Removing The Shackles Discussion: February 1, 2023

A lot of good topics are discussed, starting with the green comet and moving into the ancient library discovered in Saryak, Tibet, UFO disclosure, Plus Ultra, sentient AI and a whole bunch more. Great show.

Descrip: Well… last nights UnFuckIt Discussion definitely got really interesting…. so interesting that it ended up being a much longer show than usual!! From ufos/uaps, to aliens, to ancient history, to covid bullshit, to the latest political insanity, to hypothesis’ of what is actually going on when you see the information that is currently flooding out from various major media people like Joe Rogan etc….


Removing The Shackles Discussion: Jan 4, 2023

Vid is blurry throughout, but that is ok since I only listened. Lots of good topics discussed.

Descrip: Welcome to 2023, and the current insanity that is carrying over from the previous debacle of a year!

Our first UnFuckIt Discussion of 2023, we talked about a lot of stuff, from politics to health to AI. Pardon me if I don’t make any “New Years Resolutions” lol!! Please click the RTS Earth link below for all the videos and links mentioned during the discussion.

Removing The Shackles Discussion: Nov 30, 2022

General conversation on U.S. corrupt politics, including where Elon Musk and Space Force fits in.

Descrip: This week on the UnFuckIt Discussion we talk about the US Supreme Court hearing/case with regards to the 2020 presidential elections, and we get into the FTX debacle again, looking at the global economic failures. continue reading at RTS.Earth for links,

Max Igan: On Richie Allen Show, Nov 24, 2022

Igan makes a comment that traitors to humanity should be taken out back and hung. Allen can’t handle capital punishment, so I guess it’s okay to let the scumbags who are killing millions keep breathing the same air we do. What a fucking idiot.

The Crowhouse Community Forums:

Canadian Prepper: Canada To Massively Ban Firearms

Tell me again how conspiracy theorists don’t know what they’re talking about. You awake yet?

Descrip: THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! They are coming for EVERYTHING.

Good comments on the YT page, including these:

I think the trucker protests freaked them out more than we know. I think they now know a HUGE number of people are still capable of mobilizing, and they want to ensure citizens can’t arm themselves and unseat the current government. On top of that, this is a huge PR win for them when it comes to the vast numbers of uneducated people who think this is a good thing. – Dave

Nate, it’s not about “public safety”, it’s about ‘politician safety”, for what they plan for you. – Phillip Willeford

Removing The Shackles Discussion: Nov 23, 2022

The major topic is how some big movers are manipulating the crypto market, as in people who command billions of dollars. Somebody had the great insight to remind us of how the Vatican just consolidated all their assets in September. If those aren’t signs of economic collapse orchestrated by the Luciferians, then what is?

Descrip: This weeks latest insanity- another look at the current financial collapse and a few hypothesis’ of what may be going on in the back ground.

Dollar Vigilante: New World Order Is A Conspiracy Theory

You only need to ask 1 question about the FTX scandal: Is Bankman from the Tribe? Yes, sheep, yes he is. Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

But they’re not all bad, you anti-Semite!

Descrip: If Kill Bill hasn’t killed you yet, the NWO has a lot more up their Grim Reaper sleeve. Choose your poison: Fentanyl jabs and lab meat – what could possibly go wrong?

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