Mandela Effect: Title Glitch – The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

I’m shook! The new title is HOW The Grinch Stole Christmas. As always, MB73 provides the residual evidence to back this up.


YT description: I remember A Dr. Seuss Book called “The Grinch Who Stole Cristmas” but it has never existed in this reality. The Book and Movies have always been titled,”How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

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Title: The Mandela Effect (“The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” Does Not Exist In This Reality) Please Vote #85 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.

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Mandela Effect: Australian Sun Shifts, Other Geographic Anomalies

Pretty soon, the sun will be rising from the south. Here in San Diego, it is coming up from the southeast now.


YT description: Xmas eve Australia we have a new Mandela effect and our sun has move 20 degrees in this sky and my neighbour just told me that is always rose in that spot even thou it never had to me in all the shifts we have been through the sun has been in the same position but not today and please feed the homeless this Xmas and make their day a good one too and screw the fines they are human beings and so are you

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Title: xmas eve australia we have a new mandela effect and our sun has move 20 degree (YT link) Uploaded by Bluebeard 2011.

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Erich Von Daniken: Ancient Aliens And Planet Earth

Decent listen, but nothing groundbreaking. Mostly this is about Daniken’s perspective.


YT description: Erich von Däniken investigates a mystery that has fascinated humankind for millennia: who, or what, were the Gods described in ancient stories?

Erich von Däniken has exhaustively researched and analyzed the great world religions, their myths and belief structures, in an effort to find an answer to a question that has fascinated humans for millennia: who, or what, were the Gods described in ancient stories?

His extraordinary conclusion? The Gods were not metaphysical beings born of humanity’s overactive imagination, but extraterrestrials who left traces of their presence everywhere on Earth.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning…

Title: Erich Von Daniken Ancient Aliens and Planet Earth 2016 (YT link) Uploaded by Earth Ancients.

Mandela Effect: British Queen’s Final Xmas- Biggest ME Of 2016?

I can’t believe it has been an entire year since that reptile bitch made that statement, which apparently she did not make in this reality. Oh, that’s a spoiler, as AT didn’t want to give it away in his title.

Here is what I remember… I saw a post on GLP saying that Queen what’s her face said Christmas 2015 would be our last Christmas. AT shows that Your News Wire article. I saw that article. I thought, no way, that can’t be true. I did go into Youtube and searched for the supposed video evidence, for about 5 minutes I guess. When I did not locate a video, I assumed the story was a hoax and moved on to something else. I never saw the actual video, only the News Wire story.


YT description: Abnormal Truth – Did I just discover the biggest Mandela Effect of the year?…

Title: Abnormal Truth – Did I just discover the biggest Mandela Effect of the year? (YT link) Uploaded by Abnormal Truth.

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Antarctica: Theories On Why The Continent Is Splitting Apart

We’ve got the news in the first half of this video, and the speculation in the rest. The producer did a pretty good job in covering all that is out there. Especially notable is an image of the tweet that Buzz Aldrin allegedly sent out, that I had not seen before. The rumor is that something zapped his ass after he touched an artifact.

There is an angle that I’d like for you to consider, which I just started looking into last night. In the latest round of Mandela Effects, several researchers are tracking land being added and being taken away from our world based on Google maps evidence. That made my mind spin! You will hear some quotes from Edgar Cayce on this video that sound roughly like the same concept.

Search this blog for Mandela Effect to learn more, focusing on posts having to do with islands or land masses. I have several new ME / land mass videos I will be posting, hopefully later today.


YT description: There are some strange events happening in Antarctica.

Images taken by scientists from NASA’s Icebridge mission shows a rift in Larsen C, an ice shelf off the Antarctic Peninsula.

The rift is 75 miles long, 300 feet wide and one third mile deep.

The crack is expected to spread across the entire ice shelf causing a massive separation. .

Title: Antarctic Continent is Splitting in Half- Strange Events Detected Worldwide (YT link) Uploaded by Skywatch Media News.

Mandela Effect: India – Sri Lanka Land Bridge, More Asia Anomalies

YT description: The ‘Mandela Effect’ is a label which has been given to unexplained extraordinary events which have been happening worldwide. It is undeniable that these changes and events are occurring as reported.

On a daily basis we record portions of our earth as it is so we have documented evidence as we watch new islands form and new land bridges be installed.

The creator of our world is the one behind the Mandela Effect. This is not a guess or a theory… it is a fact. We hope to be able to prove this to you. The truth really is, sometimes, stranger than fiction.…

To request video coverage of your local area, or any area of interest to you…

Title: Mandela Effect Earth Changes 19-12-2016 Srilanka-India land bridge prediction was correct (YT link) Uploaded by Mandela Effect.

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Mandela Effect: New Island Found – Underwater, WITH BUILDINGS

All right. I did look this one up, and I found it. Most likely this is a strange Google glitch showing real land underwater. I’m keeping this as an ME because it is a Google aberration, or perhaps more changes will be happening here in the near future, as LE suggests in previous videos about other places. Again, the place really exists above water, but for whatever reason Google is showing it at 2km underwater.

Mapcarta link to Pepesala Village.


YT description: Good day everyone! Hope all is well on your end.

Response video to a viewers suggestion that we find an island forming with the structures still underwater before it surfaces. Brilliant. So I searched and I found it!

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Title: Mandela Effect: Underwater City (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.

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Mandela Effect: New Islands Emerging, WITH PEOPLE ON THEM! Pt 1

Just when you think Tom Cruise losing his sunglasses was crazy, and here’s this. Two words that fit, peeps, are Hologram Universe. You see, we’re in this strange cloud now, that astronomers say is huge and cosmic, and they didn’t really know what would happen when it went around the Earth. Why don’t you have a look at the theories of Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes? These are tiny seeds or spores from space that supposedly led to the evolution of carbon-based life forms on Earth. One type caused iron sulfide, or rust, and the other type caused single-celled organisms to eat that rust. According to Evolution Theory, those microbes eventually evolved into us. How about if those -aryotes came from a cloud like the one we’re floating in right now? That could be how the Hologram Universe gets its updated data packets for reprogramming. How about that?

Part 2 is coming up in a few minutes, but I am very interested to see what’s on it!

Oh, and the two Youtube channels that LE mentioned are Mandela Effect and Nobleness Dee. I have posted from both before, but I’ll be checking on them in a few minutes too.


YT description: Good day everyone. Hope all is well on your end! Today’s video is one of my most important videos up-to-date. I’ll be showing how I think new land, islands, are appearing all over the world. Our creator is on our side!

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Daryl from the Mandela Effect:…

NoblenessDee @…

Title: Mandela Effect: URGENT NEW LAND!!! Part One (YT link) Uploaded by Lone Eagle.

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Mandela Effect: Residual Evidence For Coldwell / Caldwell Banker

What is this, wave 4 or 5 now? In my original reality, I worked in parking lots and garages for many years. I was a lot attendant, supervisor, manager, etc., and I worked at or near locations that had accounts with Coldwell Banker offices. For me, this is a reverse ME, because I always remember it as Coldwell. According to the voting poll, 262 say it was Caldwell, and 65 remember it the way I do.

The residual evidence in the video says it all, peeps.


YT description: I always remember Caldwell banker as the name of the Real Estate company. Apparently it has always been Coldwell in this reality.

Title: The Mandela Effect (Caldwell Banker Has Always Been Coldwell Banker In This Reality) Please Vote #83 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.

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