Dr. Bryan Ardis: On Zelenko’s Passing, Death Vax And More

Like always, Dr. Ardis drops a ton of info, including new stuff on snake venom.

Dr. Gold, sentenced to 2 months in prison for taking part in the 01/06 FBI conspiracy. Dr. Madej, severely injured after her private plane fell from the sky. Dr. Zelenko, likely had his cancer bloom from 5G microwave energy. Dr. Ardis is next. I wonder who is killing and persecuting these people? No, no I don’t. I already know.



Descrip: Leah and I sat down with Dr. Bryan Ardis of TheDrArdisShow.com in the home of Robert and Jaime Agee of Banners4Freedom.com down at their United In Freedom Tent Revival (link below!). We got his very real reaction to the passing of hero, Dr. Zelenko along with updates on his earth shattering revelation of snake venom and Covid-19.

Hard News TV: Fake News Gaslighting The Ignorant Masses

This is how you see behind the curtains, sheep. HNTV reads the headlines, and shows you what’s really going on. Links for everything on the Bitchute page.




Nothing to see here; Move along: We’re just gaslighting the masses.

Alternative Media: Death Jab Body Count Skyrockets!

You don’t knock a tree down by breaking off its branches. You go after the roots with all you’ve got. Think about it. Here is where you start:



Descrip: Josh Sigurdson reports on the skyrocketing death count from the vaccines as millions worldwide are recorded and tens of millions more are not counted in the official numbers. As this continues, a new vaccine is being developed to encapsulate “Omicron variants” which we had previously predicted as far back as 2020. They’re going for the throat and won’t relent. In this video, we break down countless side effects, the latest mystery illnesses popping up everywhere and the targeting of children with these death jabs.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Stew Peters: Dr. Carrie Madej In ICU After Plane Crash

If you don’t believe The Powers That Be murder people through plane crashes, you probably don’t believe in the CIA’s heart attack gun either, so why bother telling you about it? Peters also interviews Erin Elizabeth, who kept track of the holistic doctor murders that took place a few years back. This is real shit, people.


Descrip: Pray for Dr. Carrie Madej! Erin Elizabeth joins with the heartbreaking news of Dr. Carrie Madej being rushed to the ICU after a lethal plane crash. The questions we want answered though is this: Was this an accidental crash, or was there something sinister behind what really happened? Watch this new segment NOW at StewPeters.com!

Dr. Jane Ruby: Pfizer Death Vax Killed Colin Powell

I could guess this is what really happened, right after I heard of Powell’s death. There are just too many ‘unexpected’ and ‘mysterious’ deaths popping up all over the place, all right around the time of the vax.


Descrip: On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane breaks the news that former Secretary of State, Colin Powell died in Oct 2021 from the Pfizer two shot series, and he was on his way to get his booster when he died, this all reported into the VAERS system by. Longterm assistant! And Dr Jane shows you that 100s of pharma companies are shoving the deadly, failed mRNA material into all products, not just vaccines – just take a look at their pipelines!

Colin Powell for lying about Iraq WMDs had it coming! Fuck em! – serafino

Michael Rivero: What Really Happened, Today’s News

45 minutes of news, and the rest is listener calls.


Descrip: Check Out http://whatreallyhappened.com
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Truther’s Tarot: Is Q The Real Deal Or Not?

Short answer: NOT. Good points made along with the tarot reading. Plain and simple, Q is a psy-op promoting a false messiah in the guy who made Israel great again, who went Warp Speed with the death vax, who pushed Red Flag gun-grab laws, who bragged about 6G, and who watched the United States burn while playing 4D chess. But you know what? A lot of suckers are still going to worship at the altar of Orange Man.

Here’s your headline: Q – promoting bullshit since Fall of 2016.


Descrip: This is a tarot card reading on whether re-emergence of ‘Q’ is legit or not.
Who will you serve collective? Is this just another distraction?