Hip Hop: Blooded The Brave – Peacemaker

Dude has an advisory at the start, but there is nothing really graphic here.


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Action: Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen (Movie Review)

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the full movie on the link below. If you’re not lucky, here’s a link to the official trailer.


YT description: For years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by a chieftain. Aided by a boy slave, he kills his captor and together they escape into the heart of darkness.

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Valhalla Rising starring Mads Mikkelsen (2010, 4 stars)

Run time: 1 hour, 31 minutes. The biggest knock I’ve heard about this movie is the lack of dialogue, but I heard the same kind of whining regarding Kurt Russell’s starring role in the futuristic movie Soldier, supposedly set in the Blade Runner universe. I don’t mind strong and silent characters played by actors such as Clint Eastwood and Vin Diesel, and here Mikkelsen falls right into that same mold.

The plot is incredibly simplistic. A tough guy who has visions travels from a hellish life into a paradise, hopefully, but it turns out to be just as hellish as what was left behind. This movie really isn’t about telling a story, which is what most people miss. Instead, this is about the harsh impacts of reality and personal interpretation. Mikkelsen’s One-Eye sees different people and a changing landscape, but spiritually he stays in the same place throughout the movie. There will always be a struggle to survive, nothing comes easy and you can’t run away from your baggage. The only release you can anticipate comes from finding and accepting death. That’s the kind of stuff I extrapolated from the movie personally. I mean, come on, dude envisioned he was going to die up on that rocky mesa, but he went up there anyway.

You can go in many different directions if you try to analyze this movie, such as the failure of society as a whole or of religion in specific, or you can see it as a doomy foretelling that if destiny has given you a crappy road to travel on, it will remain crappy all the way to the end. One-Eye is a savage demigod that walks among men, who cannot be killed until he decides by himself that it is time to go, once he has observed enough gory life experience. His personal odyssey was to revel in pain and suffering, with lesser, mortal beings taking the same route all around him. He was the knife in the sheath, while everybody else made up the fabric of the sheath. That’s my mythological perspective of it, anyway.

I think that the toughest part for most people is for them to put themselves into the skin of One-Eye. Most people just haven’t suffered enough in their lives for them to be able to relate to such a character or the violence he exudes from his eyes and pores. Whether One-Eye is a good guy or a bad guy is irrelevant. Nothing matters in life other than taking the next few steps to reach the next battle. To me, director Refn has discovered or shed light on an aspect of humanity that exists in all of us, but very few of us will ever have this aspect come to our surface. This movie does drag in some parts, but overall I felt it was an excellent portrayal of ultimate human violence and savagery that will always be found in the primal psyche of humanity.

Steve Mostyn, Hildabeast Super PAC, Mega-Donor – Arkancided!

From the article on WND: Clinton mega-donor dies of gunshot wound to head

A wealthy Democratic mega-donor who co-founded the Ready for Hillary PAC, which helped launch Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the White House, has died of a gunshot wound to the head after “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue,” his family says.

Steve Mostyn, a 46-year-old Texas trial lawyer who reportedly contributed millions to pro-Clinton super PACs, was found dead in his Houston home on Nov. 15. Mostyn was a member of the George Soros-founded Democracy Alliance.

Mostyn’s death was ruled a suicide by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. According to the New York Times, Mostyn’s wife, Amber, said her husband died after a “sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue.”

The Mostyns were major Democratic donors, giving $5.2 million to PACs supporting then-President Obama and Democrats in Congress in 2012. They contributed nearly $10 million to state races in Texas in 2014. During the 2016 election, they also gifted nearly $3.5 million to candidates for federal offices.

In 2016, Mostyn, founder of Mostyn Law in Houston, which focused on hurricane and hailstorm lawsuits, also contributed two separate donations of $1 million each to the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action, the Times reported. Clinton allies ran Priorities USA Action and spent more than $126 million on political ads attacking then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.


Title: Top Clinton Donor Found Dead, Podesta Tied to Steve Mostyn’s Controversial Super PAC Before Death (YT link) Uploaded by Chris Simpson Channel.

Action: Border Town starring Mark Joy (Movie Review)

This is the full movie free on Youtube.

4.3 rating on IMDB


YT description: In the five years since human traffickers kidnapped his daughter Vincent has traveled the world and left a bloody wake behind him. Now he has found the town where his daughter is being held and the pimp who’s keeping her. Over one night in Solo, Mexico Vincent is determined to fulfill the promise he made years ago; get his daughter back and kill the man who took her.

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Border Town starring Mark Joy (2009, 3 stars)

Run time: 87 minutes. Usually, I’ll skip over the crappier movies and not waste any time writing a review on them. However, I’ve started having a liking for these Tex-Mex border shootout sub-genre films, especially after I watch the movie Nude Nuns With Big Guns. (That movie inspired me to model an apocalyptic novel after it!) These movies are modernized versions of Old Westerns, with drug cartels, mansions on hills and gas-powered cars replacing the old railroad or land barons, the ranch compound and guys riding around on horses.

