Engineers and employees admitting that Twitter employees view”everything you post” on their servers, including private “sex messages,” and “d*ck pics.” The engineers also admit that Twitter analyzes this information to create a “virtual profile” of you which they sell to advertisers.

James O’Keefe has just completed a book about this series entitled “AMERICAN PRAVDA: My fight for Truth in the Era of Fake News.” The book will be released by St. Martin’s Press on January 16, 2018.

Pre-order the book:

This is part three in Project Veritas’ Twitter investigation.
See part one:
See part two:


Title: BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View “Everything You Post,” & Private “Sex Messages” (YT link) Uploaded by VeritasVisuals.

False Flag Hawaii: Benjamin Fulford Exposed As Disinfo Agent?

Fulford is one of these guys that always claims insider knowledge and gives out info that can never be verified. I’m putting him in the Suck-Ass category with Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, L.A. Marzulli, Linda Moulton Howe, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Steven Greer and Jaime Maussan. Don’t trust these people unless and until they deliver the goods.

Anyway, BP turns talks about Fulford’s distractions in claiming he has inside info that this was a submarine that fired a missile at Hawaii, and that several underwater bases are under attack. The video gets a little dry when BP makes it into a science lesson.


YT description: Pay Very Close Attention, Big Week Coming.
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Title: Hawaii Alarm Update/Major Dis-Info/Bad Sources Exposed. (YT link) Uploaded by BP Earthwatch.

False Flag Hawaii: MSNBC In Command Center Before Alert Went Out

Coincidence? Riiiight. The first half of this video is dry, but I recommend you watch it all the way through. Also, do you due diligence on Project Mockingbird.

“We just so happened to be here…” – MSNBC / CIA asset Jacob Soboroff, just like CIA assets Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper and Wolf Blitzer of Fake News CNN reporting the latest False Flags

Testing reaction of public to see where they all go to hide, and how long it takes. So next time the warning will be late in a real event. – Jason Genaw

War Of The Worlds / Radio Show / in Hawaii – John Longenecker (No shit!)

Maybe they should increase the distance between the Lunch menu and the Launch menu… just a thought! – Tom Long


YT description: NBC CAMERAS INSIDE HOURS BEFORE THE MISSILE ALERT. Pay Very Close Attention, Big Week Coming.
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Title: MockingBird In Hawaii Alert Center Hours Before Missile Warning. (YT link) Uploaded by BP Earthwatch.

Connecting Consciousness: 01/07/18 with Simon Parkes

Reference is made to a few video shots and pics, but we can’t see them because of the static cover. Sucks for us.


Title: 2018-01-07 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes (YT link) Uploaded by Studio9Jam.

Connecting Consciousness: 01/07/18 with Simon Parkes (2018, 3 stars)

Run time: 1 hour, 54 minutes. Parkes is okay to listen to, but when he starts talking about Reptilians, Pleiadians and Dracos beings, that is just too far out of my life experience for me to easily swallow. The argument has been presented that all of these alien races that contact humans through telepathy are higher souls pretending to be aliens, because for whatever reason our higher souls can’t say things directly to us. Compare that to how our dreams and nightmares disguise our hopes and dreams with images of nice things and monsters. Use what you can and bypass the rest. Nobody has all the answers, but Parkes may have a piece of the puzzle that you need to move forward.

A couple of Parkes’ interpretations I have counter-arguments for. About halfway through the show, he states that Jesus was a real person with good intentions who got loose from the establishment. His one example is how Jesus overturned the tables of the merchants in the temple. Okay, so one time, and only one time, Jesus went and had a temper tantrum, and suddenly he is this anti-establishment, rebellious cult figure.

I’ve stated in the past that Jesus was that day’s comic book figure, where different stories were told about a semi-fictional character by different authors in different regions. We have over a dozen versions of Hercules, for instance, that were melded together as time went on to give us the pop version we see in movies as today. The same thing happened with whoever was the original basis for a human Jesus. This is why we have books focusing on Jesus that were left out of the Bible: many were contradictory and took the narrative in a direction Emperor Constantine did not want to go in. This is why books showing Jesus as a boy were left out, where he pushed other children off roofs, killed them and revived them, and where he made pigeons of out clay for his mother, hallelujah! These were episodes that were circulated throughout the Roman Empire in much the same way the Vedas were in India. So Jesus disappears, and voila, we see him later at the Masonic age of 33, with no ‘official story’ for what happened during the missing years. The stories are there in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear what has been deliberately omitted to mislead you. Read the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas to read about the Enlightened / Hindu / Buddhist Jesus template.

The Israelite dogmatic leaders never accepted Jesus. Their hope for a Messiah was a general to lead their armies to victory, and not a mewling hippie who preached love and ran away from every single fight, except for that one tantrum in the temple. Besides, other people around that time were credited with performing miracles, including John the Baptist, Simon Magnus and Apollonius of Tyana. The Jews of that time did in fact have military leaders whom they called Messiahs before, during and after the alleged time of Jesus.

Towards the end of the show, Parkes goes into the Trump Savior Meme. Oh, sure, sure, Trump is a saint, who has to roll around in the mud with the Zionist pigs ruling the planet. We just don’t have good, noble people anywhere that are non-Zionist who can help Adon Trump fix the United States. Only the Zionists (and Marxists) who are ruining this nation can be trusted with fixing it. Right! Parkes also makes a few statements about the United Nations being at odds with the US, but he doesn’t mention that the Rothschilds created the League Of Nations / United Nations as an organization to promote their New World Order.

uncensored and uncompromising