FUCK ISLAM: Top Ten Examples Of European Cultural Enrichment

For the year 2016.


Ugh Germany no one cares about the war anymore. Get off your knees, stop feeling guilty, thoroughly uncuck yourself and sort it out for goodness sake! – Adam G

You should read the BBC headline about the attack. It goes like this : “Truck Kills 12 people in Berlin”. Yes…it’s not the Islamist’s fault. It’s the Truck’s fault. Maybe the truck was hacked by Putin. The Islamist just happened to be on the driving seat. – Tom

Islamic truck of tolerance – nostalgia for infi

Trucks must be outlawed. – Colonel Radec

18 wheels of friendship. – Rodney Terry

Title: The Enrichment of Europe: A BEST OF (TOP 10) 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Black Pigeon Speaks.


FUCK ISLAM: After Berlin, Cops Ready To Fight… German Civilians!

That would be WHITE German civilians. I see that Germany and Sweden are still neck and neck for title of the Liberal Darwin Award. Seriously, you can’t pass up on all of these potential BROWN voters. They must be protected at all costs!

Muslim in the new Jew.


From the article on Breitbart: Police Ramp Up Patrols to Fight Islamophobia After Berlin Attack

Bristol has stepped up police presence in the city centre to combat potential Islamophobia in the wake of the Berlin terror attack.

At least 12 were killed and many more injured, more than a dozen critically, when a truck was driven into crowds of people at a Christmas market in the German capital. Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the act of terror, with police chiefs warning that the country can expect “further significant attacks”.

Following the attack officers, both mounted and on foot, and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) have been patrolling the Bristol Christmas market in Broadmead, England.

Area commander for Bristol, Chief Superintendent Jon Reilly, confirmed that extra officers have been deployed to prevent ‘hate crime’.

“Following previous terror attacks across mainland Europe we have seen an increase in the number of reported Islamophobic hate crimes in the Avon and Somerset area.

“We have subsequently increased patrols in areas of Bristol which have high footfall in order to provide additional reassurance and to act as a visible deterrent. We also hope it will aid and encourage reporting of any hate crimes or incidents should they occur.

“We want those who are victims of hate crime to feel confident in the belief that we’ll take their reports seriously, protect them and make sure they get all the support they need.

“We’d also like to reassure everyone that we, along with the security and intelligence services, are tirelessly working together to keep you safe.”

Germany: Ministers Want Martial Law After Allah’s Coward Attacks

Germany and Sweden are lagging behind in the common sense department, as England, France, Italy and Trump’s US of A are finally pulling their heads out and seeing the Wahabi scourge for what it really is. Merkel should be hung up on a giant crane for what she has brought upon her nation, just like Saudi Arabia hangs its Christians.


From the article on Express: THIS IS WAR: German ministers turn on Angela Merkel amid call for martial law after Berlin

Politicians have even declared war after an unknown assailant  ploughed into crowds in Berlin.

Police had arrested a man from Pakistan called Naved B who they claim was approved for asylum after arriving in the country in February, however it has since been claimed he is not thought to have been the driver after DNA tests.

Now in a veiled attack on Chancellor Merkel’s open-door refugee policy, Klaus Bouillon of Mrs Merkel’s CDU party said told Saarland radio: “We must state that we are in a state of war, although some people who want to see only the good can not see.

Bouillon announced intensified security measures amid fears there could be more attacks today.

“We will take it wherever we think it is necessary.

“That means long-range weapons, short weapons, machine guns, even if this sounds martial.”

Chief executive of the populist right wing Alternative for Germany party, which is widely expect to obliterate Mrs Merkel’s party in next year’s elections, say the country is now no longer safe.

Police raided a refugee camp in a disused airport at 4am this morning, where a suspect known as Naved B was known to be living.

But police sources have later said that they have “the wrong man” and that the real culprit is on the run and armed.

Gnostic: Sean McMahon – Gnostic Themes In Modern Music

So-so interview. Basically, this is personal perspective from a young musician. Usually, I listen to shows like this for the research and how specific scriptures and themes affect people’s lives. I did not get much of that here. The title of ‘modern music’ is a misnomer, as guest McMahon’s music experience is very local and limited.


YT description: Become a patron of Aeon Byte: http://www.patreon.com/aeonbyte. The Gnostic ethos is becoming more expressed in various artistic mediums by a new generation that sees the world ruled by archontic powers. Although not as prevalent as in movies, Gnostic themes is gaining a niche in popular music, the latest incarnation of the Mystery Schools. We explore the echos of an ancient heresy in modern music, from classic rock to alternative rock, as well as a rising musician from the New York scene who is directly influenced by the Gnostic Gospels. Our guest also relates the challenges and techniques of using esoteric themes in modern art. An essential episode for artists using Gnosis to express their Daemon.

Astral Guest– Sean McMahon, founder of Workman Song.

Title: Gnostic Themes In Modern Music: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Mandela Effect: Holy Grail! Chalice Gone From Da Vinci’s Last Supper

TSB isn’t calling this an ME, but I am. There are multiple anomalies here: the missing chalice, the ghost chalice on the wall, and the clear shot glasses all over the table.


YT description: This is not technically a Mandela effect video. There is no “obvious” effect here. It simply presents another aspect of reality that does not make any sense. Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper depicted without a chalice or “Holy Grail” is as strange to me as telling me in countless statues that Moses had horns. No, I don’t know everything and it is a bit arrogant to say because it’s new to me reality itself has changed, but almost everything presented into today’s world is a lie, and the cause of it must be discussed.

Title: Fluid Reality? Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Why Bother With A Holy Grail! (YT link) Uploaded by Texas Shrugged Book.

