United States: Top Ten Insane Soros Justice Warriors Of 2016

I have like 10 videos I want to post, but I keep getting sidetracked by all these good finds! I’m in the rabbit hole!


YT description: Here’s a list of the top 10 craziest Social Justice Warriors of 2016. It’s been a wild year of lunatic liberals trying to convince people their mental illness is normal and crying in their safe spaces hiding from reality. Thanks for the endless entertainment!

Title: Top 10 Insane Social Justice Warriors Of 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Mark Dice.

United States: Top Ten Triggered Liberal Scumbags Of 2016

YT description: It’s been a tough year for liberals. The snowflakes were triggered on countless occasions and cried for their Safe Space. Media analyst Mark Dice breaks down his list of the top ten triggered liberals of 2016.

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Title: Top 10 Triggered Liberals Of 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Mark Dice.

United States: Drexel University’s Xmas Gift – White Genocide

This is unrelated, but I just had 4 military choppers buzz over my house here in Southeast San Diego. They looked and sounded like Vietnam era Hueys. I was about to start playing Flight Of The Valkyries and getting ready to go out in a blaze of glory.


YT description: “White genocide” is trending on Twitter because of a Drexel University professor.

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Title: Drexel University’s White Christmas Genocide (YT link) Uploaded by Sargon Of Akkad.

United States: Fake News Caught Red Handed And Exposed

YT description: With the recent attacks yesterday in Berlin, all over Europe and Turkey we call out the fake news and propaganda that you are not hearing on western main stream media. There are a lot of conflicting reports but we do our best to give you the truth of these matters. Support us and invest in us on http://wearechange.org/donate/ for future news coverage.

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Title: Fake News Caught Red Handed And Exposed (YT link) Uploaded by We Are Change.

United Staes: CBS Slanders We Are Change And Free Speech

YT description: The main stream media has yet again been caught doing lazy journalism with their recent attack on alternative media and free speech with another hit piece this morning. This is not the only problem this independent news organization faces as WeAreChange was just issued a legal notice from our ad company about being labeled fake news with a verified sourced documented article. As our numbers are demised and the establishment is hell bent on stopping anyone speaking the truth we need your help more then ever on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange













Title: CBS News Caught Lying And Slandering WeAreChange and Free Speech (YT link) Uploaded by We Are Change.

United States: Ben Swann Tells The Truth On CIA Lies / Russian Hack

The whole purpose of the the CIA is forced regime change. What part of that is so difficult for people to grasp?


YT description: Reality Check: 5 Problems with CIA Claim That Russia Hacked DNC/Podesta emails… this is a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else

Title: Reality Check: 5 Problems with CIA Claim That Russia Hacked DNC/Podesta emails (YT link) Uploaded by Ben Swann.

FUCK ISLAM: After Berlin, Cops Ready To Fight… German Civilians!

That would be WHITE German civilians. I see that Germany and Sweden are still neck and neck for title of the Liberal Darwin Award. Seriously, you can’t pass up on all of these potential BROWN voters. They must be protected at all costs!

Muslim in the new Jew.


From the article on Breitbart: Police Ramp Up Patrols to Fight Islamophobia After Berlin Attack

Bristol has stepped up police presence in the city centre to combat potential Islamophobia in the wake of the Berlin terror attack.

At least 12 were killed and many more injured, more than a dozen critically, when a truck was driven into crowds of people at a Christmas market in the German capital. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the act of terror, with police chiefs warning that the country can expect “further significant attacks”.

Following the attack officers, both mounted and on foot, and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) have been patrolling the Bristol Christmas market in Broadmead, England.

Area commander for Bristol, Chief Superintendent Jon Reilly, confirmed that extra officers have been deployed to prevent ‘hate crime’.

“Following previous terror attacks across mainland Europe we have seen an increase in the number of reported Islamophobic hate crimes in the Avon and Somerset area.

“We have subsequently increased patrols in areas of Bristol which have high footfall in order to provide additional reassurance and to act as a visible deterrent. We also hope it will aid and encourage reporting of any hate crimes or incidents should they occur.

“We want those who are victims of hate crime to feel confident in the belief that we’ll take their reports seriously, protect them and make sure they get all the support they need.

“We’d also like to reassure everyone that we, along with the security and intelligence services, are tirelessly working together to keep you safe.”

United States: Govt Has Authority To Microchip Mentally Disabled?

I did post on this House Bill a few days ago, but here we have testimony from a Congressman on why it should not be done.


YT description: No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. This actually just happened. And the language is so vague, we don’t know what type of tracking tech will be employed or how far this program will end up going if it gets in full swing… Orwellian doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Title: Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with ‘Mental Disabilities’ (YT link) Uploaded by Truth Stream Media.

Germany: Ministers Want Martial Law After Allah’s Coward Attacks

Germany and Sweden are lagging behind in the common sense department, as England, France, Italy and Trump’s US of A are finally pulling their heads out and seeing the Wahabi scourge for what it really is. Merkel should be hung up on a giant crane for what she has brought upon her nation, just like Saudi Arabia hangs its Christians.


From the article on Express: THIS IS WAR: German ministers turn on Angela Merkel amid call for martial law after Berlin

Politicians have even declared war after an unknown assailant  ploughed into crowds in Berlin.

Police had arrested a man from Pakistan called Naved B who they claim was approved for asylum after arriving in the country in February, however it has since been claimed he is not thought to have been the driver after DNA tests.

Now in a veiled attack on Chancellor Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, Klaus Bouillon of Mrs Merkel’s CDU party said told Saarland radio: “We must state that we are in a state of war, although some people who want to see only the good can not see.

Bouillon announced intensified security measures amid fears there could be more attacks today.

“We will take it wherever we think it is necessary.

“That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.”

Chief executive of the populist right wing Alternative for Germany party, which is widely expect to obliterate Mrs Merkel’s party in next year’s elections, say the country is now no longer safe.

Police raided a refugee camp in a disused airport at 4am this morning, where a suspect known as Naved B was known to be living.

But police sources have later said that they have “the wrong man” and that the real culprit is on the run and armed.