We don’t see a lot of newness here. Joy plays a stubborn mule who is set on rescuing his kidnapped daughter from a drug kingpin, a decade or so after she was taken. His character overall is unemotional and one-dimensional, as he doesn’t change very much despite his changing circumstances, especially when his drug-addicted daughter shows that she doesn’t want to get rescued. Also, Joy tends to very stupidly get caught a lot and beat up, before he grabs his gun and blasts everything in sight. Oh, and he can shoot it out Rambo style, by himself mostly, against an entire gang of thugs standing only thirty or so feet away from him.

How bad can a movie get, when a Hispanic bartender can’t even speak good Spanish?

Anyway, despite these critical shortcomings, I did enjoy most of this movie. Joy had the personality of a cold stone, but we did see a little depth in the young prostitute he befriends, in the conniving bartender, in an outcast former boy-toy Negro, and among the kingpin’s closest henchmen. What surprised me the most was that the big drug boss showed the most diversity among the entire cast. He was given ample time to express his emotions and thoughts during the film, going from savior to devil, charismatic to ruthless and other light and dark contrasting traits.

If I were still doing Gnostic interpretations of pop media, I would qualify the drug boss as the Demiurge, with protagonist Joy as a man necessarily stoic because his emotions and ambitions are being played out by the characters and events around him. Aspects of his inner self are being realized before him as his bland soul or core travels from Point A to Point B. Joy would understand that metaphysically he was the prostitute, the bartender, his lost daughter, the drug boss and everybody else as an aspect of himself, with the Demiurge leading him along through dips and valleys where he is a witness more than a participant. He has to experience getting beat up several times, for example, before he can react. The beating creates an imbalance he must balance out again to return to his bland self.

The Demiurge became Joy’s biggest setback / failure / addiction that had to be cast off. Notice that the drug boss died squealing and bleeding on the steps of a church. This signifies giving up that persistent setback to divine providence / Source / God. Joy has become whole by gaining his daughter (completion) and letting go of his enemy (the void). Anyway, that’s my Deep Thought for the day. The movie was overly simplistic with Joy’s six-shooter that never runs out of bullets, except once, but if you take a closer look at the dynamic between him and his antagonist, you’ll see there are some very subtle, metaphysically oppositional underlying currents hiding there.

Transpicuous Views: 11/19/2017 with Dani McKenny, After Show

See my post on the main show (Transpicuous Views 11/19/2017) for my two cents.

It’s Bitcoin, not blockchain. Watch the latest interview with Andrew DeSantis on the world crypto network. Dunbar tribes will exist living around sovereign Bitcoin Mining farms. Bitcoin is quantum entanglement. – Thomas Kirwan (I will look up this interview with DeSantis.)

One World Currency, where have we heard this before? NWO? ….. BTW Bitcoin can be hacked as it’s data and all data can be hacked, and people have zero insurance when this occurs – Robert Muldoon


YT description: When the live stream stops the discussion doesn’t!!


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Hip Hop: Blooded The Brave – Monsters

This is a good track! Why does it only have 7k views in 7 years? Anyway, it looks like homie went into my closet, cuz I’ve got some monsters of my own in there.


YT description: https://www.bloodedthebrave.com

“You are what you claim. To the Monsters in the media and entertainment industry: Good always prevails over evil.”

Special thank you to all those involved including Indiana’s scariest haunted house, “Nightmare on Edgewood”

Title: MONSTERS- Blooded the Brave (YT link) Uploaded by BloodetheBrave.

Science Fiction: A.C. Crispin – V (1980s Mini-Series, Book Review)

Aliens come to earth supposedly to help humanity, but some people begin to suspect that the aliens have sinister intentionsAmazon book description

Fan-made series trailer from 2009:

Title: V Fan Promo Trailer (The Original V Miniseries) (YT link) Uploaded by Jase Wells.

Crispin, A.C.: V (1984, 1 star)

This was a fat effing novel at just over 400 pages, based on the original 10-hour series from the 1980s starring Marc Singer. I was in high school when the TV show first aired, and I did watch several of the early episodes, but for whatever reasons I never saw the middle and ending parts. I’m not really knocking on Crispin’s writing style, as all he did was basically watch the shows and write down what he viewed in novel format. To his credit, Crispin did try to add a little background information and explain obvious gaffs in the show plots. The show might have been very exciting for me as a 14 year-old kid, but looking back on it today, there were so many things wrong with it that it was ridiculous. Every single character had major faults, starting with protagonist Mike Donovan, who magically infiltrated the Los Angeles alien mother ship some ten different times. Lizard queen Diana always escaped tight confines where the good guys were shooting directly at her, the good guys and the bad guys were so incompetent they were comedic, and of course the aliens have a political hierarchy like ours and act out their petty jealousies and ambitions just like we do. Right! As you might expect, the Jew sympathy card was played, thank you Hollywood, as several times the aliens in their red military gear were compared to the soldiers of Nazi Germany. Don’t even get me started on this Ham Tyler character, who should have been the manager at a junkyard, or this black guy Elias, a very weak gang member and drug dealer, but he could still be a drug dealer as long as he sold his junk only to the aliens, because of course the aliens will enjoy our recreational drugs. Yeah, this novel is getting tossed.

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