Ron Lelito: Thelema And The Yazidi ‘Devil Worshipers’

This is my first time listening to anything Thelema, by the way. I was trying to find more info on Yazidi religion and came across this lecture by an O.T.O. member, so here it is. Basically, the idea is that both the Thelemists and the Yazidi are not really ‘devil worshipers,’ but at the same time, they are. According to Lelito, this is deliberate obfuscation, misdirection and the idea of keeping the religions mysterious.

From the Yazidi point of view, it makes some sense. After watching a documentary on Yazidi culture a few days ago, I found that the religion and social structure of these tribal people don’t have a lot of real substance to them. I got the sense that big holes were missing from the video, but could not decide if it was done accidentally or deliberately.

Anyway, this is an opinion from the ‘dark side,’ as it were, as information is coming out through Wikileaks that Podesta and his Pizza Gate crew were into Thelema. Search this blog for my previous post on Yazidi culture. For you amateur historians out there, I have another very interesting video tying Yazidi culture in with the Tamil of ancient India. I’ll be posting that one in a few minutes.


YT description: This is a lecture by Azi Rasa on Thelema and the Yezidi “Devil Worshippers”, given at Blazing Star Oasis O.T.O. in the Valley of Oakland, CA on 8/27/2016, e.v.

Title: Thelema and the Yezidi “Devil Worshippers” (YT link) Uploaded by Blazing Star O.T.O.

Gnostic: Stephan Hoeller – The Gnostic Prophet Mani

I meant to do a review on this lecture, but there just wasn’t enough meat in it. I’ll try and find something more in-depth on Mani, probably on the Aeon Byte channel, in the near future.


YT description: Manichaeism. Mani: Helmsman of the Ship of Light – Dr. Stephan Hoeller. Gnosticism.
Date lecture: 1997

Lecture available from http://gnosis.org/welcome.html

Title: The Gnostic Prophet Mani – Dr. Stephan Hoeller (YT link) Uploaded by Pop Lar.

Buddhist: Guru Rinpoche – Westerner Channels Spirit And Pilgrimage

Excellent documentary from many angles. We have a documented pilgrimage to several Buddhist holy lands, incredible and miraculous stories from ancient Enlightened Buddhists that rival that of the most devout Catholics, and the narrator’s personal journey including several instances of spirit channeling and synchronicity. Guru Rinpoche is considered to be the 2nd Buddha. The narrator makes the claim that he may have written the Tibetan Book Of The Dead, which I have posted about before.

Padmasambhava[note 1] (lit. “Lotus-Born”), also known as Guru Rinpoche, was an 8th-century Indian Buddhist master. Although there was a historical Padmasambhava, nothing is known of him apart from helping the construction of the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet at Samye, at the behest of Trisong Detsen,[1] and shortly thereafter leaving Tibet due to court intrigues.[2]

A number of legends have grown around Padmasambhava’s life and deeds, and he is widely venerated as a ‘second Buddha’ across Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayan states of India.Wikipedia


YT description: Documentary about the Second Buddha, traveling, & mystical abilities like rainbow body (where your physical body dissolves into light!) & oracles (channeling spirits). I travelled to Tibet, Nepal, & Bhutan, as well as Thailand & Japan to look for answers. By Hideto Edward Uno (Edward Yin).

Title: Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) Full Length Documentary (YT link) Uploaded by Hideto Edward Uno.

FUCK ISLAM: Allah’s Young Punks Kick German Woman Down Stairs

This video is age restricted on other YT channels. Thanks, Jewish censors!


YT description: This CCTV footage shows a German girl getting ambushed by a gang of migrants in a Berlin Neukölln Subway station. One of the men viciously kicks the young woman in the back – she tumbles down the stairs, hits her head on the floor and is later treated in the hospital. Another man picks up what appears to be one of her belonging. They then proceed to calmly walk away from the scene while by-passers rush to help her.

The footage of the random attack that happened on the 27th of October around midnight only just surfaced and made it into local German newspapers.

Police are investigating for dangerous assault. It should be noted that the CCTV footage has the faces blurred in most German media, only the attacker’s face is visible.

A follow-up on the story will be posted once more details arise.


German article:

Title: BERLIN: Migrant Gang kicks German Girl down Subway Stairs in Random Assault, Neukölln CCTV (YT link) Uploaded by Face Of A Dying Nation.

FUCK ISLAM: 50 Christian Statues Defaced, Broken In Germany

The scumbag investigator claims that is was somebody ‘who hates Christianity’ who did this hate crime. That dumb SOB still can’t bring himself to say it was Allah’s ball sacks.


Title: Germany: 50 Christian statues broken in countryside (YT link) Uploaded by Vlad Tepes Blog.

From the article on Information LiberationGermany: 50 Christian Statues Smashed, Decapitated in Countryside

German police say they “don’t yet know” why Christian statues are being destroyed all over the countryside of North Rhine-Westphalia.

No doubt, it’s a real mystery.

Earlier this year, interior minister Ralf Jäger requested that the high “concentration” of North African migrants in the state be “redistributed equally” throughout the rest of Germany as they were disproportionately committing crimes.

There’s been similar cases where Christian statues were torn down by Muslim migrants.

In July, a 19-year-old Afghan migrant smashed up a church in Hamburg, Germany and said he did it “because I am a Muslim!”

In October, a 39-year-old Ghanaian migrant went on a rampage in Italy destroying invaluable statues in four historic roman churches because he said “children cannot be taught to believe using sacred images.”

As one YouTube commenter said: “You will notice the statue of Mary and the baby Jesus. They decapitated the baby Jesus but left Mary intact. Mary is not regarded as a prophet in Islam.”

I think it’s safe to say police can narrow their search of possible suspects.

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