Florida Maquis: Did Sweden Bomb The Nord Pipeline?

You know, there has been some strife between Sweden and Russia recently. It is possible that Sweden’s military did it, but they would not have done it without NATO’s blessing. I wonder why FM didn’t mention the bigger picture? Hmm? The ‘national security’ argument only goes so far when you consider Ukraine is leading us into World War III.






Press For Truth: Musk Bringing Social Credit System To Twitter

Sounds about right. Yup, a real man of the people. I expect a lot of the dumb ass sheep are going to surge onto Twitter with their Judas 45 Flags. That’s real 4D chess, if you haven’t figured it out yet.


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Elon Musk is moving ahead with his purchase of Twitter with plans to turn it into an app called X that will “do everything” and will rival the WeChat app that is already used by 1 billion users in China.

WeChat is widely viewed as a government surveillance tool in China that is also subject to heavy censorship which begs the question, what exactly does Musk have in mind for the west when it comes to so called “free speech?”

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth warns about the social engineering scheme called “Sesame Credit” which was developed in China as an app which looks and acts like a game but its true purpose is to garner obedience to the state. The system rates Chinese citizens on how closely they adhere to the party line. Is this what we can expect from Musk with X?

We Are Change: Musk Agrees To Buy Twitter And More

Musk hasn’t purchased Twitter yet, but he’s already asking about Rumble? I think he just wants to plug his AI programs into the platforms. And as far as North Korea’s missile over Japan goes, Japan is full of pussies if they don’t do anything about it except hold ‘military exercises.’


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Emerald Dreamer: Book Of Enoch Tells Of War In Antarctica

I’m a little out of the loop when it comes to ancient prophecies, because I haven’t had time to really delve into them. I believe Antarctica has a big part to play in the future, but that could be six months from now all the way out to 2030, when the globalists have set their year for the official start of their New World Order. This goes along with the idea of a Vatican audit, and that’s why they brought in all their assets last month, and the rumor that we will no longer have monarchies, because somebody is coming who will be the new monarch of the world. Anti-Christ imminent, anyone?


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Clif High: The Fall Of Academia, Deflation And Dread

Big Academia has to fall. Our hijacked education system is one of the biggest things holding humanity back, and that runs the entire spectrum of knowledge from natural medicine to the climate debacle to ancient history. Good riddens.


Descrip: TMs popping off all over. (temporal markers, like bookmarks on High’s list of things to watch for)
Academy going down.

David Icke, Alex Jones: Breaking Out Of The Matrix

Excellent discussion. Jones doesn’t cut in so much for the first hour. After that, he always has to cut Icke off to get some point across. Then again, Icke does tend to give long replies.

Also, for some strange reason, Jones hints that the show is almost over halfway through, when he still has another hour left. Past that, this is some of the best info out there.


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Dollar Vigilante: US Attacks Nord Pipeline To Destroy Europe

Lots of topics covered.

Berwick mentions that only 1 video emerged from China, showing one guy falling down and going viral to kick off the plandemic. Unless it’s Mandela Effect, I recall watching dozens of different videos from many locations, produced by many small, independent Youtube channels, all showing up in late October through December of 2019, including travel channels, food bloggers and cost of living vids from apartment dwellers, before the Chinese lockdown occurred and the channels started getting censored and scrubbed. These were people on the street doing regular reports that were suddenly concerned and scared at all the bodies the ambulances were picking off the road and taking away.

I followed the story before it hit US Zionist Fake News, before the Coof left China. I find it odd that DV has mentioned this twice already, that only 1 video caused the original sensation, when he’s on top of so much other breaking news.


Descrip: Famous last words before Russia drops a nuke on the US: “I did not have the CIA blow up that pipeline…”. We warned you of vaccine mandates and passports and rampant inflation… Now we’re warning you about social credit scores, CBDCs, energy rationing and climate lockdowns.

Lisa Harrison: Massive Soul Exodus Coming, Sept 8, 2022

With Darius J. Wright. I think the process is ongoing. My signs say we’re almost there.


Descrip: Lots of messages being received by people pointing to a mass exodus coming soon.

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Alternative Media: 20 Million Dead, 2 Billion Injured From Death Vax

The numbers come from the extrapolations of an independent researcher. I don’t know how accurate they are, so take them as you will. Having said that, Zionist Fake News will never tell you the truth.

Natural News Article, Sept 29, 2022

Peter Halligan’s blog for the number crunching, Aug 19, 2022


Descrip: Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent numbers coming from the governments of multiple countries appearing to show hundreds of thousands getting sick or dying every week from the vaccine as well as figures based on statistics claiming to show 20 million dead from the vax as well as 2 billion injured.

These recent numbers may be shocking, but it’s the typical result one can expect from injecting themselves with poison.

Meanwhile, excess death among children is skyrocketing. Recent German studies show 94% of vaccinated people have pre-blood clot formations. A Taiwan study shows that 29% of teens who are vaccinated have some level of heart condition.

As this genocide continues, eventually we will need to seek justice and eventually we will have to rebuild on the back of hundreds of millions of deaths.