False Flag PIZZAGATE: Worst Gun Hoax In History Of Obama Hoaxes

The Comet Ping Pong gunman hoax has all the usual hints of Obama’s Weapons of Mass Distraction. Nobody died at Sandy Hook, Sheep, and 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB.


YT description: Edgar Maddison Welch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know http://heavy.com/news/2016/12/edgar-m…

Traffic cam at CPP moved! Can’t see anything now https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1459306

Comet Ping Pong shooter has previously lived in Haiti and his father worked as an executive director for Protect-A-Child, a non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1462214

Beyond Borders http://beyondborders.net/who-we-are/

Washington DC’s Elite Pedophile Ring FULLY Exposed In One Video – #PizzaGate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxANU…

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Title: Comet Ping Pong “Shooting” the Most Obvious Hoax in the History of Hoaxes (YT link) Uploaded by Press Reset Earth.

PIZZAGATE: A Look At Tony Podesta’s Creepy Art Collection

Not the full collection, but a few relevant images.


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Spirit Cooking With The Clintons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuThm…

What We Know About #PizzaGate So Far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4OP-…

Thank you to all of the people sending me leads for research purposes🙂


Title: More Of Creepy Podesta’s Art Collection #PizzaGate (YT link) Uploaded by Reality Calls.

Milo Yiannopoulos: PIZZAGATE – Lecture Changed! (LIVE STREAM!)

The show is about to start here at 4 pm Pacific Time.

Update: It was just pushed up to 4:30. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled!

Update: 4:35 – Show title has been changed to

Update: 4:50 – Apparently, Milo will not be speaking on PIZZAGATE. At the start, he said he received phone calls with Washington area codes, who told him NOT YET!

Update: 5:00 – Changing part of the post title, just in case he does sneak some PG in later. Sorry for the misdirection, peeps. We still have no big mainstream names covering PG!


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United States: Obamacare Sucks And PIZZAGATE Scandal Update

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New video update—the latest thoughts on PizzaGate, plus why Obamacare is a massive scam and tax on the common person. What a failure Obama has been—an elite-backed mascot who ultimately stood for nothing. Didn’t legalize weed. Used his law enforcement resources non-stop against activists, journalists, whistleblowers rather than focusing on the growth of terror cells abroad. Backed the wrong side in Syria. Took out Libya—which had the best human rights record in modern Africa—for dubious reasons. Also, the national deficit roughly doubled under Obama.

2:30 PizzaGate updates and commentary, including the Daily Show possibly having second thoughts now?! This is the decline of mainstream media—if they can’t help us figure out how deep PizzaGate goes, they are now legacy media… not useful to us at all. Worse than fake news, in my view. Actively distorting and attacking the truth in service of sketchy elites.

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Title: #PizzaGate Scandal Updates, Obamacare Sucks More Than Ever (YT link) Uploaded by David Seaman.

Jay Parker: Project Monarch Survivor On PIZZAGATE Scandal

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Title: Monarch Survivor Jay Parker On #Pizzagate, Podesta Emails & Washington Paedophile Rings (YT link) Uploaded by The Richie Allen Show.

Jay Parker: Project Monarch Survivor On PIZZAGATE Scandal – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 45 minutes. This is a huge scandal, but it is still the tip of the iceberg as there is so much that has been covered up in the past from so many countries. These nations include: Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Israel, Mexico and the United States. That’s only as far as my personal research goes, because there just isn’t enough news from other countries to fully connect the dots. Child rape, forced slavery and human trafficking in Islamic countries, for example, goes back to the early Medieval Age, but we hardly hear about this in the Western press. Who is covering up all these occult sex crimes, murder and cannibalism? That would be politicians, religious leaders, judges, lawyers, the news media and police departments. Witnesses are assassinated, evidence is deliberately lost, and the cases grow cold while the pedophile network continues to thrive. Look into these infamous cases: Hampstead, Franklin, McMartin, and into the mass disappearances of native children in Canada and Ireland at the hands of the Catholic Church, and of Aboriginal children in Australia involving the British monarchy. This is why it is so important that this case be pursued and publicized as much as possible. We can take a lot of these Luciferians down this time, because there are several threads than can be traced back to vast networks. Silence is compliance, so start doing something about this, even if it means simply grabbing an Internet bullhorn and passing along the evidence and witness testimony.

PIZZAGATE: Has The Bomber Muzzled US Security Agencies?

YT description: Why aren’t NSA analysts all over PizzaGate and the global spider web of pedophiles it reveals? Is it possible, as some researchers believe, that Obama has muzzled the American people’s intelligence agencies? You work for us, NSA and CIA. Or at least, at one point, you did. Be fearless. Trump is watching.🙂

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Title: PizzaGate: NSA/CIA Muzzled By Obama Admin? (YT link) Uploaded by David Seaman.

PIZZAGATE: Fully Sourced, Simply Organized Summary From Voat

After the Reddit thread was deliberately banned by The Powers That Be, a lot of researchers went over to Voat to continue the investigation. This thread was submitted an hour ago by Caliginosity, 12/05/16. Repost or retweet this post or the Voat webpage, but get this information out there. The shills are all over the place trying to drown our voices out.


Welcome to Pizzagate: Fully sourced, simply organized, summary and history of main findings

Be prepared to go down the rabbit hole. Nothing alone may be convincing. And each little thing taken alone seems coincidental. It’s the entire package which makes it very eerie and quite terrifying. There seems to be overwhelming evidence that pedophilia rings are within the government as a means of blackmailing people as an initiation tool to preserve power, control, and wealth under the guise of satanic rituals/black magic into their secret cabal.

Although there have been many accounts of this throughout the years, what ignited the investigation were the suspicious emails from John Podesta via Wikileaks. John Podesta is a former chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign and a former Cheif of Staff to Bill Clinton. Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy record for revealing government corruption over 10 years. There is much more uncovered, but for simplicity sake, I have summarized and sourced the following information. Please read in entirety before you make up your mind and be aware that propaganda programs have existed, like project mockingbird, and still do exist in order to control the people and prevent them from knowing what is truly going on:

Meanwhile In Russia – Pulling A Car Out Of A Frozen Lake

Seriously… WTH?


YT description: Meanwhile in Russia – How to pull out a car from a frozen lake. Russian Style. Geek Guide.
more videos on http://www.reallyfunnystuff.org

What about bear on the street?! In Russia.. it’s possible🙂

Oh.. What about tank? Yes.. we have it too🙂

Russian Style Darts:

Title: How to pull out car from a frozen lake. Russian style (YT link) Uploaded by Really Funny Stuff.

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