Switching Over To New Site – Verum Et Inventa II

Greetings, happy holidays, no cosmic wave evidence so all is good. I’ve tried to reformat this site 3 or 4 times over the last year, but it isn’t easy with over 8700 posts in the bucket. At the outset, I didn’t plan on having that many, but I do tend to overindulge in my research. The only way I figure I can set things up the way I want them, proper like,  is to start fresh at the starting line, especially with all the broken links I keep coming across due to censorship and Mandela Effects. This is a good time to do it with the New Year coming up! I suggest that all of you with stagnant situations look to make some big POSITIVE changes as well. Like so many Truthers are saying, be the change you want to see in the world!

I will be focusing on current news, but I will also be moving some of the posts from this site over to the new one depending on what I’m working on. Because the posts are all over the place, I will be trying to categorize them better and collect them in bunches. Don’t be surprised if some of the stuff here starts disappearing. It isn’t Mandela Effect! It’s just me sorting through things a little at a time. Just over the last couple of days, I’ve accumulated 16 videos I want to post and comment on, plus I have a slew of new metaphysical articles I’ve been working on ready to post.

The site is bare bones right now, but I would very much appreciate it if you, friends, followers and even respectful critics, would head on over and set your bookmarks and click the follow button. I’ve got the floor plan laid out, and tomorrow I’m bringing in the booze and cranking up the stereo to give the place a proper christening.

New blog site, with a very original name:

Verum Et Inventa II

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Chemtrails: Madison Star Moon Is Not Going To Take It Anymore!

This is probably the most important video I’ll be posting today. Share this post or share the video link.


YT description: This is an Amazing video from an Amazing Woman who does Amazing work.
Chemtrails is possibly the greatest attack on humanity in history. The human population has turned a blind eye on it for too long.
Only a tiny amount of people are doing their darndest to wake people up.
MadisonStar Moon is one of the leaders in this field and her work should be supported.

Madisonstar Moon video https://youtu.be/8gzwVUDl-yE

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You can find her on Facebook under “Amanda Danielle”

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Title: PLEASE Everyone Share/Mirror This Video (YT link) Uploaded by Peekay Truth.

United States: Top Ten Insane Soros Justice Warriors Of 2016

I have like 10 videos I want to post, but I keep getting sidetracked by all these good finds! I’m in the rabbit hole!


YT description: Here’s a list of the top 10 craziest Social Justice Warriors of 2016. It’s been a wild year of lunatic liberals trying to convince people their mental illness is normal and crying in their safe spaces hiding from reality. Thanks for the endless entertainment!

Title: Top 10 Insane Social Justice Warriors Of 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Mark Dice.

United States: Top Ten Triggered Liberal Scumbags Of 2016

YT description: It’s been a tough year for liberals. The snowflakes were triggered on countless occasions and cried for their Safe Space. Media analyst Mark Dice breaks down his list of the top ten triggered liberals of 2016.

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Title: Top 10 Triggered Liberals Of 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Mark Dice.

United States: Drexel University’s Xmas Gift – White Genocide

This is unrelated, but I just had 4 military choppers buzz over my house here in Southeast San Diego. They looked and sounded like Vietnam era Hueys. I was about to start playing Flight Of The Valkyries and getting ready to go out in a blaze of glory.


YT description: “White genocide” is trending on Twitter because of a Drexel University professor.

Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/drexel-unive…

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Title: Drexel University’s White Christmas Genocide (YT link) Uploaded by Sargon Of Akkad.

FUCK ISLAM: Top Ten Examples Of European Cultural Enrichment

For the year 2016.


Ugh Germany no one cares about the war anymore. Get off your knees, stop feeling guilty, thoroughly uncuck yourself and sort it out for goodness sake! – Adam G

You should read the BBC headline about the attack. It goes like this : “Truck Kills 12 people in Berlin”. Yes…it’s not the Islamist’s fault. It’s the Truck’s fault. Maybe the truck was hacked by Putin. The Islamist just happened to be on the driving seat. – Tom

Islamic truck of tolerance – nostalgia for infi

Trucks must be outlawed. – Colonel Radec

18 wheels of friendship. – Rodney Terry

Title: The Enrichment of Europe: A BEST OF (TOP 10) 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks.

United States: Fake News Agenda And Government Propaganda

YT description: A http://vidmax.com Original

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Title: “FAKE NEWS AGENDA:” & the US Govt.’s New Propaganda Factory (YT link) Uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks.

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False Flag Ankara: Body Switch – Crisis Actor And Darker Dead Man

Yeah, the standing man looks like a pretty boy Israeli Mossad agent, or possibly a wannabe Israeli actor, while the man on the floor looks like Kramer’s little brother. I guess some of the sheep are bitching about why two bodies would be used in such a ploy. That’s easy. Dead men tell no tales. You set up the production and pull it off, then you have a body fresh from the morgue for closure. That’s right, sheep, The Powers That Be are not above using dead bodies as props. Go take a look at Malaysian Flight MH-17, where witnesses described, not fresh bodies, but naked, discolored and already bloated corpses after the crash. The plane was shot down by pro-Western interests, sheep, because liberals love to blame Russia.


Title: Turkish Double Switch (YT link) Uploaded by Russian Vids.

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Antarctica: Theories On Why The Continent Is Splitting Apart

We’ve got the news in the first half of this video, and the speculation in the rest. The producer did a pretty good job in covering all that is out there. Especially notable is an image of the tweet that Buzz Aldrin allegedly sent out, that I had not seen before. The rumor is that something zapped his ass after he touched an artifact.

There is an angle that I’d like for you to consider, which I just started looking into last night. In the latest round of Mandela Effects, several researchers are tracking land being added and being taken away from our world based on Google maps evidence. That made my mind spin! You will hear some quotes from Edgar Cayce on this video that sound roughly like the same concept.

Search this blog for Mandela Effect to learn more, focusing on posts having to do with islands or land masses. I have several new ME / land mass videos I will be posting, hopefully later today.


YT description: There are some strange events happening in Antarctica.

Images taken by scientists from NASA’s Icebridge mission shows a rift in Larsen C, an ice shelf off the Antarctic Peninsula.

The rift is 75 miles long, 300 feet wide and one third mile deep.

The crack is expected to spread across the entire ice shelf causing a massive separation. .

Title: Antarctic Continent is Splitting in Half- Strange Events Detected Worldwide (YT link) Uploaded by Skywatch Media News.

False Flag Ankara: Russian Ambassador Killed In Turkey – HOAX!



Title: HOAX Russian Ambassador ‘Killed’ In Turkey! (Andrey Karlov) False Flag Syria Propaganda! (YT link) Uploaded by Barry Soetoro.

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